Shroud Says The Alternator Is His Favorite Gun In Apex

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. Respawn has nerfed the Disruptor Round hop-up less than a week into Season 2. The shield damage multiplier is lessened, so we'll see if Shroud still loves the Alternator.

Pro-Gamer and Twitch royalty Shroud has an interesting opinion on the current best gun in Apex LegendsWith the enormous amount of new content released in the game this week: balance changes, new battle pass, new character, new map update, new gun, new mods, AND new ranked mode, it isn't surprising that a lot of Twitch's biggest streamers have been making their way back to Apex. All of these updates have changed the meta of the game, and Shroud has already picked up on one of the more significant changes: the sub-machine gun known as the Alternator.

Admittedly, the Alternator has been a trash-tier weapon throughout launch and season 1 of Apex. It was a weapon you would pick up to defend yourself in the first minute of the game and discard as soon as possible. The only reason to hold onto the Alternator was to store you light mods until you found an R-99. That was, until now.

In the clip, Shroud plays an insane 11 kill game using the Alternator. "It's fun," he says during the match, "it's probably my favorite weapon to use right now because it does SO much damage." Shroud goes on to win the game landing the final kill-shot using the Alternator to great effect. But how did the worst sub-machine gun become the best gun in the game?

Two factors have led to Alternator dominance in Apex. The first is a pair of buffs the gun received at the start of season 2 Battle Charged: damage was increased from 13 to 15, and recoil mitigation was increased for all barrel attachments. These buffs certainly made the gun more consistent, but the real star of the show here is one of the new hop-up attachments: the Disrupter Rounds.

The description for the Disrupter Rounds states simply that it provides increased damage to shielded targets. The mod can be used with either the Alternator or the RE-45 and while the exact damage increase isn't known, it's clearly significant. Between the weapon buffs and the new attachment, the Alternator has become a force to be reckoned with.

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Disrurpter Rounds aren't the only new hop-up added in season 2: their counterpart, Hammerpoint Rounds, can be used with the P2020 and Mozambique and offer increased damage to unshielded opponents. Shroud had a great time combining the shield-shredding power of the Alternator with the huge impact damage of the P2020, saying  "I think if combo'd up it can be pretty nasty."

Season 2 will run for 90 days and if you were planning on participating in the battle pass, you'll want to start right away, it's actually harder to reach max level if you don't participate in the weekly challenges. The newest character, Wattson, is available now, and you can score some free cosmetics for her with a Twitch Prime account.

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