10 Best Sims 4 Streamers On Twitch

Let's Plays are one of the most entertaining yet criticized forms of modern media. Many naysayers think that the idea of watching someone play a game, without being able to play the game oneself, is an utter waste of time. I humbly ask them: do they feel the same about watching sporting events on television?

Let's Plays are a type of online content in which a creator plays a game and provides jokes/commentary on the game itself, in order to entertain an audience. It can be a wonderful way for people who cannot afford a game (or the system it's played on) to still be able to enjoy the gaming experience, for people to see how others play their favorite games in order to get new ideas or inspiration and to see if others struggle with the same issues that come up during their own gameplay.

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Twitch is an online platform that allows streamers to host live Let's Plays for their audiences/followers. Though traditional games are far more commonplace, simulation games like The Sims series have also found a home on the site. Below are ten of the most popular, followed, and/or entertaining Sims Streamers on the platform.

10 DangerousAtAnySpeed

Via Twitch

Some of you may know DangerousAtAnySpeed from her 100 Baby Challenge Series that can be found on Buzzfeed Multiplayer, but this streamer has also made a home for herself on Twitch. She streams many games but her Sims content is regularly featured and beloved by followers.

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Her main focus is on the 100 Baby Challenge family, so her channel often features bonus content videos relating to said challenge (including home makeovers, quests for stardom, and the exploration of Strangerville). These videos are all based around one family, which her faithful viewers, as well as DAAS herself, have grown quite attached to over time.

9 Keeyuh

Via Twitch

Keeyuh is a streamer whose channel includes multiple games, but mainly focuses on The Sims 4. She has established strict rules that she requires those who have become members of her community to follow, in order to ensure a positive, wholesome, and fun experience for all (and that is something I fully support).

She is a verified Twitch partner and, when offline, can be found on her YouTube channel which hosts some concluded streams and highlights as well. Her channel focuses on more episodic adventures and includes fun themed episodes, such as creating a Sim at an extremely late hour and exploring the new world of Strangerville.

8 DevonBumpkin

Via Twitch

Though currently on a hiatus from Twitch, streamer DevonBumpkin gained popularity streaming their Sims-related content on the Twitch platform originally. This streamer is a verified user, whose current saved videos on the platform have been dedicated to recreating the fan favourite Sims 3 expansion Sims University in the fourth installment of the series.

Fans of the Sims series have made their upset towards the lack of post-secondary education available in the fourth installment of the Sims series very clear, so seeing a streamer create a pseudo version of the much-wanted expansion pack is a wonderful thing.

7 Steph0sims

Via Twitch

While Sims streamer Steph0sims does not have any videos saved to their Twitch channel, they do maintain an active presence on the platform and they host their finished streams and videos on their YouTube channel.

This streamer's content mainly focuses on challenge videos. This means that it is usually centered around some sort of activity or challenge, which they attempt to create/fulfill by the end of the video. Recent challenges attempted by this creator includes the 100 Toddler challenge, the drunk-play challenge, ASMR gameplay challenges, and the $10,000 vs. $1,000,000 house challenge.

6 AndrewArcade

Via Twitch

AndrewArcade is a Twitch streamer whose channel mainly features Sims streams. They also have a wonderful set of chatroom and stream guidelines required by all those who engage with their videos, in order to maintain a safe, fun, and wholesome community.

Many streamers have similar rules/guidelines for their online communities, as a lot of them can quickly become toxic for both the streamer and viewers alike if no attempts at moderation are made.

Their current Sims 4-related saved videos mainly revolve around the Not So Berry challenge, as this streamer has created a long-form serial type of content rather than the typical episodic type.

5 Deligracy

Via Twitch

Deligracy is a dedicated Sims 4 player/content creator and Twitch streamer, whose content ranges from episodic one-shot challenges and short streams to more long-form serial content. Luckily for her audience, Deligracy is not tied exclusively to the Twitch platform and uploads quite regularly to her YouTube channel of the same name.

Her YouTube channel mainly features challenge videos, such as Bitlife Controls My Sims and the ABC Baby Challenge, but also includes many long-form series with multiple episodes and complete/established storylines. This streamer has something for every type of viewer.

4 HollieBB

Via Twitch

Though Twitch streamer HolliBB has created numerous videos on The Sims (which can be found on her channel) on a variety of topics and themes, they are best known for creating the Upgrowth challenge and videos relating to said challenge.

The Upgrowth challenge, as described on the front page of their Twitch channel, is a challenge which focuses on longevity. The challenge focuses on the idea of taking one family and playing with them and their descendants for ten generations (beginning in the 19th century), developing  the world around them as they grow.

The challenge has specified tasks for each generation and creates a unique and long-lasting gameplay experience for all who participate.

3 Lilsimsie

Via Twitch

Twitch streamer Lilsimsie produces content both for the Twitch platform and for their YouTube channel of the same name.

Their content, for both platforms, is mainly dedicated to The Sims 4 and focuses primarily on episodic content, featuring unique and exciting builds with humorous commentary. This content creator has many saved videos on their Twitch channel which feature their different lots and builds, as well as build-related challenges.

There are endless ways to play the game, as some prefer the human element while others prefer the architectural aspects. Luckily, there are enough Twitch streamers playing the game for every gamer to find the exact content that suits their individual fancy.

Many joke that this streamer was born for this line of work, due to the fact that their last name is actually Sims.

2 LaurenzSide

Via Twitch

Though The Sims 4 is one of the games that Laurenzside streams the most, they play a variety of other games besides. If you're searching for alternate types of content as well as Sims content, then, this streamer may be for you.

Their Sims-related content primarily focuses on the idea of bending and manipulating the available features of the game, in order to create alternative and unique ways of playing with the game that are not advertised as available features (an example being farming). This provides viewers with inspiration and motivation to create unique experiences in their own games.

1 Plumbella

Via Twitch

Twitch streamer Plumbella's channel is mainly dedicated to the Sims series. Before they even began streaming on the platform, they were a devoted player and lover of the series since its original release in the early 2000s.

They maintain a strictly family-friendly channel and do not tolerate any inappropriate comments in their chat. They also maintain a YouTube channel of the same name, which they use to upload shorter and more episodic content. Their Twitch channel, meanwhile, is mainly populated by serial content dedicated to specific challenges and extended storylines.

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