Shroud On Xbox E3: Dying Light 2 Is Trash, But Lego Forza Is Genius

Twitch megastar Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek streamed the Microsoft E3 Press Conference today on his personal Twitch channel so that his throngs of adoring fans would have front row seats to his first impressions on all the game and hardware reveals that Microsoft prepared for us this year.

Never one to hold back or keep a measured tone, Shroud had some choice words to say about the games revealed. In particular, it seems that he had some strong opinions with regards to Dying Light 2 and Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions. One of these games he can not wait to play, but he doesn't have such high hopes for the other one.

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Dying Light 2, which was announced at E3 2018, is the sequel to developer Techland’s 2015 critical hit Dying Light. The games are part of a open world, first-person action/adventure series. They are unique due to their focus on mobility and a drop-in, drop-out multiplayer campaign. The first title was a huge success for the studio and was supported by a 2018 expansion and numerous free content updates until just last week.

All of the accolades, good press, and strong sales didn’t stop Shroud from voicing his disdain for Dying Light 2, though. It seems Shroud had another zombie sequel in mind, one with close ties to the Dying Light franchise. When the trailer ended, Shroud asked “Can we get a new Dead Island? F**k this Dying Light trash! No offense to Dying Light, it was a good game but, like, Dead Island was better.”

Interestingly, both Dying Light and the first Dead Island were developed by the same studio, Techland. The rights for Dead Island became a complicated issue after the first game was released, so rather than making a sequel, the studio moved on to produce a spiritual successor Dying Light, building on the foundation of Dead Island and, by the estimation of many, improving on the formula. Dead Island 2 is still in production, supposedly, now by the studio Sumo Digital, though not much has been shared on the progress of the game since the reveal trailer at E3 2014.

However, there was one game trailer that made Shroud giddy. This was for the upcoming Forza Horizon 4 expansion LEGO Speed Champions. In the clip, you can see Shroud transfixed by the vibrant visuals, saying “Whoever had this idea is a genius” and “I’m gonna play that for sure!”

Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions will release on June 14 and the trailer, which features the single "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie, showed off a series of highly detailed race tracks made entirely out of Lego. We don’t blame Shroud at all for being enamored, the expansion is sure to be a childhood dream come to life.

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