Sims 4: 10 Questions Fans Have About Discover University Gameplay, Answered

We now have answers to many of the questions fans have been asking about The Sims 4: Discover University.

The Sims 4: Discover University is almost upon us, with excited simmers beginning to prepare for the last big pack that's frequently requested. Many are hopeful but skeptical and are trying to find out more. Now, thanks to Sims Camp, we have answers to many of the questions fans have been asking.

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Recent packs have been criticized for their lack of gameplay, so understandably many questions surround this element of the new expansion. Here we've pulled together 10 of the most frequently asked gameplay questions and answered them.

10 Who Can Attend University?

All Sims from young adults and upwards can attend university. This means that mature students are officially in-game. However, university life doesn't just begin at young adulthood as there is preparation to do beforehand.

Sims have to apply for university and being accepted onto the more prestigious courses will require good high school grades as well as a decent amount of other skills, preferably in the area you wish to study. Working hard as a child and teenager will pay off when you send in that application.

9 What Can You Study?

There are a range of different degrees, thirteen in all. Both universities offer basic and distinguished degrees. However, the distinguished degrees, which offer greater rewards, are split between the different universities, with seven offered at Britechester and six at Foxbury.

The available subjects are Art History, Biology, Communications, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Drama, Economics, History, Language and Literature, Physics, Psychology, and Villainy. If you cannot get onto, or choose not to take, a distinguished degree you can take a normal degree in the same subject at the other university.

8 How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of university education is tied to your course and accommodation choices. Courses are charged by the module, with sims being able to study up to four modules per term, including an elective if they chose. Expect a full-time course load to run into four figures, with accommodation costs on top.

It should be noted that university accommodation costs are per term (one in-game week) and include utilities, cleaning services, and cafeteria food. If sims wish to spread the cost of time and simoleons they can choose fewer classes for a part-time option.

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Payments can be made in three ways. The first is directly from household funds. The second is via a student loan, which your sim will pay back with interest after graduation. Finally, you can be awarded a scholarship to cover part or all of your costs. Scholarships are based on skills, location or household income.

7 What's The Difference Between The Two Universities?

Each university has a different focus which is reflected in their distinguished degrees and societies.

Britechester is a more traditional looking campus that offers distinguished degrees in humanities and the arts. As well as a Spirit Corps they also have an art society, debate guild and plenty of places to paint.

Foxbury is more modern with a focus on science and technology. Their distinguished degrees are focused around these areas, as is their robotics club. They also have a Spirit Squad and Brainiacs honor society.

6 Can Friends And Family Visit The Campus?

Yes. Unlike in previous packs, the world of Britechester is a normal world, which can be visited and lived in. The left and right of the town contain a common building and 2 dorms for the university in that area. The main town in the center can be fully customized, with players able to build any type of lot in it, including residential buildings.

All sims can visit either campus, regardless of university attendance status. The only restrictions are that campus-specific dorms can only be lived in by students from the corresponding institution. All dorms can be fully edited from the world map or with the free build cheat but this will affect accommodation costs.

5 Are The Classes Rabbit holes?

They are. However, there are other tasks that you will need to do which aren't. Each class has three elements. The first is attending classes, which are rabbit holes. The second element is homework, which is done from a book in the same way as high school homework. Thirdly, there is a variable element.

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This variable element can be a term paper, which needs to be written on a PC, or an exam, which needs to be attended. The final element is a presentation, which needs to be prepared. A presentation board will be added to your sims inventory and they must design and practice presenting for the best grade boost.

4 How Can You Improve Your Grades?

There are several ways to improve your grades. The most obvious one is by working hard. You can pay attention in class, complete all your class tasks to the best of your ability and purchase books to do extra study. There's also an "office hours" rabbit hole you can attend to get advice from your professors.

The other way is the less wholesome path. Players can choose to use underhand methods, including cheating, plagiarism and even persuading professors to change their grades. However, these darker methods can come with very severe consequences, including loss of your scholarship, so choose carefully.

3 Are There New Skills Or Activities?

The pack comes with several new skills and activities. Players will now be able to purchase and play with a soccer ball, kicking it from one foot to the other as well as attend rabbit hole sporting events. There's also a new ping-pong table, which can also be used for juice pong. Finally, there are bikes, which can be used anywhere in the world.

In terms of new skills, sims will be able to master the research and debate skill, as well as the new robotics skill.

Alongside these activities, there are university-specific clubs that offer new ways to have fun. Students can prank each other and engage in some friendly rivalry with the other university. They can also join various societies.

2 Is There A New Woohoo Spot And Death?

Sims can now partake in shower woohoo, hoping into the cubicle for some steamy fun. The only restriction on this is that you cannot partake in shower woohoo in the new communal showers. Sims may enjoy streaking but they still have some limits.

There is a hint of a new death but in the live stream, the gurus would not elaborate. However, speaking on her Livestream overview Rory Plays stated that she asked about the death at Sims Camp and was told it is related to research, although no one has yet released any footage of it so the exact details are still a mystery.

1 What Are The Benefits Of Attending University?

University degrees have real benefits in-game, with each one offering a bonus in a specific career. As long as you get good grades, then your sim can enjoy the rewards of their hard work, by gaining a much-needed boost when they begin post-graduate life. Each degree can offer a boost in more than one career, so check before you choose.

If the existing careers are growing old, you can also choose to move into one of the new semi-active careers as a lawyer, engineer or teacher. Each of these offers a rabbit hole work option or a set of work from home tasks.

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