Shroud Gives Fans A Look At His X-Rays, Including The Metal Plate In His Arm

Fate may have tried to nerf Shroud, but modern medicine is already working to restore him to his former glory. Fans of the popular Twitch streamer got a glimpse of his x-rays the other day, and now we can see just how extensive the operations in his injured left arm were. The pain is apparently enough to keep him away from a regular streaming schedule for a while longer, but he'll be back to busting heads in battle royales eventually.

The surprising saga started back in early March. Shroud fans went to Twitch expecting a regular stream, only to learn from fellow streamer Justin "Just9n" Ortiz that Shroud was out of commission following a nasty scooter accident. Later details came in pieces, and Shroud's followers eventually got the full story; Shroud went flying while riding his scooter and twisted in midair to land on his left arm. This saved his "aiming hand" on the right, but made it so that two operations would be needed on the left.

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From Shroud's Twitter days after his first operation.

Those operations are over now, leaving Shroud in decent overall condition but in a reasonable amount of pain. He also now has a metal plate in his left elbow. Since he didn't feel up to playing video games, and was still limited in movement due to the surgery, he spent a recent stream revealing more about his recovery process.

"It's not the worst," he said as he put up a picture of his left arm on x-ray, "but that's my little metal boy right there." 

Fortunately for Shroud, his fans are still invested in his streams even when he isn't playing video games. One viewer was even attentive enough to figure out exactly what surgery Shroud went through from the x-rays alone. "Proximal Radius/Ulnar fracture along with Olecranon Process," they called it, and a surprised Shroud said that's exactly what it was.

Let's hope the viewers stay this active during Shroud's recovery process. He was putting up some great numbers on Twitch, even rivaling Ninja, and it would be a shame to see him fall off due to this period of inactivity. After all, Dr Disrespect needs someone to butt heads with to keep ratings up.

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