Simoleon: 10 Hilarious Ways The Sims' Economy Makes No Sense

The Sims is a life-simulator where you build homes, go to work, and have kids, but not everything is accurate to life - the economy for example.

Whether you prefer earning your money the hard way or swear by money cheats, everyone knows money is what makes the SimNation go around. In order to buy a fancier house or finally have that yard expansion with a pool and jacuzzi, your Sim needs to find a way to have an income just like in real life. However, while The Sims franchise has some funny and relatable moments of realism, there's surprisingly many things about the simoleon that just make absolutely no sense. Here's 10 of the ways in which The Sims economy has us scratching our heads.

10 Different Game, Different Value

The Sims games supposedly take place in the same universe in every installment of the game. Aside from The Sims 4 which is an alternate reality, all other games are a continuation of one another. However, if you look at the value of money in each of the games, you'll quickly notice it doesn't carry over at all. You could argue that it has something to do with the state of economy or inflation rates, but this seems highly unlikely considering all goods and jobs are always available.

9 Prices Make No Sense

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You may have noticed a while ago that prices tend to not make a whole lot of sense in The Sims games. It's not uncommon to pay a measly $4,000 for a car as seen in The Sims 3, but about 40 simoleons for just a pizza. There isn't a specific rhyme of reason with how the pricing is done, but it's clear that some of the more expensive items are severely undervalued, while less valuable items have surprisingly high prices. Some items could even be argued to have installation costs which aren't taken into account.

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8 No Denominations

Like with many currencies in games, The Sims games doesn't introduce any smaller denominations of the simoleon. There are no pennies and cents, which means that the cheapest item you can buy is one simoleon. This also means that if something is valued underneath that, it would be considered free of charge. Obviously this complicates pricing even further, and probably explains why some items are undervalued and others are overvalued.

7 9.9 Million Is The Maximum

While theoretically in real life you can keep earning money endlessly, provided you have the means to do so, The Sims games have usually capped it around 9,999,999 simoleons. After this number, it's impossible for your household to earn any more money, even if you have the means to do so. Then again, given the price for everything, you probably wouldn't even need to continue earning after that point since you can pretty much afford everything available in the game already.

6 No Renegotiating Bills

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In real life if you're unable to pay your bills, the electricity company or water company won't just shut things down immediately. You'll even get a chance to negotiate a payment plan with most companies. In The Sims games the companies are way less forgiving and will come after your possessions. You can also say goodbye to water and electricity if you delay your bills enough and there's no way to organize a proper payment plan. Your Sim is just going to have to make money and survive with what they have.

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5 There's Always Work

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On the bright side, The Sims universe always has a job and an opportunity for everyone. Regardless of your background and skills you can take any job at almost any time. There isn't such a thing as unemployment or application processes that pit you against other job seekers. Magically, or perhaps through the power of a very organized economy and labor market, the SimNation has a job to offer for anyone and everyone, as long as you're willing to show up to work and do the bare minimum.

4 Money Tree, Genie & Wishing Well

There are a few obvious supernatural sources of money in The Sims games that we can only dream of existing in the real world. You can grow a money tree and basically have an infinite source of cash. Alternatively, the Wishing Well and Genie can grant you some money. If your home happens to have the Pennie Pixies lot trait, you can even begin to find cash randomly lying around in your house to further fatten up your purse. These are all mechanics that could break an economy, and yet there's no economic crisis in The Sims games.

3 Sharing Funds

Even between family members most people like to keep their funds separate in their own personal savings accounts. However, in The Sims, whether you're a spouse or a roommate, you share all the funds with the people under the same roof. You can even join a random household as a stranger and then move out and take all their money with you, no cheats needed. This mechanic is just incredibly unfair and unrealistic.

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2 No Inheritance In The Sims 4

The Sims 2 introduced the concept of inheritance, which was a pretty mechanic. Unfortunately it was later abandoned for whatever reason, and in The Sims 4 the children of your Sims basically never get an inheritance if they've moved out of their parents' home. In order to touch the funds after their parents have died, they still need to be living under the same roof, since funds are tied to households and not to a family line. The question is, where does the money go when an elderly couple living on their own dies?

1 Items In Inventory Cost You, Too

In case you've wondered how your bills are formulated in The Sims games, here's the gist of it: it depends on the value of your lot and the total value of all your belongings. In previous The Sims games this only meant objects you had placed on your lot, but in The Sims 4 you'll also get billed for items in your personal and household inventory. Because of this, it's best to make sure you're not hoarding tons of trinkets in your pockets, as it might be the reason why you're going bankrupt every week when the bills are sent in.

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