The Sims 4: 10 Purely Cosmetic Mods That Make A Difference

In many ways, Sims 4 is all about aesthetics and customization, and here are 10 purely cosmetic mods that actually make a difference.

Most Sims fanatics have folders upon folders of mods (also called Custom Content or CC for short) for their game taking up a lot of gigs on their computers. Aside from mods used to add more traits or aspirations, there are a lot of them simmers could be using to beautify their games. But with so many amazing CC creators out there making great mods such as clothing, hairstyles and so much more, it's hard to choose which ones to use over others. Worry no more fellow simmers, here's a list of 10 aesthetically pleasing mods for you to enjoy.

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10 World Lighting

When The Sims 4 first launched, many players found themselves checking their screen configuration in confusion. In-game lighting had become dark, gloomy and with an extremely noticeable blue hue to the game (especially at night). Right away cc creators were hard at work to fix this, some simply making the game brighter, others like Wrixles made a "No Blue" mod to the delight of players. But the most notable creator, BrntWaffles, took this as a challenge creating a beautiful world lighting mod called "Astral Lights" (pictured above) which didn't just fix the blue but created wondrous sky to enjoy.

9 Eyes

Eyes are the most expressive feature for humans and Sims alike. Changing this can give sims a more life-like quality or more magical like when creating fantasy creature sims (like aliens). Default replacement changes all sims eyes in the game, but simmer can also opt for contacts that only change a single sim's eyes. DFJ has some gorgeous default eyes called "Encore" that give a starry-eyed look or make sims more unique with contacts such as Pralinesims "Heterochromia" eyes to make them have two different colors. Players can also make eyes seem realistic by added 3D eyelashes like the ones made by Kijiko.

8 Clutter

The very definition of clutter is purely cosmetic decor. Although these items aren't nonfunctional, they add a lot to the game. Clutter comes in all types, from plants to makeup, and even decorative food. Some creators make seasonal and holiday decor for players who want to celebrate yearly events with their sims. Clutter can also be used to make the game feel more realistic such as DaraSims laundry decor set which has everything sims could need to do the laundry. Or just admire some wall art for a room such as a kitchen with Rosannep's Kitchen Prints.

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7 Hair

If there's one thing in the whole Sims 4 game that needs custom content, it's the hairstyles. Many base game styles are boring or generic and the hair colors are even drabber. CC creators to the rescue once again with a vast array of different looks (and colors) to please any simmer craving diversity. Hair created for female sims has the most variety with hair such as LeahLillith's Nelli Hair. But there's still plenty of styles for male sims such as Anto's Man-Bun Hair. For players looking for a more realistic look, eyebrows are a must-have. RemusSirion has a great variety.

6 Skins

Downloading a replacement skin is the Sims addict's top priority when starting a new game. Although skin detail and color has improved greatly over the past twenty years, players often want an even more defined look to their sims. Skins (like eyes) come in Default and NonDefault replacements. Some simmers like to add meticulous details to their sims such as JSSims Cleavage Detail. Realistic simmers like high definition skins such as GrimCookies Lazarus Skin. While others simply want a more polished version of the original base game skin tone like with Luumia's Vanilla Skin which includes all ages.

5 Sliders

In The Sims 4 Launch Trailer, the most amazing innovation was no doubt being able to grab and pull Sim's faces to perfection. However, playing with these sliders' limits over and over becomes stale. CC creators felt the same way developing ways to extend the sliders beyond their max to create uniquely shaped Sims. One slider that was absolutely needed was for breasts and butts as the original left out those who were bodaciously curvy. King Black Cinema's Booty and Breast slider helps with this problem. Another person left out were those who were vertically challenged, which can be fixed by Luumia's Height Slider.

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4  Makeup

If there's one cosmetic mod that makes The Sims 4 look better, it's custom makeup. Players can add amazing details to their sims such as birthmarks and scars for realism. Or to add pretty magical elements like Taty's Tribal Face Paint which would be a beautiful finishing touch to a fairy or mermaid sim. Even makeup as simple as blush can change the features of a sim without having to remake them. While others like lipstick and eyeshadow can give a freshly polished look like Screaming Mustard's Glossy Lip Balm and Katverse's Phoebe Eyeshadow. Celebrate Halloween with your Sims with these bloody tears by Sims4Krampus.

3 Tattoos

Introduced for the first time in The Sims 3, tattoos were an outlandish and artistic way to decorate your sims. Continuing this popular addition to gameplay, there is countless designs to choose from in The Sims 4 as well. Just like with real tattoos, simmers can choose any style from cute, quirky ones (such as Razbie's Gamer Tattoos) to Bohemian, earthy ones (such as MaruChanBe's Mandala Butterfly Chest Tattoo). There are even ones that are hyper-realistic and acutely highly detailed like Reevaly's Skull Back Tattoo. For fun, create a rockabilly sim with real vintage full body flash tattoos by SavageSimBaby.

2 Accessories

Variety is the spice of life and just like in real life, accessories are a must download for The Sims 4 to add visual appeal. The base game has very little for categories offering generic jewelry, mundane style hats, and modest eyewear. CC creators took the opportunity to make stunning adornments such as RedHeadSim's Luxury Earrings. This trinket and MSSims Ruby Hummingbird Tiara are prime examples of the sparkle and shine Sims 4 was desperately needing. But even players who love the odd and bizarre can find great content for their sims like Magnolia-C's Lucifer Wings to add some magical elements to their gameplay.

1 Teeth

Unique styles of teeth were added in a free update back in early 2017 featuring a meager assortment (but interesting) flawed defects. Braces were a highly welcome addition for simmers who could relate to this miserable childhood burden. But CC creators also made their own versions such as Pyxiidis' Braceface Teeth Overlays which simply polishes and add fine details. Other custom content creators like Simshimi completely overhauled sim's chompers with their default replacement that made sim's pearly whites impeccable defined, vividly bright, and authentically lifelike. Another true to life teeth mod is made by PickyPikachu with their three-dimensional buck teeth.

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