The Sims 4 Get Famous: 4 Things That Are Different (And 6 Things That Stayed The Same)

In the wonderful world of The Sims, your digital creations can be anything you dream of: wildly successful, malevolent and mean, or just plain average. With The Sims 4: Get Famous, Sims can also become cherished (or hated) celebrities. Whether you rise to fame through hard work and schmoozing other celebs, or crash into notoriety through dastardly deeds, there’s a lot to have fun with in this expansion.

It’s the spiritual successor to The Sims 3: Late Night and The Sims 3: Showtime, with inspired elements from both, though it brings some entirely new features to the table.

Keep reading to see four things that are different in this generation and six that have stayed the same.

10. The Same: Fame For All

Your Sims may not live forever, or learn how to fly, but they can certainly gain more fame than they know what to do with.

In Get Famous, Late Night, and Showtime, this is a running theme. In Showtime, your Sims can find stardom through performance-related careers, while a celebrity system shakes things up in Late Night.

If a child Sim is born into a family with famous parents, for example, they automatically gain a celebrity level. In Get Famous, a similar system is in effect. Child Sims can even begin to get recognition through joining the drama club.

9. Different: The Quirks Of Stardom

While celebrity-status can be achieved in Late Night, the fame mechanic in Get Famous is more complex. It’s set out like a skill tree, complete with fame perks and quirks. The list of perks is vast; media influencers can get random gifts from fans in the mail, and the ‘All-Nighter’ perk allows your Sim an energy boost for late night work. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever needed that one.)

Quirks can make the star-studded life even more chaotic. Sims can develop the ‘No Touching’ quirk, become addicted to juice, or become a ‘Phone Fanatic', unable to stop checking their phone.

Wow, EA is really calling us out with this pack…

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8. The Same: Hollywood Hills

The suburban paradise Del Sol Valley is inspired by Los Angeles, California, and, of course, Hollywood. Boasting rolling hills, huge mansions, and the smaller suburbs of budding stars, Get Famous shares this style with The Sims 3: Showtime, which includes the Starlight Shores location.

This coastal city is also reminiscent of Hollywood, with a park, coffeehouses, and venues ripe with opportunities for Sims to perform their talents.

Del Sol Valley features three neighborhoods (and one hidden one): The Pinnacles, with the most expensive houses; Mirage Park, the more affordable spot; and Starlight Boulevard, the leisure area with fancy nightclubs.

7. Different: Hotspots

The Sims 4 introduced lot traits, but Get Famous adds more to the list, which, of course, weren’t apart of Showtime and Late Night gameplay. ‘Celebrity Homes’ are featured on Celebrity House Tours, and only allow other famous Sims to visit. Those who live here without earning their celeb status will even be known as posers.

Sims will hang out in the ‘Hottest Spot in Town’, but food and drinks will be more expensive (nice touch of realism there). Celebrity meet-and-greets take place in lots with the ‘Up-and-Coming Hotspot’ trait, and celebs can get discounts there.

6. The Same: Starting Small

As they say, you’ve got to start somewhere, and in both The Sims 3: Showtime and The Sims 4: Get Famous, that "somewhere" is at the bottom of the ladder.

In Showtime, Sims perform street art, such as magic tricks or acrobat performances, to gain popularity and grow their career. Singers can perform ‘Sing-A-Grams’, which is a nice way of saying 'flagging down poor strangers and belting a song at them'.

Likewise, in Get Famous, wannabe actor Sims have to take less glamorous gigs like commercials as they start out. But don’t fret – with enough work (and famous friends) they’ll eventually get their name in lights.

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5. The Same: Acting Career

Acting is available in Sims 3: Late Night through the actor branch of the Film Career. Once Sims are promoted past level five of the career track, you can choose between the acting or directing branches.

Sims’ performances are influenced by their celebrity status from level four of the career track, all the way to the top at ‘Superstar Actor’. Acting continues to be a key theme in The Sims 4: Get Famous, taking a more central role as the expansion’s main career. It’s more direct this time around, without the branching track. All the world’s a stage, after all.

4. Different: Active Actors

While your Sims can pursue stardom through the aforementioned film career in Late Night, the acting career in Get Famous is pretty special in that it’s an active career. This means you can follow Sims into their place of work and actively control what they do, rather than watch them disappear into a building.

Your Sim must join agencies to get auditions and practice their lines if they want to do well. You can watch them rehearse and choose whether to play lines safely or risky, which could further boost your career (with the higher risk of messing it up).

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3. The Same: Reputation Matters

In Late Night, Sims’ reputations can interfere with their chances of gaining access to special events. Sims with a bad romantic reputation can also struggle to make new relationships. This has carried over to The Sims 4: Get Famous; where a Sim’s status affects how others interact with them. Sims known as ‘good’ can form relationships more quickly, and those with a great reputation will be offered higher-level career opportunities. Sims with more negative reputations may struggle to make friends, but on the flipside, they may well connect with other unsavory characters.

2. Different: Media Production

Self-employment is possible for your Sims, as they can earn money through skilled work. Get Famous introduces the ‘Media Production’ skill, allowing your Sims to fully dedicate themselves to the life of Internet stardom. There are specific new items to cater to your Sims’ dreams, like the video station, which can record, edit, and upload videos. Your Sims can even get famous doing this, so if their dream is to be the next Zoella or PewDiePie, they can! The music station is a similar object, allowing produced music and remixes to be made and released online.

1. The Same: Exclusive Clubs

With the celebrity system in The Sims 3: Late Night, comes exclusive clubs. Some clubs or VIP rooms require a set level of celebrity status to get in. The Brightmore Disco Club, for example, has a VIP room which is only available to high-level celebs: those with a three-star rating or more. You can also bribe other Sims to get you in if you’re so inclined.

Similarly, Get Famous features clubs and events which may require a set level of fame or positive public image to get in. Reputation comes into play again here, as Sims who are known for the wrong reasons might find themselves locked out.

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