Shroud Says Moving To Mixer Was 'The Best Move For My Career, Straight Up'

Shroud seems to be very happy with his move to Mixer after announcing the shocking switch from Twitch this week.

Shroud seems to be very happy with his move to Mixer after announcing the shocking switch from Twitch this week.

The streamer has explained his decision to change platforms. And, to be fair, that Ninja made the move before him likely made it a lot easier.

In a tweet on Friday, the gaming celebrity hailed Mixer, claiming to be amazed by the support from both the Mixer community and his own fans.

"What an incredible first stream on @WatchMixer," he wrote. "Mind blown by the support of both mine and Mixers communities. You guys made this such an easy transition, excited for the future!"

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That first stream saw Shroud - actual name Michael Grzesiek - explain his choice. He says it was the best move for his career.

“I just thought it was the best move for my career, straight up,” he said.

He also admitted that it was a nervous experience.

“I wasn’t nervous about the move, but I was nervous about being here (Mixer) for the first day, for some reason," he added. "After the first day, I’m chilling, but I just knew 100% this is it. This is my decision, this is the best decision, and I am doing it, you know what I’m saying?”

Shroud also told his subscribers their transition could be a smooth one too, with Mixer giving fans a free sub for a limited time (his first month).

"At the end of the day, it's my move," he said. "I had to take that into account. You get a free sub on Mixer, so you get your Twitch sub back really."

The former Counter-Strike star seemed genuinely chuffed over the numbers who turned up to see his first Mixer stream. He told fans that there would be plenty more to come, also confirming that the 'S' in his alias will go back to lower case soon.

The first major stream did not go as smoothly as expected, however. Shroud was forced to stare at a Modern Warfare loading screen for a bit, due to heavy server usage. But he would show off the new platform's power soon enough as he got down to business, appearing to rid himself of previous nerves.

Source: Dexerto

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