Shovel Knight Gold Amiibo Is Up For Pre-Order

Behold! Yacht Club Games has released a new amiibo in their Shovel Knight series: the Golden Shovel Knight. This amiibo does everything that the original blue shovel knight can do, with the added benefit of being shiny and golden.

This Golden Shovel Knight amiibo is part of a series of upcoming Shovel Knight amiibos, including Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. This Shovel Knight is 'behorned', 'beshoveled', and of course, 'bearmored' in gold, making him surely the shiniest in any amiibo collection. He wears the ornate plate, the best armor in the game (well, the most expensive at least). And like in the game, it doesn’t do much more than the basic version of Shovel Knight, but it sure does look pretty.

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Yacht Club Games has said that they consider the Golden Shovel Knight a re-release of the original blue Shovel Knight amiibo. The original amiibo has been discontinued, but the Golden Shovel Knight amiibo has all the same functions, making it a great choice for the people who never managed to get a hold of the original.

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The Golden Shovel Knight amiibo unlocks Custom Knight, a new way to play Shovel Knight that lets you level up with your amiibo. Instead of saving the game normally, Custom Knight saves the game to the amiibo itself. Instead of buying upgrades in the game, they unlock as Custom Knight levels up. The amiibo also unlocks the Co-op challenge stages in Shovel of Hope, allowing gamers to play with a friend. Finally, it gives a couple of in-game cosmetics: the Baron Set costume to wear and the friendly fairy companion, Fairy of Shovelry.

Yacht Club Games could have easily just re-released the original Shovel Knight amiibo, which many fans did not get during its limited run. Instead, they went ahead and made a shiny gold recolor, making an amiibo that was more glorious the second time around. If you weren’t able to get the blue Shovel Knight, the Golden Shovel Knight is not a limited release item, and pre-orders are open now. Hopefully, everyone who wants one will be able to get it.

Source: Yacht Club Games

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