Ranked: The Sims 4 Challenges (By Difficulty)

The much-beloved Sims series offers an array of possibilities. Have you tried the Age of Sims challenge, or even the devious Black Widow challenge?

The Sims 4 is a wonderful sandbox game that enables players to live out the lives they've always dreamed of (or do some really dark and terrible things they’d never think of doing in real life). With the freedom this simulation game offers, players can become celebrities, rockstars, scientists, vampires... you name it.

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After playing through almost everything the game has to offer, some players become bored. To give themselves a challenge, they seek out fan-made tasks and restrictions they can impose on their next sim/playthrough. Here are some difficult runs players can try in The Sims 4.

10 The Age of Sims Challenge

This is an interesting challenge that borrows heavily from the progression of civilizations in the Age of Empires series. The player starts out with a family of sims with no home and the bare necessities.  They have to get by through gardening, fishing and basic crafting to make money and sustain themselves. Once they max out the relevant skills, they move to the next age, Early Civilization, by building a primitive house and opening up the skill tree.

Over time, players will move through the Prehistoric Era, Early Civilization, the Middle Ages, the Old West, the Industrial Age and the Roaring Twenties, finishing on the Modern Day. Without getting into it, each age has certain restrictions or requirements that can make this task immensely difficult to complete, forcing many players to give up out of frustration.

9 The Black Widow Challenge

This dark challenge has the player create a young female sim who seduces an individual and marries them. The sim is then to rely entirely upon the spouse for financial support. Once married, they are to seduce someone new and beginning cheating on their spouse. After intentionally getting caught cheating, the player must dispose of the spouse, inherit everything and marry the lover, repeating the cycle until 10 husbands lie in their graves (and the sim lives out the remainder of her normal lifespan in luxury).

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A less dark version is the Gold Digger challenge, which has the player marry old sims and simply wait for their spouse to expire of old age. A lot of the difficult here lies in not becoming disgusted with yourself while playing through this diabolical challenge.

8 The Sims Millionaire Challenge

Often called the Rosebud challenge (in reference to the infamous cheat code), players must start with a basic house and no money. From there, in true rags-to-riches fashion, their  sims have a lifetime to reach a net worth of $1 million.

Some variations allow the player to drink life potions to remain young, have a genie grant a wish for extended life or become a vampire. Many claim it’s possible to accomplish this in a normal lifespan with just one sim, but no one seems to have proven it yet (and it doesn’t seem likely).

7 The Master of All Challenge

The Master of All challenge requires players to have a single sim master every skill in the game before they die of old age. There are lots of variations and restrictions, but some leniency is required. After all, it’s simply not possible to do this in a normal sim lifespan.

Becoming a vampire is a common approach, as is limiting the amount of times a player can use life extenders like Potions of Youth or the Cow Plant. Adjusting these can make the task a simple act of patience (or leave players screaming at their sims to wake up and start painting before they die of old age).

6 The Legacy of Achievement Challenge

Most Sims 4 players are familiar with the Legacy Challenge, which has a player stick with a single family and play through 10 generations in the same house (with wealth being handed down to each heir). The Legacy of Achievement challenge is a twist on this, requiring the player to have their sims accomplish every achievement in the game within 26 generations.

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It sounds doable on the surface, but 26 generations equals a lot of playtime (a LOT). Even so, if the player isn’t diligent in working towards each of the 50 varying achievements, they’ll find themselves scrambling in the end. It’s difficult in that it requires a great deal of planning and patience to tick off every achievement throughout the generations.

5 The 9,999,999 Millionaire Challenge

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Now we're into the top five most difficult challenges on the list. The 9,999,999 Millionaire challenge is almost identical to the Rosebud challenge, but with a larger goal to shoot for and more restrictions. The odd number is a result of the cap the game puts on the total amount of money a sim can attain.

The aim of this incredibly difficult challenge is to accomplish this hefty financial goal with a single family of vampires. It’s supposedly doable, but it takes a lot of work and dedication before your oldest vampire lies down in the coffin for good with a maxed out net worth.

4 The 100 Babies Challenge

The 100 Babies challenge sounds like a nightmarish sort of reality tv show. In this challenge, players must create a single young female sim and have her give birth to 100 babies (from 100 different fathers) in a normal lifespan.

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As if the difficulty of seducing 100 men wasn’t enough, the player must then raise the 100 babies on their own without any assistance or child support. Thankfully, the children grow up and leave the nest, so the player will never have to contend with 100 babies on the screen at once. Besides, teenagers are useful for bringing in money, getting chores done and tending to siblings. Still, the logistics of managing a continual stream of infants, toddlers, children and teenagers as a single parent are an absolute nightmare.

3 The 100 Heartbreak Challenge

This challenge could be accomplished in tandem with the 100 Babies challenge, but it makes it much more difficult. This challenge requires the player to engage in a relationship with 100 different individuals, breaking all 100 of their hearts along the way, within a single normal lifespan.

Unlike the 100 Babies challenge, one night stands aren’t going to cut it. Each individual requires more of an investment. It’s a super difficult challenge, one that leaves a dark stain on the souls of the players who successfully accomplish it.

2 The Sims Coven Challenge

This dastardly challenge has the player take control of a vampire sim, with the goal of converting the entire town. Before the vampire dies of old age, every lot must be occupied by a home with at least two resident vampires. There can’t be a single human in town, either.

To make this endeavour even harder, the player is only allowed to control a single vampire sim for the duration of the challenge (otherwise it would be easy to command your vampiric children to bite the local townsfolk). It’s an incredibly difficult challenge that would make Anne Rice proud.

1 The 100 Generations Challenge

This gargantuan task is similar to the Legacy Challenge, but has the player stick with the family for a whopping 100 generations. Some variations require different tasks and goals to be accomplished, and it’s highly recommended you take on some of them to give yourself something to do.

To put the difficulty of this challenge into perspective, a player can feasibly complete 2-3 sim days in one real-life hour. Each new generation starts after roughly 45 sim days, which takes 15 - 22.5 real-life hours. So, for 100 generations, you’re looking at 1,500 – 2,250 hours, which would take roughly one hour of play every day for 4-6 years. It’s possible that someone's done this, considering the game came out in 2014, but we can’t imagine anyone who succeeds would ever want to play the Sims again.

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