Sims 4 PSA: If You Have 176 Kids, You'll Crash The Game - Who Knew?

If you were wondering how many kids you can have in The Sims 4 before it crashes (and why wouldn't you be?), it turns out it's 176.

If you were wondering how many kids you can have in The Sims 4 before it crashes (and why wouldn't you be?), it turns out it's 176.

It has been almost 20 years since the very first Sims game was released; two decades since we decided our own lives were so great that we wanted to create simulated ones and live them out on screen. Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly what inspired the Sims franchise. Whatever it was, we have had an awful lot of fun creating families and watching their lives pan out ever since.

As the years have passed, and updated Sims titles and expansion packs have been added to its ever-growing universe, the worlds in which our Sims live have naturally become more advanced. We recall the first iterations of the game where if we didn't create children to be a part of the family from the start, we would probably forgo the idea of that family ever having children at all.

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Fast forward to today, and Reddit user u/TeaFlex has revealed that his Sim, Raphael Cake, has fathered an impressive 176 children. The player has also revealed that the only reason they've stopped at that incredibly high number is due to the game now refusing to load the household. Strange, since TeaFlex has explained that none of the children live in said household.

Perhaps the game is simply struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of child support Raphael has been paying out. TeaFlex reveals that at last count, the total came to a staggering $188,000 per week. By the sounds of it, the game put a stop to the madness for Raphael's sake. What job did he have that he could afford to support all of these kids, anyway?

For those of you with grandiose plans to try and break this record, we might actually have a little bit of good news. In the comments below the post, one user claims that they sired 219 kids in the game, and only stopped there because their Sim died. He even met and took a selfie with all but one of them, whereas it sounds like Raphael hasn't met any of his children. Plus, now that the game won't load his household, he probably never will.

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