10 Simlish Sayings You Should Add To Your Daily Vocabulary

Anyone who has had the pleasure of playing any of the Sims games knows that it takes a special kind of person to deal with the language we all know as Simlish. The history behind the creation of this mysterious language is rather brilliant, as it was created to prevent the need to be translated, making it a universal video game language. What many people might not realize, though, is that these sims are actually expressing real thoughts and sentiments, even if we can't understand a single word they're saying.

What was once believed to be nothing but gibberish is actually a legitimate made-up language, similar to pig Latin. While there are entire virtual dictionaries devoted to the translation of all Simlish words, we've got your back... Here are the only phrases a player needs to know in order to use them in day to day conversations.

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10 Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh! ... Excuse me! Get Out Of My Way!

Sometimes, you've just got to be aggressive. There's no room for misunderstandings in the Sims world, so why should we leave anything to chance in the real world, either? Ludacris wrote a song that goes something like this but now, it can be said in a slightly more polite way. Not only would people scatter out of the way upon yelling, 'Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!', but you'd likely get a free ride to the nearest asylum, too, just for safe measure. But hey, at least you threw an 'excuse me!' in there to show some courtesy. Extreme situations call for extreme measures... like a made-up language.

9 Uhh Shamoo Ralla Poo ... I'm So Bored

For starters, complaining that you're bored isn't exactly the most polite thing to do... which is exactly why we should all be exclaiming it in another language. The Sims don't hesitate to tell the controller of their universe that they're bored, so why should we? Some people might mistake this sentiment for a crazy way of stating that you need to use the bathroom but hey, it's worth a shot. You also might need to explain that you're not talking about the famous killer whale Shamu, but as is the nature with all language barriers.

8 Cuh Teekaloo ... Hey There, How's It Going?

We're constantly seeking shortcuts in our day to day lives so why not start with a shortcut for 'hey there, how's it going?' Saying 'cuh teekaloo' is a much shorter way of asking how someone is doing, without the need for three extra words.

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Plus, it's totally unique-sounding and if nothing else, you'll surely get the attention of the person you're (trying) to speak to. We're thinking that a great response to this would be 'yeah, peekaboo' but according to Simlish, the appropriate response is something like 'ooh be gah'.

7 Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah ... You! Yes, You! Go Away!

The great thing about the world of Sim is that nothing is sugar-coated. Sims just say what they want, when they want, and to whomever they want. There's a lesson we could all learn here about being so brutally honest. It might spark utter chaos but at least we'd all get our points across. When a sim shouts, 'depwa spanewash depla blah', you know things are getting serious. Now, imagine a world where none of us needed to make up excuses for why we didn't feel like being social... With this, we could all be as anti-social as we wanted to while shouting something mildly frightening at the same time.

6 Shoo Flee ...There's A Problem

The last thing anyone wants to hear is 'there's a problem', so that's all the more reason for us to speak it in Simlish instead. 'Shoo flee' sounds far less menacing than having to explain a problem and while neighboring ears might assume you're covered in fleas, at least you will have alerted your company of a hitch.

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While there might be a problem, it's not your problem if they don't understand a single thing you're saying. You could always just respond with 'flart' out of frustration, which means 'argh!' in Simlish.

5 Fleny Fleny ... Get Out, I Really Gotta Tinkle!

This is the kind of term that can be wildly effective when shouted at a person repeatedly. 'Fleny fleny' might not sound like much but it conveys a very important statement. Not only is a person relaying that they need to use the bathroom, but they're alerting everyone that they need to 'tinkle' specifically. It's a powerful statement to know that all of us should add to our dictionary. It's especially effective when used in a public bathroom, shouting at complete strangers... it'll shorten any bathroom line for sure. To add a but if flair to this commonly uttered phrase, throw on a fake accent.

4 Ravasheen! ... Ooh, I Look Like A Smokin' Hottie In This!

'Ravasheen' sounds an awful lot like 'ravishing' but hey, who are we to judge Simlish? It's not uncommon for words in English to sound sim-ilar (did you catch what we did there?) in other languages, and Simlish is no exception. Rather than sounding totally conceited and, you can just exclaim 'ravasheen' and people will think you're crazy rather than entirely self-absorbed. We're not sure when the term 'smokin' hottie' is ever okay to use but in Simlish, you can say it all in one convenient word. If you've ever wondered what Sims were thinking when they look in the mirror, this is it.

3 Turkey nurbler? ... Does That Feel Better?

No, not turkey nibbler, turkey nurbler. This is a fan favorite among Sims gamers not because of its translation, but because it sounds so absurd on its own. Everyone may think that you're talking about Thanksgiving (which can be awkward when using this term outside of the month of November) but it's clear your intentions are good.

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It's a purely innocent and genuine phrase but one that seems to fall by the wayside in the Sims games, as most of them are too busy yelling at people to 'move out of the way' or 'clean up the mess'.

2 Firby Nurbs ... You Have Some Nerve

This is a personal favorite. We can guarantee that any time 'firby nurbs' is thrown around, you'll immediately have the upper hand in any argument. Fighting about what to make for dinner? 'Firby nurbs to suggest chicken!' Arguing over someone showing up late to your party? 'Firby nurbs to show up here like this!' See, it's so versatile and works in nearly any situation. The problem is being able to say it with a straight face but hey, if the other person laughs first during a disagreement, it's game over for them. Firby nurbs to laugh without arguing back! We're going to have some fun with this one.

1 Benzi Chibna Looble Bazebni Gweb ... Nothing Is Impossible If You Believe

There's nothing like ending on a positive note and with all of the negative phrases that Sims often yell, it's nice to know they have big hearts, too. 'Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb' is a long-winded way of saying 'nothing is impossible if you believe'. This is wholesome, uplifting, and all-around encouraging, especially when spoken to a person who can't use the bathroom because there's a garbage can in the way. The Sims have taught us many lessons, such as it is possible to remain alive when swimming in a pool with no ladder to climb up. How truly inspiring.

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