The Sims 4: 10 Exciting New Things Island Living Brings To The Game

Though the Expansion and Game Packs that have been released to date for the fourth installment in the Sims series have been a bit hit or miss, the last few packs have been utterly fantastic. The last few packs brought so many new features to the game that completely changed the gameplay that is fully changed the stance many Simmers had on the Sims 4 entirely. What went from a lackluster sequel to the Sims 3 has recently become one of the most beloved instalments in the series altogether.

And with the announcement of the Island Living pack, the community has never been so excited.

Each and every single piece of information that has come out about Island Living sounds amazing. This article will act as a bit of a summary/guide to all of the information we have as of June 20th 2019 for the new Island Living Sims 4 Expansion Pack.

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10 Mermaids Are Back

While the vampires and aliens have been entertaining enough to keep us busy, many fans have been waiting for EA to bring more unique types of occult Sims to the game.

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Since we are returning to the Island, one would expect that mermaids would follow shortly and those expectations were confirmed when the official trailers and art were revealed. Players will be able to interact with and play as mermaids in new and exciting ways.

9 Mermaids Might Not Be That Friendly

Sure, some of the mermaids who live in the ocean surrounding the island may be the friendliest Occult Sim one will ever meet. They may remind one of the mermaids who filled the stories that they grew up on. But like vampires, some mermaids may actually be rather amoral in nature (if the player so chooses.) Mermaids will have the ability to use a sirens song that might end up having an effect on the sims who hear it. Players can create good and amoral mermaids as customize their looks to reflect their character.

8 Become A Conservationist

Players can pursue the Conservationist career and dedicate their lives to nature preservation. Some tourists may not always leave the beach in the same state that they found it in and it is up to the players to clean the island in order to protect the environment from the litterbugs of the world.

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Protect the world with those fellow conservationists and make it a better place for those who come after each and every Sim.

7 Play With The Island Lifestyle

Ride a canoe, build a sand castle, take a jetski around the shore, go for a swim, go scuba diving, go to a Luau, and immerse oneself and one's Sim into Island culture. Unlike previous island expansion pack, Island Living brings a cultural element to the game. Instead of the world existing as a sandy version of the standard neighborhood, this island paradise contains unique gatherings and interactions that creates a world that truly feels real.

6 Say Hello to Dolphins

One cannot create a game entirely dedicated to the ocean, the island, and the life that exists (culturally and literally) between the two, without bringing dolphins to the mix. Note: these dolphins are not just simple NPCs that exist in the background and cannot be interacted with but rather living, breathing, and fun loving Dolphins that human and mermaid Sims can interact with freely.

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We are not sure how Vampires will fare on the island and do not recommend bringing them to such a sunny landscape.

5 Work At Two Jobs

The Island Living Expansion Pack will give players the ability to allow/force their Sims to work at two different jobs. They can split their time between two part-time jobs, if they so choose, in order to give them more time to explore the island during their off hours. There is no confirmation, as of yet, on whether or not Sims will be allowed to split up traditional careers. But if one could, that would be amazing.

4 The Island Responds To Players Choices

As mentioned earlier in this piece, players will be able to pursue the conservationist career in order to help clean up the island and dispose of the litter and refuse left behind by inconsiderate tourists. But what was not mentioned earlier was the fact the players will actually get to see the impact that they are having on the world around their Sim.

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If they dedicate their time to cleaning up the beaches, they will be rewarded with thick vegetation, increased butterflies, greener trees, and possibly even cleaner oceans. No confirmation yet if the reverse is true, but let's keep those beaches clean for the butterflies sake.

3 Island Specific Careers

One cannot create an island-specific pack without creating island specific careers to go along with it. Though the specific careers have yet to be confirmed (asides from the aforementioned Conservationist career,) the existence of said careers was alluded to during E3. Rumoured island specific careers include Lifeguard, scuba instructor, and tour guide. Some have also speculated that these jobs could be available to teen sims- which would be a fun addition to the game.

2 New Traits and Aspirations

A new world and a new type of gameplay means that new traits and aspirations will be available for players to select for their Sims and their family members. The Beach Life aspiration has been expected to be added to the location-specific aspiration category and will focus on providing sims with the ultimate Island lifestyle.

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Though the specific traits have yet to be confirmed, one can assume that these traits will revolve around the beach, island life, and the new occult state available in the game. Swimming-related traits might even become available for the pets as well, though nothing has been officially confirmed.

1 Don't Forget Sunscreen

Though the big changes that this pack is expected to bring to the game are truly exciting, the more fascinating aspects come with the more subtle changes. The simple and often overlooked changes that affect everyday gameplay. The changes that a player would notice even if they live in a different neighbourhood and do not choose to add a mermaid to the family. One rumoured change is the ability to swim in the water present in every neighbourhood, which many Simmers are looking forward to. And one confirmed subtle change is the fact that Sims will have to clock the time they spend in the sun for they will now be susceptible to UV rays. This means sun tans and sunburns.

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