The 5 Best Sims 4 Expansions Packs (& The 5 Worst)

For anyone looking to deep dive into the world of The Sims 4, the amount of Expansions, Game Packs and Stuff Packs can be a little bit overwhelming. Unlike its previous installments, The Sims 4 is divided into smaller bits and pieces which allows players to effectively pick and choose what kind of features they'd like to play around with. The choice is highly subjective and we encourage experimenting, but if you're looking for serious advice on the best additions (and the worst), then keep reading and chances are you'll be spending your coin wisely in Origins Store. Let's begin with the five best, and follow with the five worst packs for The Sims 4.

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10 Cats & Dogs

Whether or not you're a big fan of pets, this expansion is a must pick. The addition of animals adds an important extra layer of realism and fun gameplay into The Sims 4, not to mention the freedom to design your cats and dogs just as you see fit. The expansion also comes with a new neighborhood called Brindleton Bay, which is decently sized and provides you with a bunch of new pre-made households to get to know. Your Sims can now set up a vet clinic, which is an interactive job just like the doctor, scientist and police career.

9 Strangerville

Any big fan of The Sims 2 needs to get this pack that tips the hat to the original Strangetown. The strange and quirky feel of this game pack, and all the fun objects and build additions that come with it make it one of the most worthwhile packs.

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Not to mention, if you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a sort of story mode in The Sims 4, then giving Strangerville a try is perfect for you. Included in the pack is the small neighborhood of Strangerville along with its families and mystery, again very decently sized for the fact that this is just a game pack.

8 City Living

Considered one of the most important additions to the game, City Living was a huge success when it came out. Your Sims now have the ability to rent and live in apartments in the vibrant, culturally diverse city of San Myshuno. This pack is for any urban lover and comes with so much good, basic content for the game that it's almost a shame it wasn't already in the base game itself. From festivals to rooftop nightclubs to dealing with noisy neighborhoods and annoying landlords, City Living is absolutely necessary if realism and rich gameplay is what you're after.

7 Parenthood

Speaking of excellent gameplay mechanics, there's one pack that revolutionizes the way children grow up in The Sims 4. In Parenthood, the actions of a parent influence how your Sim children will turn up in the future. You can teach them good manners, kindness and responsibility (or simply let them do what they want).

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Parenthood is also full of objects for kids, which were lacking from previous packs and the game in general. So if you're a family builder or enjoy playing legacy challenges, this is definitely the ideal choice for you and will boost your gameplay experience significantly.

6 Seasons

The best of the best is still without a single doubt Seasons. This expansion was highly anticipated and hyped by both the creators and the community itself, and it was a breath of much needed fresh air and ambition into a franchise that was in a big rut at the time. Seasons is incredibly well executed, the weather conditions and seasonal events that can be fully customized so real and immersive that playing without this pack almost feels a little strange. Want to spend Christmas during summer? You can! Creative freedom is endless here.

5 Get Famous

Seemingly good on the outside, Get Famous was a bit of a disappointment in one major regard. Sure, we get to play out our dreams or becoming a successful actor or influencer, and the jobs are highly interactive. However, the neighborhood of Del Sol Valley was a huge let down in both size and scope.

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Most likely the development team felt that the focus needed to be on other things, namely the gameplay itself, rather than the size of the new city we got. Still, it would have been nice to have a few extra lots to build on or a few other new families to get to know in the new pack.

4 Spa Day

What's wrong with Spa Day, you ask? For one, it was published as a Game Pack, which seems a bit of an overstatement for the scope of this pack. New objects, a new skill and new activities are included, as well as spa lots that can be placed in your already existing neighborhoods. However, it does feel like this should have been a Stuff Pack if anything. When we have Game Packs like Vampires and Strangerville that add so much more to the game, like new families and neighborhoods, Spa Day feels like it falls a bit short with what it tries to achieve.

3 Cool Kitchen Stuff

Unless you're an ice cream enthusiast, there's little point in investing in this Stuff Pack. With a few new additions to clothing and a bunch of objects for your Sims' kitchen, it almost feels like we're getting the leftovers of things that couldn't be fit into any of the other packs and expansions. Why not include the ice cream maker into the Dine Out game pack? With stuff packs like these, the question always begs to be asked: does this really need to be a pack of its own? This is without a doubt the least inspiring additions to the series.

2 Jungle Adventure

Yes, this pack may have been highly anticipated, but the reason it tops the list as the worst of all is due to the severe lack of gameplay variety. After giving us The Sims 3 World Adventures, a massively immersive expansion stock full of secret areas and locations to discover, Jungle Adventure feels like a slap in the face with its dialog box interactions and rabbit holes. Sure, you get the new holiday location Selvadorada, but there isn't that much to do after your first run through. It's a big "pass" from us.

1 My First Pet Stuff

Nothing made the community's blood simmer as much as My First Pet Stuff, a stuff pack that was released briefly after Cats & Dogs, which added accessories and more objects for cats and dogs, but also hamsters. It feels again as though all of this was intended to be included in a big expansion, but for some reason was divided into a separate Stuff Pack that really isn't worth the investment just for the hamsters that don't add that much new gameplay. A big faux pas from Electronic Arts, it remains the most unpopular pack among Simmers to date.

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