10 Times Silent Hill Tried To Be Scary (But Was Funny Instead)

Silent Hill is one of the scariest survival horror experiences ever made, but it occasionally produces hilarious moments we can't help laughing at.

Konami's Silent Hill will forever remain not only one of the greatest, but one of the first when it comes to true survival horror, being particularly memorable for its uniquely cerebral approach to genre conventions. Granted, the games (especially the later additions) contained enough gore to appease a variety of horror games. However, it was the story, characters, and truly deranged situations that had us reeling for days after finishing a game.

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The horror aspect was there, alright, but what about the humor? And by humor, we mean glitches, stating the obvious, updates, and all the silly things Konami added that few players caught onto immediately. While this game scared the everliving essence out of us, it also left us scratching our heads, wondering when we started playing a joke. Some of these moments are common among gamers while others, well... they're unique, to say the least.

10 Comic Sans Ruined Everything

In the HD Remaster Collection, the developers made an interesting call that resulted in a less-than-stellar critique from fans. A simple decision to change the font on the 'Silent Hill Ranch' sign led to a bit of fan disapproval, taking the creep factor down by several notches.

Comic Sans is a font we associate with comics and cutesy websites, not a horror game that's designed to make us pee our pants.

9 An Oversized Rabbit Just Didn't Cut It

Robbie the Rabbit, as he's called in the games, actually makes an appearance throughout several games as well as the movie(s). He represents Lakeside Amusement Park as its mascot, but that doesn't make him any less amusing.

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Despite the fact that he's covered in blood, indicating some kind of maniacal rage, he still has big, rabbit eyes and a cute, rather than terrifying, grin. The addition of his overalls almost makes his representation more comical than creepy.

8 Cybil Really Sticks Her Neck Out For People

This glitch definitely went viral when it first happened, and the hilarious thing is that Cybil completed her entire dialogue this way. An overextension in graphics is one thing, but a neck that's roughly ten times its normal length is another.

Cybil's warning was meant to be taken seriously, but instead it just comes off as a bit circus-freak. Yikes... better head to the hospital to get that one checked out, Cybil.

7 Not A Dog In Sight

The sarcasm is strong with this one. This is likely more a text glitch than anything, as the delay in text comes woefully after the initial sighting of these annoying dogs. So while the text lied to us, the graphics, clearly, did not.

But sure, Harry. We'll go along with the idea that there's no dog in sight. At least, until the thing turns into Cujo and that logic bites us right in the butt, literally.

6 ... Except The One In The Bad Ending

Yet another interesting Konami touch, this one was intentional, at least. With multiple endings for the second Silent Hill game, many of us were surprised to see one that was nothing but utter nonsense.

This is the beginning of a scene that unfolds with hilarity, leading into several minutes of credits that are worth seeking on YouTube. As it turns out, a dog was responsible for the events that transpired. Who would have thought?

5 Miniature Nurses... Creepier Than Full-Sized Ones?

It's rumored that this glitch is fairly easy to achieve, although it's quite hilarious nonetheless. The only thing scarier than a Silent Hill nurse would be an even bigger nurse, so that means the only thing less scary would be a miniature one, right?

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The thing that gets us in this crazy glitched depiction is the fact that despite her small size, this tiny little nurse is still waving around a knife as if she can do more than cause a paper cut. But hey, she tried, right? That's all that counts anyway.

4 Hovering Or Just Barely Floating? It's Unclear

We're pretty sure the 'true' ending of the game did not include anyone floating on water, least of which being Maria. While this game glitch doesn't necessarily ruin everything, it definitely reminds us that we're playing a game that was far beyond its time.

At least, as far as the story is concerned. Graphics have improved but, overall, it's glitches like these that have us snickering rather than getting a case of the feels.

3 Thank You, Captain Obvious

The Silent Hill games are pretty famous for including things in the background that people usually only catch on the second or third play through. This one is a bit more obvious, however. Context aside for this part of the game, this is the definition of stating the obvious.

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There's nothing clever about it, nothing intuitive, just simply... meaningless words. Of course, Konami hides their brilliance behind seemingly senseless moments, but this isn't even creepy. We have to ask though... Where, exactly, did this giant hole go? And what was it doing there in the first place? We may never know.

2 That Looks Painful

Mangled bodies, random parts attached to creepy bodies, and noises that we'd likely only hear in our worst dreams is really what Silent Hill is comprised of. But then you have moments such as this, with graphics that comes off as awkwardly staged rather than eerily foreboding.

This guy has clearly had a rough time and rather than seeing a chiropractor, he's taken up residence in front of the elevator. The best part of this? The 'Can't Save' warning in the corner of the screen is totally apropos.

1 Accidental Re-Spawns Really Put A Damper On Things

In Silent Hill Downpour, which definitely didn't rank among the greatest games in the series, players found an interesting glitch. Whereas most enemies in a game re-spawn in similar, if not exact, numbers, this area of the game breaks all the rules.

Whether it was an oversight or a cruel joke is unclear, but we have to laugh at those who repeatedly returned to this spot post-quests, only to meet with an unbeatable humanoid mob ready to jump them at a moment's notice. Whoops.

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