5 Ways Sims 4 Island Living Will Change The Game (& 5 Things Still Missing)

The Sims 4 team have just announced the latest expansion for the game, Island Living. Due to come out later this month for PC and mid-July for consoles, the details given show that a few of its features will be game-changing. While expansions always add a large amount of content, the level at which they change the core game varies. Some, like Seasons, have a huge impact on the entire world, while others, like Get To Work, only affect your game if you choose to play their content—in this case, shops or interactive careers.

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Island Living is bringing with it an entirely new way of living and working, which is always welcomed, but the game still lacks some features fans are desperate for. Here are 5 ways in which Island Living will change your game and 5 changes Sims fans still want to see.

10 Game Changing: Encounter Mermaids

The Sims has a huge fan base who want more supernatural beings in the game. This pack has answered some of those wants by adding mermaids.

You appear to be able to both encounter and play as a mermaid, in a similar way to how aliens and vampires currently function. Mermaids are fully customizable, have multiple tail designs to choose from, and even have some special powers. This, combined with the announcement of a Realm of Magic game pack, is great news for fans of the unconventional.

9 Still Missing: Burglars

Burglars and other NPCs, such as the fire service and police, have been noticeably absent from Sims 4. For those who miss those quirky touches that came with the in-game NPCs, this one goes on the “unfortunately not happening” list.

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Some Sim Gurus have spoken out about their decision to remove those characters, and they don’t appear likely to be changing their minds. If you want to experience having a helpful fireman come and put out your cooking disasters, you’ll need to play an earlier game.

8 Game Changing: Build On Stilts

The trailer shows a house built on stilts over the ocean. It was confirmed that players will be able to build over water in the same way. This has a huge impact on Sims builders. Currently, many players add ponds or pools at the back of their houses, trying to mimic building at the edge of the sea. With this pack, they will be able to build over water much more easily.

Eagle-eyed builders also spotted a ladder, something the game currently lacks. It's likely that this is simply a new design of pool ladder, though. There is, however, a glass floor, another nice addition for builders.

7 Still Missing: Black and White Swatches

Despite The Sims 4 being almost 5 years old, there are still some building basics which are missing. As well as the obvious wants, including bunk beds and spiral stairs, there’s an even more basic need: plain black and white doors.

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Those who never build may be unaware, but currently, the only black and white doors in game are patterned. However, there is hope that this will be solved soon after SimGuruLindsay tweeted that we can expect 350 new base game swatches. A further tweet and image from SimGuruGraham also implied that those black and white doors are coming soon.

6 Game Changing: Change Your Environment

Island Living will bring with it a conservationist career. Not only is this a great new way to get involved with the world around you, but we’ve been assured that Sims will see an impact from their actions.

Keeping the beaches and ocean clean is said to have a positive effect on the island, meaning Sims will see greener trees, more plants, and even more butterflies. There are also said to be spirits on the island who will react to how you treat it.

5 Still Missing: Cars

Cars were a well-loved feature of previous Sims games, but so far, none have been put into The Sims 4. In the past, Sims have been able to own and even work on cars. While functionality was limited, with driving mostly being a rabbit hole event, they were a feature which brought realism to the game.

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At this point, it looks unlikely that we will get cars in The Sims 4. Many of the lots don’t go near a road, and it's hard to see how the team would overcome this. We expect that, sadly, we’ll be stuck sizing up toy cars for aesthetics forever more.

4 Game Changing: Pick Up A Casual Job

One way in which the game is constantly evolving is by adding new careers. We recently got freelance careers and now this appears to have been expanded by the addition of casual jobs. Jobs were discussed briefly at the packs reveal panel, and players were told to expect several new ways to make Simoleons. This will involve a fishing overhaul, likely similar to the one gardening received with seasons, and new casual jobs.

The Island Living jobs include Lifeguard and Diving Instructor and are designed to allow you to just pick up paid work on a casual basis.

3 Still Missing: Universities

While there is excitement for the upcoming pack, many Sims fans were disappointed that it is not University-based. The University expansions were much-loved for both Sims 2 and Sims 3. Alongside witches, which may well be coming in the Realm of Magic game pack in fall, University is one of the most requested themes.

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There is still hope, however, that we may see it this year. Last year saw two expansions, so if this year is the same, then Sims could well be moving out to study before Christmas.

2 Game Changing: Be Free In The Open Water

Swimming is a game changer in itself, but the biggest change will be if you can also swim in other oceans. Currently, we know that the new island allows Sims to swim, float, snorkel, and ride on “aquazips.” They also dive off a deck straight into the sea.

If this functionality carries over into other worlds, then the entire game will be changed by it. Imagine being able to go for a swim in Brindleton Bay? If swimming turns out to be game-wide, then the impact will be massive.

1 Still Missing: Not So Basic Babies

When The Sims 4 was first released, pre-school age kids were given a bad deal. Your baby went from cradle to school without ever being a toddler. Thankfully, we then received the amazing toddler update, bringing to the game this fun-to-play life stage. What we didn’t get, however, was a boost for babies.

Babies cannot be moved from a crib except to be quickly fed, changed, or cuddled. There are no prams, they cannot leave the house, and interactions are limited. Free the babies!

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