10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shroud And His Twitch Channel

Shroud has captivated fans in a variety of ways for many years. Starting on the pro circuit, he worked his way up through a tough competitive Counter-Strike scene and emerged as the winner on the top stage. He then took his talents to Twitch full time where he became a prolific streamer with astounding statistics.

Like so many other professional esports players before him, Shroud found massive success on Twitch after leaving the competitive scene. With such a large community and long history, it’s hard to remember all aspects of Shroud’s stream. Due to this, it's helpful to have a list of 10 things you didn’t know about Shroud and his community.

10 Shroud Has Never Shot A Real Gun

Despite playing first-person shooter video games all his life, Shroud has not yet shot a weapon in real life. People are always curious if the favorite professional streamers can shoot weapons with the same accuracy in real life as they can in first-person shooters.

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Whether Shroud can hit a target in real life is yet to be seen, but it’s clearly not had an effect on his aim in video games. He continues to impress viewers with pinpoint accuracy on a regular basis. Judging by his accuracy in the game, he’ll probably be a pretty good shot.

9 Shroud Is 'Retired'

Being retired at 25 sounds like a pretty awesome life and Shroud is one of the few people to pull it off at such a young age. Of course, streaming on Twitch full-time is a job itself, but Shroud retired from professional gaming a little over a year ago.

This is yet another example of a prolific esports player transitioning to streaming full time. It is seen as the more fiscally beneficial of the two and many streamers have made a lucrative living, including Shroud who transitioned to Twitch for a full-time job.

8 Shroud is #2 In Twitch Followers

While Ninja clocks in at a whopping 14 million followers, Shroud is the closest with around 6.5 million. There is obviously a pretty significant gap there and it just shows Ninja’s dominance in the streaming world.

While it is a daunting test to reach Ninja in follower numbers Shroud definitely has the best shot of doing so. If Shroud keeps the current level of gameplay going (along with a consistent schedule), there is no doubt he will remain near the top of the list in terms of followers on Twitch.

7 Shroud’s Favorite Series is 'Fallout'

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While Fallout 76 has had some controversy and was released to mostly negative reviews, Shroud remains loyal in his commitment to the Fallout universe. While Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were his favorite Fallout games, he also showed some love to the fourth title in the series.

While Shroud has not played much Fallout 76 he has recently shown excitement about the new announcement that it will now feature a battle royale mode. Shroud has played an endless number of BR games like Fortnite and PU: BG and hopes the new 76 game mode will be as good.

6 Shroud Has Won $218,113 In Competitions

Most of Shroud’s career earnings come from his win with Cloud9 in the ESL Pro League Finals. Shroud was a fan favorite at Cloud9 and has only said good things about his time there. The team was always fun to watch and was given the crown, “The Hope of North America,” in competition, due to Europe and Asia being so dominant before them.

Although Shroud’s time at Cloud9 has come to an end, fans still remember the clutch moments and awesome celebrations that made Cloud9 such a memorable team in the Counter-Strike scene.

5 He Now Makes At Least $150,000 A Month Streaming

When professional esports players look at the money in streaming compared to that of competing in professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, the change of careers is an obvious one to make. Not only do streamers make a lot more money streaming but they also do not have to travel or practice as much.

For all the reasons stated above and more, it is no wonder that content creators are flocking to streaming platforms and not really paying as much as they have to professional leagues like in the past.

4 Shroud Was Inspired by Summit1g

The similarities between Summit and Shroud are pretty easy to notice. They are both retired professionals who turned into big time streamers, they both have a relaxed, easygoing nature, and they are both incredibly skilled at first-person shooters.

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Due to these similarities, Shroud has listed Summit1g as one of his biggest inspirations when it came to switching from professional esports player into a more lucrative full-time streaming career. The choice is a decision many people are making and it has led some in the esports industry to try and combine the popularity of the streamers with the competitiveness of the sport.

3 Shroud Recently Had A Scooter Accident

Shroud recently fell off of a scooter that was going over 50 miles an hour. Luckily he fell on his left arm, which required surgery and is now doing fine. With all of these new scooter companies moving in around the world, there has been a rise in crashes along with them.

Shroud’s scooter was a personal vehicle but it still shows the importance of being careful on any motorized vehicle. Shroud is lucky that he landed on his left arm as if it had been his famous aiming hand the accident could have had steeper repercussions.

2 Shroud Is Only 25

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When you list all of the accomplishments that Shroud has achieved in such a short time it’s quite impressive. What’s more impressive is that he’s done it at such a young age. With the big boom that Fortnite brought to Twitch, it was the most skilled players (like Shroud and Ninja) that were skyrocketed to the top.

While the future of streaming is hard to read, it seems that it will keep this rapid growth in the coming years. Shroud being on the top of the pile already signals he’ll be successful for a long time.

1 He Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Shroud is going to be around for a long time. He’s got the skillset to dominate video game related entertainment for as long as he desires. Another advantage Shroud brings is his brand-friendly personality and well-moderated community that brings advertisers from all over to the player’s page.

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Whether or not you like Shroud, there is no denying that his channel is about to experience similar, rapid growth as it has in the last couple of years. His community is devout and constantly growing along with Shroud himself. Shroud is here to stay.

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