Sims 4 Get Famous: Social Media Influencer Career Guide

The appeal of The Sims has always been that it mimics everyday life and as the times change - so must Sims. There’ve been complaints that the upgrades in the upcoming Sims is woefully 2018 (or now 2019, but that’s always been the exact point).

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Sure, some people don’t see being a media influencer as a real job but nonetheless, the people doing it are making money or they wouldn’t be doing it. And so The Sims follow - if there’s a living to be made out of it, there’s definitely someone out there making that living. Especially when it means so much more time with your Sim!

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10 The Style Influencer Career Will Be Available To Everyone.

Let's start with the basics - for Sims 4: City Living, one of the career options is to work from home and use social media as a profession. Working from home sounds as sweet as it does in real life - instead of your Sim becoming unavailable for regular business hours, they'll be free to work at their own pace and prioritize what they want to. Which is code for you having even more control over the Simverse you preside over. So just like in real life, working from home makes it way easier to shirk out on your duties and quickly spiral into unemployment if you're not motivated enough.

9 And There'll Be Assignments In Addition To Your Daily Tasks.

Working from home isn't all sleeping in and laying around on the couch. Well, it definitely takes place more in pajamas that working from an office does but still - there’s structure to it. On days that your Sim chooses to work from home, they’ll have a list of daily assignments to complete. Once those are out of the way, you just have way more time to skill up and otherwise devote yourself to career promotion requirements. That said, mood is pretty important for a Social Media Influencer - if they’re less than happy or playful, there’s no way you’ll be able to churn out good content.

8 When You Start, You're A Rag Reviewer.

Everybody starts at the bottom, and cheats aside, there's no way to avoid the food chain in this new profession. Even if it’s innovative and new, there’s still a way things have to be done. Sims sites explain that, "the starting point in the career is ultimately a freelance journalist” which is also known as a Rag Reviewer. From there, the first rank is as a Media Intern paid sixteen an hour and responsible for updating social media profiles. There’s no reward for promotion besides reaching that second level of engagement monkey (and someday, clickbait writer) but the pay only increases as your charisma and mischief also rise.

7 And You'll Have Two Career Paths.

Sims wasn't content to just create a brand new career track and leave it at that. There’s options within options! As you pursue success and acclaim as a Social Media Influencer, two separate branches present themselves. You’ll either go on to become a Public Relations guru or an Internet Personality. Now, how can you become a successful Influencer when you’ve been denied the option to have an astrology sign - that’s your problem. But even with some of the customization options deleted and scrapped, we can focus on the new stuff. And in all that, there’s still enough fodder to turn your Sim’s life into a brand.

6 Creativity Is Key.

Writing skills don’t just come in handy for resurrecting the dead - your creativity levels will directly impact your ability to produce content. That means photography skills, painting skills and definitely writing. The higher these are, the faster you’ll be able to produce higher quality products. Sure, those logic and science skills have always had a lucrative trajectory (okay becoming a doctor, calm down) but finally, your Sim’s aunts and uncles can’t criticize their interests quite as much.

5 You Can Interview Other Sims.

On the road to becoming an Internet Superstar (the tenth and highest level of a career in Social Media), there’s a lot of work to be done and content to be produced for your live feed. So it only makes sense that the Sims creators have added the awesome option to interview other Sims, even Sims that you don’t play as. Of course you’ll have to keep your ear to the ground to know what’s popular and trendy in your Sim’s world! How else can you lead the way in trends? It’s all to make your Simstagram even more perfect and enviable.

4 Two Huge Signature Items Come With This.

This brand spankin' new Career Path in Sims: City Living comes with two major game features, both of which are essential for brand-building. There’s the style board, a virtual Pinterest-adjacent collage to capture anything that flares up your inspiration. Plus, it can be updated to reflect your current style as that evolves and refines. that’s the ever present Sketch Pad. Although the Sketch Pad doesn’t fulfill creative aspirations or advance your skills (which has garnered more than a few complaints from the community online), it is a perfect pocket canvas that aids you in creating all kinds of new art.

3 You Can Do Makeovers.

Plenty of perks come with being a social media influencer and being paid to promote coveted items but there’s one really cool new feature. Offering makeovers is a brand new option that comes with pursuing fame and while a Sim can reject your offer, the more you work to maintain and improve that relationship than the more likely it is they’ll accept. So if you really can’t stand their look, wait a little longer and ask again! The Sims is all about imposing your vision on the world around you, so it’s such a logical escalation of that concept to offer makeovers. Also, everybody loves a makeover.

2 And Make It Big On Simstagram.

The pun is totally unavoidable and yet weirdly impressive - of course The Sims has their own version of the online ether in which anonymity can be traded in for gigantic followings. That said, not everybody would think of that pun when Simsbook is so easy (and not half as good). So yes, with this latest incarnation of the Sims you can take to Simstagram to share your mood and lifestyle. There’s something weird about the concept of Simstagram- like it’s a movie within another movie. Well, endless hall of mirrors aside it’s really amazing how Sims is mimicking our lives and adapting to remain extremely relevant.

1  1. You Can Set Trends.

There's plenty of ways to get famous (I mean, the name of the game is “Get Famous”) and all of them make trendsetting possible. It’s so awesome to have that kind of influence, not just over the one Sim you’re playing but all of the ones that surround them. So maybe you’ll start with your writing or as a stylist, but either way the logical conclusion to giving makeovers is setting trends. How cool is it to see that trend get adopted by Sims you’ve never even met! What! No wonder The Sims made a whole game about fame- it’s pretty awesome!


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