20Insane Cancer


First encountered in Silent Hill 3, these lummoxes are your stereotypical “fat man” monsters. Slow and powerful, they lumber towards Heather, usually stopping after a well-placed shotgun blast puts them on their backs. First encountered on a subway train, you have no choice but to waste precious shotgun shells on

their blubbering mass. Sometimes, they do rock back and forth on their heels and get a little speed behind them, knocking Heather over and getting in some cheap swipes with their obese arms. Most of the time, they just serve as bullet sponges, lamely placed in a hallway or a small room in order to deplete Heather’s scant inventory of ammunition.

The general design and behavior of the Insane Cancer is why it’s so lame. It’s like the developers couldn’t make the cut on the number of creatures they needed, so they decided that adding an archetypical “tank” monster was the way to go.

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