Shrink Wrapped Stadium Events Sells For $42,000

Well almost $42,000; $41,997 to be exact. Any gamer with an NES collection collecting dust in the attic may want to take a second look at their cartridges.

After a winning bidder failed to pay on eBay, the seller was able to find a serious buyer and sell the game privately for the astronomical sum, making it one NESNint-of the highest priced sales for a single game in history.

One of the rarest NES games—due to being pulled from shelves to be replaced with the renamed World Class Track Meet—Stadium Events is one of the most sought after NES cartridges for collectors. Loose copies or copies that are complete in-box usually sell anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000. This particular copy of Stadium Events was still in the original shrink wrap and graded an 85+ out of 100 by the Video Game Authority, an organization that authenticates and grades video games based on condition, meaning that the seller who scooped it has a rare specimen on his or her hands.

Via: ebay.com (deaville8)

Because publisher Bandai pulled the game off shelves shortly after its release to be replaced with the revised title, Stadium Events is any retro game collectors dream. Bandai made the game as a launch title to go along with the Nintendo Power Pad, a mat that required gamers to step or jump on buttons.


It’s cool to see a game like Stadium Events, which is pretty mundane gameplay wise, selling for such an unbelievable amount. Being one of the rarest titles for one of video game's most popular consoles probably helps. Even in a world of online emulators and downloadable classic titles on consoles, the world of collecting tangible, physical copies of games is still going strong, especially when said cartridge sells for the price of a decent car. One thing is for sure, it has got to be nerve wracking just having a copy of Stadium Events sitting around, especially when you know its worth. With a loose cartridge starting at $10,000 and the limited quantity that’s predicted to be floating around in the wild, Stadium Events value will likely stay the same, or increase as the remaining copies are sold.

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