The Sims 4: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Caliente Family

There are quite a few pre-made families and households in The Sims franchise. Some of them have been there all along, while others were only added in the most recent additions to the game. A lot of these characters have changed quite a bit since they were first introduced, if they've been in the series for quite a while.

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The Caliente family, made up of Nina, Dina, and Katrina Caliente, is one family in The Sims 4 that has been in multiple games. Because of this, they've got quite a history in the game that even superfans of The Sims series might not be aware of. Ready to learn 10 things you never knew about the Caliente family? Keep reading!

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10 Nina And Dina Are Twins

Nina and Dina Caliente are the twin sisters in The Sims. These two were introduced in The Sims 2 and have had quite a dramatic storyline since they were first introduced into the franchise. Even though these two are twins, they couldn't be more different. Dina has blonde hair and is playful and outgoing, while Nina is serious and shy.

Since they were introduced in The Sims 2, they were given zodiac signs based on their traits. Even though Nina and Dina are twins in the game, they have completely opposite zodiac signs from each other because of their vastly different traits.

9 Katrina Was Introduced In The Sims 4

Anyone familiar with the Caliente family as they appear in The Sims 4 will know that Nina and Dina aren't the only members of the Caliente family. There's a third redhead with a rhyming name in the family. How is Katrina Caliente related to Nina and Dina Caliente? She's their mom!

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This is a big change from the story that was given to Nina and Dina in The Sims 2 when they were first introduced. When they were introduced, Katrina wasn't listed as their mother in their family tree. But The Sims 4 is a little different than other games, so Katrina being introduced as their mom now totally makes sense.

8 Dina Was Bella Goth's Sister-In-Law...

The fact that Dina and Nina got a new mom isn't their only family drama. Prior to the start of The Sims 2, the Caliente sisters already had a pre-made storyline that involved some things that had happened in their lives before the game started. Any long-time fans of the series will likely remember Michael Bachelor, Bella Goth's brother.

Prior to Michael's passing due to old age, he was married to Dina Caliente! That means that Dina was Bella Goth's sister-in-law. If a player chooses to control the Caliente household in The Sims 2, they'll even find Michael Bachelor's urn on display on their side table.

7 ...And Was In Love With Mortimer Goth

In The Sims 2, Bella Goth was nowhere to be seen. This means that Mortimer had the house all to himself with his daughter, Cassandra, and his son, Alexander. Bella's disappearance was a mysterious part of the Pleasantview storyline, but it wasn't the only thing Mortimer Goth had going on.

If a player wanted to go through all the scripted events and play out The Sims 2's pre-made storyline, they would get to play out Mortimer and Dina's relationship. On the surface, it was made to look like they were in love. But their household description poses an interesting question: is Dina only in it for money?

6 They Came To Town After Bella's Disappearance

It's a good thing Bella Goth was missing in The Sims 2, because she definitely wouldn't be cool with Dina being all over her husband, right? Well, luckily, the Caliente sisters didn't have to worry about Dina getting into trouble with Bella. Whether her love for Mortimer was real or just for his cash, the two of them only arrived in town after Bella Goth disappeared.

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According to their household description, these sisters arrived in Pleasantview on the exact same night that Bella Goth disappeared. Were they involved in her disappearance? Players needed to play through the pre-made houses and the scripted events in order to find out. Spooky!

5 Don Loved Both Twins... Among Other People

Don Lothario is another pre-made Sim that has been in the series for a while now. Players that love The Sims 4 probably already know all about Don's relationship with the Caliente family, but not as many are aware of just how far back it goes.

In The Sims 2, Don was in love with both Dina and Nina Caliente. He had his first kiss with Nina and appears to be more attracted to --and have more history with-- her. Along with being in love with both Caliente sisters, he was also engaged to Cassandra Goth, in a relationship with his maid, Kaylynn, and Bella Goth was last seen on his balcony.

4 He's With Katrina The Sims 4

Don just couldn't leave the past behind him. In The Sims 4, the Caliente family actually lives with Don in Oasis Springs, but he's not dating either of the twins this time. Obviously he left his mixed up love triangle with Dina and Nina back in Pleasantview.

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According to the household description for the Lothario-Caliente household in The Sims 4, there might be a little something going on between Don and Katrina, the mother of Nina and Dina Caliente. If a player chooses to control this household, the two of them start out as close friends, but are they destined to become more?

3 But There Might Be Something More

In The Sims 4, Don has changed his ways and is no longer interested in just about every girl in his neighborhood... Or is he? The Sims don't have their own individual descriptions, but the household description for the Lothario-Caliente household implies that Don moved in because of his light-hearted love affair with Katrina.

However, the description also implies that he may go back to his old ways and fall for Dina and Nina again. Don has always been known for being pretty loose with his affection and non-committal is one of his traits. So, even though he's dating the twins' alternative mother, he might not be done with Dina and Nina.

2 This Whole Situation Feels Familiar...

For anyone that played The Sims 3, the storyline with Dina and Nina being involved romantically with a single guy might seem a little familiar. No, we don't mean that time the two of them were both in love with Don Lothario back in The Sims 2's Pleasantview.

In The Sims 3, Nina and Dina lived together in a downloadable neighborhood called Barnacle Bay. The two of them also have a room-mate named Luisa Libros who, although she isn't related to them, has something in common with the twins. The three of them are all in love with the same person: Juan Jr Inkbeard. Along with that, both Nina and Dina have feelings for Jeff Smith and Alec Trebo.

1 Their Storyline Is Different In TS4 For A Reason

The storyline of The Sims 4 is totally different from what it was in past games for many characters, not just the Caliente family. Did The Sims team forget about all the storylines they made for their characters? Actually, no, it was done completely on purpose. The Sims 4 is actually set in an alternate universe where everything is just a little bit off as far as the stories of the pre-made Sims go.

Sims from past games have new personalities, appearances, and are even different ages that make no sense until you realize that the whole game is set in an alternate universe. That explains why Nina and Dina have a new mom who is dating their ex, Don, and why Malcolm Landgraab went from having the Good trait in The Sims 3 to having the Evil trait in The Sims 4.

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