10 Biggest "WTF" Moments In The Silent Hill Games

Silent Hill is as weird as it is scary. Here are 10 times the games managed to completely blow our minds.

Silent Hill is probably one of the most beloved survival horror video games in history, right up there with Resident Evil. It's known for its psychological themes and disturbing creature design. Despite later games in the series not being as well received as the original four (or even just three), it still holds a special place in the hearts of fans.

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Suffice it to say, a lot of weird stuff happens in the town of Silent Hill. It's trying to catch you off guard, and usually it succeeds. Here are some of the weirdest things we encountering during our stay.

10 Eileen's Giant Head (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

Silent Hill 4: The Room took a lot of departures from the previous three entries in the series. But they certainly didn't turn down any of the weirdness you encounter. In the Otherworld version of St. Jerome Hospital, you might have come across this monstrosity while you were exploring. The giant disembodied head of your companion, Eileen Galvin.

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You don't even see it at first. When you enter the room, the camera focuses on Henry and the door he walked through and the only sign something's amiss is the sound of heavy breathing. You have to take a few steps before you come face to giant face with this.

9 The Mirror Room (Silent Hill 3)

At one point during your exploration of Brookhaven Hospital (it's always the hospital, isn't it?) Heather comes across a room that's completely empty except for a sink and a huge mirror. When you first enter the room, the floor through the mirror is covered in writhing blood. The blood slowly crawls its way up into the mirrored sink—and then starts rising up out of the sink in the real world. Any sensible person would probably try to leave at this point, but the door is locked. There's nowhere to run as the blood fills the room. At the end, it completely covers mirror-Heather's body, and real Heather dies.

8 First Glimpse of Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

Pyramid Head is probably the icon for the entire Silent Hill franchise. So much so that, despite being a manifestation from James' mind, it has appeared in later games and films that don't feature James at all. Most people probably remember his first appearance as James watching it abuse two other monsters. However, you can see it before that disturbing scene.

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In Wood Side apartments you will hear a terrified shriek from the end of one of the corridors. Investigating will introduce you to your worst nightmare. The "red pyramid thing" stands on the other side of some bars blocking your way. It doesn't move or react to James. It just watches. A premonition of things to come.

7 Lisa Garland's Death (Silent Hill)

Harry Mason sees a lot of horrible things in Silent Hill, and meeting Lisa (in the hospital!) is a breath of fresh air. She's probably the most normal person you see in the town. She doesn't tell you any riddles or try to kill you. She's just scared and happy to see a human being.

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That's what makes it so brutal when you meet her for the final time in Nowhere. She tells Harry she understands what's going on. That she's the same as every else who's dead, but still walking around. She begs Harry to help her, but Harry shoves her away from him. We're then gifted a cutscene of Lisa slowly bleeding to death, reaching out for help. And Harry locks her in the room alone. Nice going, Harry.

6 Trick or Treat (Silent Hill 2)

One of the weirdest moments in any Silent Hill game has to be the Trick or Treat game show. While riding the elevator in Brookhaven, the booming voice of a game show host starts talking to James over the intercom. He gives you three questions about the layout and history of the town. You have no way to answer at the time, but later you can find a box with 9 buttons. If you remember the answers and press the corresponding buttons, you win the prize! A whole bunch of shotgun ammo and powerful health items. Lucky.

5 Ghosts (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

These enemies from Silent Hill 4 are much different that anything else you've faced in the series up to this point. They're the victims of the antagonist Walter Sullivan, who has sacrificed them hoping to free his "mother." Unlike almost every other enemy, they can't be permanently killed or defeated. It's a real shock the first time you see an enemy you've killed get back up again.

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They pursue Henry through most levels of the game and there are only a few ways to deal with them. Saint Medallions negate their damaging aura. Silver bullets immediately drop them to the ground. And the Sword of Obedience is the only thing that will render them immobile. Driving it through a ghost keeps it there unless Henry decides to remove the sword.

4 We Have To Go Deeper (Silent Hill 2)

Oh, James. James doesn't have a lot of self-preservation instincts. As Silent Hill 2 nears its conclusion, James finds himself traveling deeper and deeper underground. First he visits the Historical Society, and from there he enters the remains of the Toluca Prison through a series of tunnels. Then, like a maniac, he jumps into every bottomless pit he can find. There's no other way forward. You have to keep hurling James into the abyss, one of which is a literally grave, until you reach rock bottom and enter the labyrinth.

3 Eating God (Silent Hill 3)

Claudia's an interesting character. She's technically the primary antagonist of Silent Hill 3. She's trying to using Heather to birth her cult's god. She kills Heather's father. But as the game progresses, you realize she does have good intentions. She believes that bringing the god into the world will eliminate pain and suffering, but she also believes she doesn't deserve to enjoy paradise after what she's done to bring it about.

When Heather beats her and expels the unborn god from her body, Claudia does the only think she can think to do. She swallows the god-fetus. Like any normal person would. Of course, Claudia isn't supposed to host the god and it kills her, but at least she tried.

2 Entering The Otherworld (Silent Hill)

The Otherworld has become a staple of the Silent Hill aesthetic. You might start in a foggy, but mostly normal little town. But eventually stuff's going to get real, and the normal world peels away to reveal the rusty, bloody underside. At the beginning of Silent Hill, Harry enters the Otherworld for the first time and fans were thrown headfirst into the secret horror of the town.

1 The Dog Ending (Silent Hill 2)

The Silent Hill games have a lot of joke endings. There are UFO endings in several games, but the funniest and weirdest has to be Silent Hill 2's dog ending. The only way to get it is to first unlock the three normal endings to the game. When you start a new game, make sure to pick up the "dog key" from inside a doghouse, and use it to unlock the Observation Room in the otherworld Lakeview hotel.

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Inside the room, James will find a shiba inu (named Mira) at a control panel. James expressed disbelief that a dog is behind everything he's experienced up to this point, and falls to his knees. Mira must feel a little bad after that, because she jumps down to like his face. Then you're treated to a special credits sequence showing silly clips from the game set to a "song" of barks and growls.

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