Sims Team Announces Expansion, Stuff & Game Packs, New Careers, And More In The Next 6 Months

The Sims team have taken to Twitch to announce some upcoming features for The Sims 4, including new Stuff Packs and careers on the way.

The Sims team have taken to Twitch to announce some upcoming features for The Sims 4 on console and PC. During the Maxis Monthly livestream for April, SimGuru Graham and SimGuru Chowder discussed the 6-month road map for the game, as well as a new free update coming to PC next week.

While we don’t know the themes of the upcoming DLC, the team revealed that in the next 6 months Sims 4 players will see 1 expansion, 1 Game Pack and 1 Stuff pack, as well as a free update. This is the first time we’ve known so far in advance what content to expect. While themes will likely be revealed closer to release, knowing the size of the packs gives us an idea of how much content is coming.

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Viewers of the livestream were also shown a glimpse of the free update coming next week for PC players. The main feature of the patch is 3 new freelance careers. Your Sims will be able to take a job as a freelance artist, writer, or programmer.

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These careers are slightly different to the ones we have currently, and use a mix of features from other career types. A work from home element allows you to choose your hours and location to work, while tasks are assigned from an agency, similar to the one employed in the acting career. All the careers have rewards, including a new trait for programmers which will allow them to overclock computers and produce work faster.

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The patch also brings some new clothing items as well as new furniture. These create a sim and build buy items are themed around the new careers. Clothing is mostly casual and includes a new sweater, skirt, cardigan and trousers. New build objects include a wall mounted bookcase, desk, chair, computer and a plain white shelf. The shelf is already infamous within Sims building circles, having been teased on Twitter a few weeks ago.

For console players the update takes the form of mouse and keyboard support, giving them more flexibility in how they play.

The Sims 4 PC and console updates are due to be released on April 16.

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