Silent Hills: 10 Hidden Details You Missed In P.T. On PS4

Even years after its initial release for the PS4, Silent Hills P.T. continues to puzzle us. With a dedicated group of fans that influenced the developers enough to have Kojima's frightening playable teaser published on PC for the Unreal Engine as well, it's unlikely the hype for this game will die anytime soon.

Although Silent Hills was canceled, Kojima's track record on games isn't exactly spotless and we might still be expecting to see a horror title after Death Stranding is safely out of the doors. In the meantime, if you're looking to get into the Halloween spirit, it's worth picking up P.T. again and appreciate these 10 hidden details you may have not even noticed during your first playthrough.

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10 Silent Hill 2 References

It's been theorized that Silent Hills would have been Kojima's own take on the super popular Silent Hill horror series. If you look into it, a lot of themes do cross over, especially from Silent Hill 2, which is undoubtedly the most popular title in the series.

The bloodied fridge is something we find in Silent Hill 2 as well, but not just that, Norman Reedus looks an awful lot like James Sunderland. Mentions of "Hell" are also heavily present in both games with famous writings on walls like "To Hell" and "I can hear them calling to me from hell." No matter how you frame it, the inspiration from Silent Hill 2 is definitely there.

9 7780s Studios

P.T. was supposedly made by 7780s Studio, but it turns out this is just a nonexistent studio that Kojima created for fun. The number, however, is anything but random. It's a reference to the Japanese Shizuoka prefecture, and, when translated roughly its name means "Quiet Hills."

This is a really cool detail in P.T. long before we even begin our hallway loop with Lisa haunting us at every step and definitely shows that Kojima wanted to hammer in the theme of Silent Hill into this game.

8 MGS V Crossover

While this reference isn't in P.T. itself, it's an incredibly interesting one as it sheds some light into the story of P.T. After P.T. was released, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain followed not long after in 2015. There's actually a radio message within the game that tells the story of a man who shot his pregnant wife and his two children.

According to the message, there's a trend of fathers murdering their families, possibly due to low employment rates or other family hardships. This is definitely a reference to P.T., where the main character is haunted by a pregnant woman's ghost.

7 The Missing Eye

In case you haven't noticed by now, the theme of eyes is very heavily present in P.T. In fact, Lisa's missing one eye herself, and it seems that eye plays an important role as it keeps on coming back in various forms.

During the sped up hallway sequence, you'll see eyes on the photos twitching, and, at some point, you'll be prompted to look through a single peephole. One of the puzzles also instructs you to carve out the other eyes of the woman on one of the photos. This string of continuous eye-themed horror things is interesting, to say the least.

6 Photo Pieces

The photo pieces make up the main part of P.T.'s gameplay. As a player, you need to collect them all in order to get to the last puzzle. However, not all of them are necessarily in an easy spot to find. On PS4, it's been reported that the photo piece inside the picture frame can only be collected when inside the menu screen. Another photo piece is lodged between the wall and the ceiling just after passing the bathroom door.

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5 Lisa's Shadow

Thanks to a lot of dedicated fans, P.T. was made available on PC, and thus the code of it could be torn apart for further inspection. Once the game files were hacked into, it was found out that Lisa actually follows the player around at all times and is attached to the player after they discover the flashlight. You can spot her behind you by noticing the shadows that her models cast on the walls, which just makes this game even creepier than we originally imagined.

4 The Figure Looking At Us

At the beginning of the game, we wake up on the floor of a bleak room. There's just one door before us, and it looks to be slightly ajar. What you may have not noticed is that there's someone or something standing in the crack of the door, watching us. Once a hacker on Youtube cracked the code and went to see what was on the other side, he discovered it was, of course, Lisa, casually spying on us at the very start of the game. It seems like there's no rest to be had from this woman.

3 Headless Body

There's been a lot of discussion about what Silent Hills could have been. While most of the deleted content is not available or still keeps us guessing, the same hacker who's been cracking the code for us discovered an unused scene in P.T. where you can actually find Lisa's decapitated body in the bathroom. Lying in a tub filled with murky water, this is a truly gruesome scene that would have probably unsettled players even more had it been kept in the final playable teaser.

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2 Reversed Message

As of today we still keep finding new secrets and hidden files in P.T., which goes to show just how cleverly this game was made by the developers. One player on Reddit shared a frightening recording they took while being idle within the game for about 10 minutes. What sounds like gibberish spoken in a radio-like voice, once the words are reversed it sounds like something intelligible. It's still hard to make out what it says, but after reversing it ourselves it seems to be something along the lines of "I walked 'til I stood in one place before Jack".

1 Your Own Voice

In case you're one of the people who stopped playing after the game's fake crash took place, rest assured there's more in store. The final puzzle is an incredibly well-made one, which uses the PS4 microphone to its advantage.

Once the clock strikes twelve, you need to wait for three giggles to sound through the hallway. Some players have reported that, by speaking into the microphone, you trigger the next giggle, a game mechanic that's highly underrated but that just brings the player a bit closer to the story itself.

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