The Sims 4: 10 Best Pregnancy Mods

Although The Sims 4 has improved on many features from previous games, babies and pregnancy are pretty lackluster. These are the best pregnancy mods.

The Sims 4 has made quite a few things that have been brought to the franchise by older games better. Vampires, social interactions, and the experience of going to university are a few things that the Sims 4 does better than previous. But, there are other things that can stand to be approved on, like babies. Unfortunately, babies and pregnancy are a bit of a lackluster feature in The Sims 4. Aside from a few special interactions and mood buffs, it's easier to just fast-forward through the pregnancy (and baby) stage.

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Many Simmers hope that one day EA might come back and expand upon pregnancy and babies, but for the meantime here are 10 of the best pregnancy mods currently out.

10 Ultrasound Mod

One of the most exciting things about having a baby is wondering what their gender will be. In The Sims 4, if you don't play with mods or cheats you'll only know the baby's gender when it's born. But Littlemssam's Ultrasound Mod will let any simmer bring a touch of reality and excitement to their Sim's pregnancy. Using the Phone Travel Menu, your Sim will pay 75 simoleons to "Visit a Gynecologist."

It will send the Sim away in-game when they return home, they'll have an Ultrasound Scan in their inventory. The Ultrasound will have the pregnant Sim's results, and Sims will get a moodlet from it. The ultrasound can also be hung on walls and even copied to be given as a gift for friends and family!

9 Risky Woohoo

In The Sims 4, there are (currently) only 2 ways for a Sim to get pregnant. One is during alien abductions, and another is through a special Woohoo option that shows up when your Sim has a high enough relationship with their partner. In the real world the status of a relationship doesn't necessarily have anything to do with having a baby, and the Risky Woohoo mod, by PolarBearSims, adds a bit more realism (and surprise) to pregnancy.

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It replaces the Woohoo options and randomizes the chance Sims have to get pregnant. It also includes a number of other things like possible pregnancy difficulties, differing fertility levels for all sims, and giving certain traits an increased or decreased chance of getting pregnant.

8 Baby Shower Mod

Baby showers are both a celebration of the soon to be born child and a way for friends and family to ensure that the expecting parent has everything they could need for their baby. There isn't the option to have baby showers in The Sims 4, but at least with Brittpinkesims Baby Shower Mod, you can have one.

Events for the baby shower include Sims talking about their pregnancy, inviting others to feel the baby and even viewing special greeting cards that come with the mod. The original creator is on hiatus from the community, but she has allowed Konansock to update this and other mods of hers.

7 Pregnancy Mood Buffs Mod

Except for Sims who have the "Hates Children" trait, all Sims when they find out they're pregnant get happy. And while being pregnant is a happy occasion for some, there are people who might feel differently about it. Zafisims allows your Sims to feel other emotions aside from happiness.

You can choose whether your Sim will become uncomfortable, stressed, angry, sad, embarrassed and even indifferent to learning they're pregnant. Each mood comes with different "flavors" as well that affect the intensity of each mood. You can only have one type in the game at once, so choose wisely.

6 Instant Morning Sickness Mod

Morning Sickness is something that a lot of pregnant women have to go through during their pregnancy. There are tons of causes for it, from increased hormone levels to reduced blood sugar and more. Some women get it, and some don't and it's the same for pregnant Sims in The Sims 4.

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Some players like the mystery of not knowing their Sims are pregnant immediately, but it kind of gets spoiled by the uncomfortable moodlet that they get hours before they're actually sick. The Instant Morning Sickness mod by PolarBearSims is a simple one that gets rid of that moodlet buff.

5 Stretch Marks Mod

What's one thing that most pregnant women have to deal with during and after pregnancy? Stretch marks. Some women feel self-conscious about it, but there's nothing wrong with having stretch marks! And a wide variety of Simmers think so too with the number of stretch mark skin details that are available.

These by Katybug273 are a very good set for light and dark skin sims. The Sims 4 doesn't include stretch marks as skin details in the game (not yet at least) but now with Katybug273's and others' custom content you can bring a touch more realism to your Sim's pregnancy.

4 Longer/Shorter Pregnancy Time Mod

For some simmers, depending on their play style, the length of a sim's pregnancy can either be too long or too short. A pregnancy in The Sims 4 typically lasts 3 to 5 in-game days. For some, that's too long since pregnant Sims are limited to what activities they can do.

And for others, that's too short for those who want to cherish the experience of their Sims having a baby. Havem's Pregnancy Time mod lets you change how long your Sim is pregnant. You can choose to have it last as short as a day or as long as 147 days in-game!

3 Pregnancy Overhaul Mod

Littlemssam's makes it back on the list with the Pregnancy Overhaul Mod. With this mod simmers can change the size of their Sim's belly, making it smaller or larger than the standard pregnant belly in the game.

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It also gets rid of the pregnant walk style and allows sims to do many things in their 1st and 2nd trimester that they couldn't do before like, swim, dance, exercise, do yoga and more. With the change, it will affect the looks of some animations, like the invite to feel baby one as the belly will be smaller or bigger.

2 MC Pregnancy Mod

Most simmers who use mods are familiar with Deaderpool's MC Command Center mod. If there's any mod to have, it's this one as it allows you to really control every aspect of every single Sim that generates in your game. That also includes controlling your Sims' pregnancies. Once a Sim is pregnant the MC Pregnancy option will be made available in Command Center.

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With it, you can terminate a pregnancy, change its term, see how many babies a sim will have, the gender of the baby (or babies) and even more. If you're interested in having more control over your Sim's pregnancy this is the mod for you!

1 Pregnancy Mega Mod

As one might be able to gather from the name of this mod, a lot comes from it. ArtUrlWWW's Pregnancy Mega Mod isn't meant to be used with most other pregnancy mods (they'll conflict with one another) but with it, you won't really need other ones.

It allows same-sex couples to have a baby, changes the chances for pregnancy and adds in new events that can happen during a pregnancy. One of its notable features is allowing for quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets and choosing the gender of each of the babies!

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