Shroud Is In Pain After Second Surgery, Has To Stop Streaming

It sounds like Shroud (aka Michael Grzesiek) is off streaming for a while after his second surgery, which is sure to disappoint his 100,000 Twitch subscribers.

The battle royale gaming guru is sidelined due to a severe scooter injury that happened last month. While Shroud was careful not to land on his gaming arm, he reported that he is in a lot of pain.

He posted on Twitter telling fans that his arm hurts a lot and that he doesn't plan on streaming for a while. He didn't give an update as to when he expects to be back online. He is probably taking time off because of doctor's orders, and you know how it goes when following medical advice.

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Surgery for his arm took place on Friday (March 29). Shroud did get back to streaming very soon after the accident last month, so perhaps he can do the same if the pain somewhat subsides.

Shroud is the second-most popular streamer on Twitch, although the most popular, Ninja, is far ahead of him. While Ninja's popularity is a little off his peak because Fortnite (his specialty) is not as popular as it once was, he remains immensely popular. In fact, Ninja just saw his likeness put on Red Bull cans.

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While Shroud has been patient with fans after his surgery, it must be immensely disappointing for him since time off of Twitch means less time to advertise his skills. As we've seen from Ninja and even esports, Twitch can be a lucrative revenue stream for top players, but in order to receive revenue, they pretty much need to be playing non-stop.

Shroud needs to take time off to make a full recovery, but at the same time, sites such as Dexerto are wondering if the time away will hurt his popularity, as people might have moved on by the time Shroud gets back. All the same, we'd like to think better -- that his popularity will persist since he has 100,000 followers and fans have been sending him countless well-wishes through Twitch and Twitter.

Besides, other streamers aren't letting us forget about Shroud. Dr. Disrespect has been having a bit of gentle fun with Shroud's situation, including an "accident" of his own online.

We wish Shroud the best with his recovery and hope to see him back online soon.

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