Shroud Vs. Dr Disrespect, Explained

Ever since Twitch streamer Shroud had his scooter accident last month, the popular gamer (and former esports competitor) hasn't been able to stream that much. Last week, he told fans that due to the pain after surgery, he's going to have to stay offline for a while.

While most of the community has been sympathetic to Shroud's injuries (which, luckily, were not to his gaming hand), one streaming competitor is using the opportunity to poke a little sporting fun at Shroud.

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It's of course none other than Dr. Disrespect who, with nearly a million followers on Twitter, does have quite the audience to talk to. He's good at engaging with his fans, such as with a recent tweet asking which battle royale is most entertaining to watch. (Apex Legends came in with 53% among 142,575 votes, although Dr. Disrespect promptly complained that there should have been more than four options allowed.)

Dr. Disrespect via riseofesports.com

And when it comes to Shroud, Dr. Disrespect is no less forgiving. He posted a video late last week showing a red muscle car with the license plate "The Doc," idling in a large garage on top of platforms with Dr. Disrespect's logo on it. Then he used a scooter to do an old-person swish in front of the camera, before falling down and screaming dramatically. His screams continue even after he is pulled off camera.

"One hell of [a] day in the arena. Am I right @shroud?" he wrote on Twitter. Shroud promptly shot back that after six hours, Dr. Disrespect had only posted one win in Battlefield V for PC. So it looks like the rivalry is on, even though Shroud is sort of one-handed for the time being.

While this may sound like poor sport from Dr. Disrespect, the two already do have an established rivalry on Twitch and enjoy making fun of each other for gaming techniques. So it's only natural that their sniping will continue, even though Shroud is sidelined. (And who knows, like The Joker, Dr. Disrespect may really enjoy having a Batman to play against.)

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Shroud via The Esports Observer

Gamers have also been taking to the Internet to talk about the contrast between the two streaming styles. Shroud is sort of a sit back and let things run kind of guy, while the Doc enjoys making commentary (even if he's just yelling or ranting at something happening on the screen). And some have said the production values on Dr Disrespect's channel far exceed Shroud's, although you can argue that Shroud is connecting with his audience because he is the second-most popular streamer on Twitch. (The most popular is Ninja, who just saw his likeness released on Red Bull cans.)

So what does this rivalry mean for the streaming world now that Shroud is gaming a little less for a bit? Dr Disrespect may try to use the opportunity to pick up more subscribers, while Shroud is unable to do so. He continues to stream daily and is going to pull out all his showmanship tricks to keep viewers engaged.

On the other hand, rivalries are where great heroes are born, especially in the field of wrestling. There was Undertaker vs. Kane, or if you go way back, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. Some of these wrestlers aren't even alive any more, and yet their memories still live on through their rivalries. So it should be said that a good rivalry often helps the reputation of both parties, even if there is some jabbing going on at each other's abilities.

Shroud, meanwhile, has no choice but to play it safe at his doctor's orders. But he has been online again in recent days, including playing The Elder Scrolls: Blades after patiently waiting six days for access. We hope his luck changes soon.

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