The Sims Head To The Islands In Its Next Expansion Pack

EA Play’s livestream was rounded off by Michael Duke and Lindsay Pearson from the Sims 4 team. They unveiled details of the new Sims 4 expansion pack, Island Living, as well as the themes of the next two packs and a new collaboration.

Island Living will be the next release and will be followed by a Moschino-themed stuff pack, which includes a fashion photographer career, later this summer. The release schedule is rounded off by a game pack called Realm of Magic, which comes out in the fall.

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Also announced was a collaboration with the It Gets Better Project, which will see Pride-themed items rolled out into games across the Sims franchise.

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Details about the Island Living expansion pack were plentiful. The pack will see Sims able to live on a tropical island, which has a Polynesian feel to it. We were told that the pack has a focus on the entire lifestyle that goes with island living, including culture and traditions.

As expected there are a range of new items in both clothing and build and buy modes. They appear to be predominantly tropically themed and fit the cultural vibe of the island.

Players will also be able to explore new ways of generating an income. These include picking up flexible jobs such as lifeguard or diving instructor. There’s also a way to make an income from fishing.

Sims who care about the environment can become a conservationist, which will have an impact on the world around them. The island will change in response to how much you take care of it, allowing for greener and more vibrant surroundings for those who clean up after themselves.

A big feature is the ability to walk into the open water.

You'll be able to swim, snorkel and float in the sea, or even dash around on an "aquazip." You can also build houses on stilts over the ocean, allowing Sims to dive off their decks and into the sea.

Last but not least, the pack will also bring mermaids, who will be fully editable in create-a-sim, and are said to have special powers.

Sims 4 Island Living will be released for PC on June 21st, and Xbox One and PS4 on July 16th.

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