Shroud's Spot-On: Fortnite's Constant Updates Make Players Expect Too Much From Other Games

A hot point of conversation has emerged in the past few years after Fortnite Battle Royal rose in popularity. Has Epic Games spoiled its player base each season with its generous Battle Pass and constant stream of content updates, or are other companies simply not catching up?

Twitch streamer Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek has taken the position that there is definitely an issue to address. During a stream on May 10, a discussion ensued between the streamer and his viewers regarding what they wanted to see. Shroud stated that he was considering Fortnite as the new season launched only the day before. This led to a brief discussion about how while other games are enjoyable to play, no one else changes their game as often as Epic Games does.

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As a result, Shroud considers many players today as spoiled, and expecting the flurry of changes made in Fortnite to become the standard among others was unrealistic, and also not healthy for most game states  What is interesting here is that although fans seem to enjoy the constant change, there are also periods of frustration and complaining when one of these sudden changes or the implementation of new content leads to game imbalance, such as with the short-lived introduction of the Sword, and the constant attempts to balance planes.

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At the same time, Epic Games may simply be locked into this pattern of constant change with Fortnite Battle Royal because that is what their players expect. It is certainly not a company-wide mission to do this for all of their games, as content-starved fans of Fortnite: Save the World will attest too. There, the original game that allowed for Battle Royal to become what it is today, receives changes at a snail's pace, and none of the exciting events like when players could battle to become Thanos.

At the end of the day, this desire for a constant stream of updates and changes to a game may only be temporary. As Fortnite Battle Royal is the top dog right now among its peers, this may simply be a symptom of a fad that goes away. Certainly many professional players of the game have expressed a desire for more stability, as frequent changes makes it difficult for them to know what is coming next, and how to best remain competitive.

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