20 Simpsons Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

The Simpsons is one of the most iconic shows in the world, displaying an incredible amount of comedy, satire, social commentary, and self awareness that keep people hooked. It’s no wonder that The Simpsons is on its 29th season, that it's been the recipient of a myriad of awards, and that it’s the longest running sitcom and the longest running animated show in the US. The Simpsons are amazing and we can’t get enough of them.

One of the best developments in recent years are memes, giving Internet users the ability to laugh and make jokes about everything, using shows and real life situations as their ammo. Everything can become a meme.

There’s no source of memes better than The Simpsons, with their wide variety of characters that are annoying, funny, sad, and relatable. Even though Lisa is probably the most meme-able character of all time, we made sure to include most of the Simpsons family members and friends on this list, and we ended up with memes that are all hilarious and easy to use on a day to day basis.

These images are a guaranteed way of cheering yourself up or bringing a smile out of anyone, and prompting a rewatch of your favorite episodes. Check out 20 hilarious and savage Simpsons memes that you won’t want to stop sharing.

19 Lisa Is Broke And Hungry

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We’ve all been there, especially during those years when we just moved out of our parent’s house and we're having trouble transitioning into functional adults. A young adult life doesn’t properly begin until you’ve gone to bed early because you're too hungry, or after feeling sick because you scarfed down a bag of Doritos as dinner.

Lisa understands, making this meme hold a special and iconic place shared by all young people.

We’re not sure from which episode this screenshot comes from, but judging by the faded look of the animation, we'd say it's a from one of the first seasons of the show. We’re just guessing here though. Still, hungry Lisa FTW.

18 At Least You Tried

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Even though this meme is a little sad, it’s also a little sweet because of Bart's little smile. You may have done a poor job at something, but at least you tried, and sometimes that the only comfort you can get.

That's worth some sort of celebration, right?

This meme is extremely useful because you can apply it to almost any situation that goes wrong for you.You failed a test? At least you showed up and tried. You confessed your love to your crush and they looked at you like you're crazy? At least you tried. Will this line of thinking make you feel better? Probably not, but whatever. Who can resist Bart's cute little smile?

17 We're All Homer Looking For A Job

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Homer giving advice on how to get a job is like Homer giving advice on how to have a healthy diet. Pointless. Which is why this meme is so brilliant, because we all feel like Homer when we're on a job interview and they start asking you random and annoying questions.

What are your skills? What are your weaknesses? Why are you a good fit for this job? LEAVE ME ALONE, I JUST NEED MONEY OKAY?

Sigh, I really wish that was acceptable answer on a job interview, but sadly, it’s not. You can just settle with this Homer meme, because, clearly he knows what he's talking about. Capitalism life be scary, y'all.

16 Forever Genius

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Lisa’s existence is kind of sad, always representing an underappreciated genius who'll surely become someone great once she grows up, matures and becomes a little less annoying.

Lisa's future is bright; she'll surely be validated by her efforts, and depressing childhood memories will surely amount to a successful future. 

The sad part is that she’ll never grow up, because The Simpsons never age. From time to time, we do get glimpses of Older Lisa, a memorable one being the episode where she becomes president, which is the least she deserves.

Can you tell I’m a fan of Lisa? Because I am. She’s the best.

15 Why Pray? 

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The Simpsons might be a comedy show, but they never shy away from the more philosophical or smart topics such as God, religion, and the condition of man.

Who didn't feel themselves starting to question all the deeper aspects of life while watching this show as a kid? We know we did.

The main thing that makes The Simpsons so unique is the fact that they’re always funny and smart with their commentary, no matter how controversial or alienating their topic is. So Bart and Mr. Burns praying before eating and then claiming that God didn’t really do anything to bring their food to the table fits right in to The Simpsons.

Thanks for nothing, God.

14 Afraid Of Signs

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This screenshot is a great instance of The Simpsons mocking other shows that use signs as a way of stopping people. They're also mocking real life signs, which control people into not going into certain areas. At the end of the day, it's just a sign, and you can do whatever you want.

We like to picture Lisa addressing the sign in some attempt to justify her desire to break the rules. It just seems like something she would do.

In this instance, we’re sure Lisa had a small meltdown because she didn't want to bend the rules, but she probably went in and ignored the sign anyways due to some passionate ideal of hers being challenged. Just a guess.

13 Homer's Angel Devil

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This is another versatile meme, good for using whenever you try to do something good but something wrong ends up happening, or when you try to do the right thing but, you know, life happens and you end up doing the opposite. It's cool, we're not judging.

We wonder if Homer is aware of the implications this has for his character. Or then again, it's Homer.... so probably not.

Maybe you give too much credit to yourself and think you can be nice to someone that has awful points of view online, so you try to engage with them and end up having a huge and pointless argument. Are you feeling a pattern here? This meme is pure gold, filled with endless possibilities.

12 Homer Is Right

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It’s sad that Homer is probably the most relatable character on The Simpsons, at least for me, but he is. We all want to sleep in sometimes and not leave our rooms. Homer’s out there telling us that that’s okay, even though no one should trust his advice. Sometimes it’s okay to chill and to avoid responsibilities once a while.

Thank you for making everyone feel better and for making them feel represented Homer. He might not be the most reliable person, or the best dad, or the best employee, but he’s definitely got his moments of brilliance. It's ok guys, you do you.

11 Facebook Fights

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Facebook is the place where people feel like they can vent out their frustrations, and speak their minds. Surprise! it's not. Facebook is the worst place to do this, especially since you are friends with all sorts of people whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, and who may have become strangers.

Stay away from Facebook is you want to steer clear of drama. We're pretty certain Homer wouldn't follow this advice.

Tune in to Facebook if you want to watch and read some arguments though, because as we said before, people love to be open on this website. There’s nothing worse than being involved in a Facebook fight, but it’s kind of a guilty pleasure to watch friends and acquaintances argue online. Don’t lie, you know it’s true.

10 Lisa And Her Books

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This is something that you can only understand once you’re a part of fandom, which, weirdly enough, doesn’t translate to the entire world. On this instance, the average human represents Marge, who looks at Lisa like she's crazy.

Lisa represents the members of the fandom, who are way to invested on the lives of some fictional characters. As always, Lisa is the best, and the one character you can always turn to when you’re losing hope in the world. Whenever something goes wrong, Lisa is there waiting to see you, and she’ll probably understand your worries and offer some wise words of advice. We love her.

9 Crazy Grandpa

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This meme can also be applied to Facebook fights as we saw earlier, but mostly to life in general. You can send it to a friend who posted something online and who’s grandpa started lecturing them through the web, giving his unsolicited opinion.

You’ll surely get a laugh out of them, and will make their day brighter. You can also keep this meme to yourself, to remind you that sometimes old people are angry because they’re old, and you shouldn’t let that get to you. Patience is a virtue, especially when you apply it to your parents, grandparents, bosses, and teachers. So The Simpsons teaches us to not be too harsh when consider our older citizens, as funny as this is.

8 Disappearing Homer

Disappearing Homer is a huge meme that when used in Gif form can be used to express any and all sorts of emotion. I love this meme so much, I couldn't help myself but include it on this list.

You do you, Homer, hide away from your responsibilities. We can totally feel the need to creep away every now and then.

While this is a great meme to pop out online, it's not the best way to avoid your problems. You may want to avoid problems by hiding on a bush, but they'll still be there once you get out. You'll probably be found hiding in the bush, which is very embarrassing, so don't do it. You don't want to be that person.

7 Never Try

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Well, at least he tried to give helpful advice? I guess? Not the best advice in the world, but Homer offers at least a sure way of avoiding disappointment, even though it doesn’t really work. This is a solid meme that has a million ways of being used.

You failed a test? Time to bring up this meme. You had a fight with a friend? Bring up the meme. You did something wrong? Homer’s got your back.

Sadly, this meme’s most important use is limited within the digital world, just for when you want to moan around. It doesn't’ really translate into reality, but who cares? It’s funny.

6 Save Me Jebus

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These meme prompts so many questions. Is Homer confused by the stress of the moment and the fear of his life, making him pray to Jebus instead of Jesus? Or does he really think that Jesus is named Jebus? It’s Homer, so anything can happen. I’m leaning towards the latter question as the correct explanation.

Pray to Jebus! He can help!

You can use this meme whenever something goes wrong, when you have responsibilities that you don't want to take care of, when you see someone who’s really cute, or for comedic purposes. This meme’s got a little bit of everything, which is why it’s so great.

5 Flanders Is All Of Us

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While this is a hilarious moment in The Simpsons, it’s also an amazing because it very much translates to real life. PDA is kind of annoying, especially in school, and no one wants to see you making out, please and thank you.

Flanders might be a fanatical and crazy evangelical, but he has a solid point here. The next time you see someone making out with out abandon, you can just stand close to them and wave the meme in their general direction until they stop to look at you. Keep it in your pants.

Christ is watching.

4 No One Knows What They're Doing

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Isn’t this a sad and kind of perfect depiction of school, college, work, and all sorts of organized education? Like, this is too real and we feel like we're back in high school.

Well we're glad all that took was 3 weeks. Nice to know there are professionals out there with similar levels of training...

You can apply this meme to a work conference, a course, a college class, or a boss that’s trying to explain to you how to do things. We know it’s very sad, but at least, with this meme, you’re aware of your reality, and can face the fact that no one really knows what they’re doing. In a weird way, it can make you feel less alone, like we're all in the same boat. With this meme, we can all bond over our shared ignorance.

3 You Can't Say A Thing

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Very relatable since one of the most dangerous things you can currently do is speak your mind. Some people deserve a little verbal aggression, especially when their opinions are prejudiced or awful, but most of the time, whenever you try to express you opinions firmly, your good intentions get lost in translation, and people are quick to shut out opinions that don’t align with their own.

You know what's safest? Nothing. Nothing is the safest course. 

We should always speak our minds, especially if we're passionate about something, but most importantly, we should always be open and willing to listen to others, no matter their opinions. Having this mindset can only do you good.

2 Don't Touch Willie

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While this might be a kind of complex meme to use on the web, it’s so funny and special that I had to add it on this list. The meme, even though highlighting how dumb Homer is and how grumpyWillie is, is mostly about misunderstandings and how easy it is to get a wrong read on certain situations.

The best way to use it is when two people are talking about different things online, and you pitch in with the meme. Because we know by now that it's the best way to contribute. Can you imagine? You'll become an instant hero. What a way to add your voice into a discussion.

1 D'Oh!

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There’s no better way to end this The Simpson’s list than with this meme. After reading over a thousand words on the comedic genius of The Simpsons, you must be an expert on the show and on their sense of humor. With these memes, you've basically tapped into a new way of communicating.

If, after using one of these memes, someone has the gull to not understand your Simpsons’ reference, then you can bring out this baby and end all sorts of discussions. You’re welcome.

With all these memes, you are finally ready, Soldier. Go forth and change the world.

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