10 Best Original Sims Made In The Sims 4

The Sims franchise is one of the best life simulation games available. The franchise got its start nearly 20 years ago, inspired by Will Wright losing his home to the Oakland firestorm. As he worked on rebuilding his life he thought of making that experience into a game.

In the Sims games, you literally control the life of virtual person known as a "sim", what they do and how they live their life is entirely up to you. With each new game released, players are given more things they can do with their sim, including more options and more freedom on how they can look.

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The Sims 4 is the newest main game in the series and offers the most when it comes to customizing players original sims. There are tons of awesome sims out and this list brings 10 really amazing ones.

10 Eat Your Greens

Since the first game, creative simmers have made challenges to give players a more unique way to play the game, or to make them experience aspects of the game they wouldn't normally play with. This lovely sim here was for a Vegetarian Challenge, where players had to make sims with the Vegetarian trait in mind.

GillR52 created the lovely Nadia Breaux, a sim that turned Vegetarian for another sim. Though her romance with that sim didn't last, her choice to stay away from meat did. Along with being a Vegetarian, she has the Genius trait and the Bookworm trait and her aspiration is Spellcraft and Sorcery.

She's available for download on The Gallery, just search GillR52's username.

9 F(X) - Sulli

K-Pop fans were especially saddened to hear the news that Choi Jin-Ri or Sulli from the South Korean girl group f(x), passed away a few days ago. She was a talented singer, actress, model, and songwriter. She was outspoken on many topics that clashed against the more conservative nature of South Korea and she pressed hard against cyberbullying as a victim of it.

It's a very sad fact to lose such a brilliant person so early in life. This Sulli sim by cbunte01 was made way before her passing but it's a beautiful sim that captures her sweet nature and her passion for music.

She can be found on The Gallery by searching cbunte01's username.

8 Goodwill Gemma

Many of the different packs for the game offer items in complementary colors which match with previous packs and its up to the player to really explore and discover all the different combinations.

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This lovely sim by Sky5246star uses items from several different expansion packs including City Living, Cats & Dogs and Get Famous. With it, she created Gemma Coyle, who she describes as a world traveler who wants to meet new people and be as loving and supporting of a person as possible. She has the Serial Romantic aspiration so there's definitely a world of love and meeting new people ahead of her.

This sim can be found on the Gallery searching Sky5246star.

7 Handsome Private Thom

The StrangerVille game pack has story-based gameplay that has players solve the "mystery of StrangerVille" where the town's inhabitants appear to infected with some strange illness.

StrangerVille has a theme of alien conspiracies and the military is apart of keeping the truth of what's going on in town under wraps. And this handsome sims by xaraha1 would be perfect to play through StrangerVille with.

Private Thom Liquid is completely dedicated to the military and has no room for anything else. He's Good, Ambitious and Non-Commital which might conflict with staying in the military career.

He can be found on The Gallery, searching for xaraha1.

6 Master Vampire Luka

The vampires of The Sims 4 are some of the best in the franchise. Sims 4 Vampires really gave the occult type a lot of depth that sets them apart from their counterparts with the different archetypes they can be made into and a skill tree.

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Players can pick and choose which powers they give their vampires, or they can try to master all of them, like this sim by SimmieSweetness. Luka Crowe is a Master Vampire with tons of powers and perks. Along with the Genius trait, he has the Romantic trait and the Jealous trait.

You can find him on The Gallery by searching SimmieSweetness.

5 QiQi

It isn't just humans and different occults like vampires, aliens, and mermaids that you can make in The Sims 4, you can also make your own custom pets.

With the Cats & Dogs expansion pack came the ability to create a cat or dog to become your sim's faithful companion. There's the option to choose from several templates of different breeds that come along with traits, but you can make your own pets as well. And SimsaFire used the ability to paint on the pet's fur to create an amazing design of a red dragon.

QiQi is a fully trained dog with Stubborn, Glutton, and Loyal as traits.

4 Sassy Witch

The newest addition to the Sims 4 is Realm of Magic, which brought different types of magic and the spellcaster occult type. Human sims can become a spellcaster by going through the portal to the Realm of Magic and ask one of the three Sages to turn them into one.

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There are 4 types of magic, Practical, Mischief, Untamed and Alchemy. And this Sassy Witch created by jadeybabez86 looks like the perfect candidate to study Mischief magic. Her name is Opalina Void and she has the Bookworm trait, the Music Lover trait, and the Self-Assured trait.

You can find Opalina on The Gallery.

3 Vampire Model

While The Sims 4 Vampires made it possible to make truly creepy and terrifying vampires, you can still make them pretty attractive. And Brandy RoyalBlood by fruitinka is a pretty good looking creature of the night.

Fruitnika describes her as being a model, and with The Moschino Stuff pack, it's possible to take tons of awesome pictures of Brandy in-game to put up on any sim's wall.

Brandy has the Master Vampire aspiration and she's a Romantic sim, and Insider and Materialistic. You can find Brandy on the Gallery.

2 Teen Titans

When there's trouble you know who to call, from their tower they can see it all. Whether you're a fan of the Teen Titans comics, different animated series, or the live-action one there is no mistaking Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven.

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Yipecaia did an awesome job of bringing this team of superhero teams to The Sims 4. Especially without using any custom content. Each sim has traits that match their personalities from the 2003 animated series, Raven is a Gloomy Bookworm, and Beast Boy is a Goofy Geek.

You can find the Teen Titans on the Gallery.

1 Walter White

Breaking Bad was a TV series that focused on chemistry teacher Walter White's descent into the dark world of drug trafficking. As the series went on he slowly devolved from being somewhat misguided to being as dark as the antagonists of the show.

While the Sims 4 doesn't have subject matter quite as dark as what's shown in Breaking Bad, anyone who wants to play with Walter White can with xloserkid's amazing rendition of him. He has the Genius trait, the Geek trait, and the Perfectionist trait.

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