The Sims 4: 10 Incredible Mansions That Use No Custom Content

The Sims 4 is still going strong years after release. If you want your Sim to live in an incredible mansion with no custom content, check these homes!

It's not likely that anyone on earth would ever turn down a mansion, so why should it be any different in the world of the Sims? There are some who opt for downsizing and can't be bothered with more than one bathroom and maybe a second bedroom, but then there are others who love to build big. And by building big, we mean repeatedly typing 'motherlode' into the cheat bar just to get enough compensation.

These mansions are enormous, they're luxe, and they're definitely something that no one needs. Unless a Sim family consists of 20 people or more, there's no way that anyone could ever utilize one of these, especially not as an AI. Regardless, they're pretty fantastic and hey, we can dream, right?

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10 Literally Built Into A Mountainside

This mansion, appropriately named the Pearl Mansion, was created by SimsFinest1 and posted to a forum board. The work done on this in-game structure is flawless and bold without being obnoxious.

Set against the backdrop of the sea, we can almost hear the seagulls and smell that salty air... it's too bad we all can't be Sims. With multiple layers, each glance at it brings about a new discovery: grand outdoor staircases, rooftop gardens, seaside balconies, the list goes on.

9 Not All Mansions Are Ostentatious And Overwhelming

Some are far more subtle and respectable in their efforts and this mansion is no different. The stonework is what truly sets this home apart, as it stands out as a mansion would but it's also understatedly rustic.

There's not much fuss as far as the grounds go but that does allow every bush and floral arrangement to compliment the natural appearance of his home. That's a rare thing to do in a video game, especially when most things are designed to do the opposite and stand out. The finishing touch is by far the wrap-around second-floor porch, which we've never actually seen on a Sims house.

8 A Floral Masterpiece

Some houses boast colorful siding or expansive windows while others take credit in a different way: Their flora. Each plant has been expertly placed in this instance with the goal in mind not to cover the grounds, but to fill them with life.

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An in-game house can often appear a bit dull and lifeless when it's surrounded by nothing but green and cement, but this builder found a way around that. Even the second-floor windows are adorned with stunning window boxes, filled with white flowers that compliment the house as a whole rather than take away from it. It's like living in a garden.

7 Gardens Galore With A Beautiful View

Speaking of living in gardens, how's this mansion for a flower-lover? Not only does each floor have its own arrangement outside of various windows, but the entire yard gives way to a hedge garden. While it's not the maze we find in some yards, it is quite the masterpiece.

It's bold without being in-your-face and we appreciate the unique blend of color that exists here. The pathway is a neutral brick which keeps from detracting from the overall appeal of the floral garden, making this a pleasant mansion to look at.

6 How Do You Say 'Wowza' In Simlish?

Ah... what can we possibly say about this? It's almost as if we don't know where to look first but for some reason, the eye is drawn to the randomly-placed palm trees in the front of the property. The entire thing is modern and new-aged and some players thoroughly enjoy this futuristic, sleek architecture.

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While literally, nothing matches on the exterior of the house, that doesn't seem to take away from the fact that this is a work of abstract art. Even the indoor swimming pool has somehow managed to melt into this collision of... randomness.

5 Clash Of The Patterns

There's something about mansion-building and a player's need to experiment with different textures. While the front of this mansion looks as though it's been layered with cheetah print, it's safe to assume that it's actually stonework that adorns the front.

In addition to that, we have more stonework in the back as well as wooden paneling. This makes for an interesting clash, to say the least, but let's talk about the real fact here... There's no way this mansion has less than 50 rooms.

4 Fit For A Regal Family, Complete With Fountain

We're not sure if this is a mansion or a statehouse but either way, it's borderline royalty. The mint green exterior, combined with the gold roof, makes it elegant and classy, while the evenly-spaced lawn adornment adds an air of royalty.

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It's unclear, but we're pretty sure that if there was a mayor in the world of the Sims, this would probably be his or her house. The other eye-catching thing about this mansion is the rate at which its windows are placed: Each one is symmetrical with the one above and below, as well as next to it. Now, that's some perfectionist work.

3 Are We In Venice?

It's unclear, but we're ninety-percent sure that this mansion is actually a boat. If it's not, then it certainly has a strange likeness to a steam vessel. Nautical fare aside, this house has some serious charm to it. Everything, from the color to the lights that adorn each window, is captivating and inviting.

Even the double chimneys and the miniature fountains at the base of this boat seem to be perfectly in place, even if a casual player would never think to use both. It's rare to say, 'wow, a moat looks great around that house!' but this is one case where it's the truth. All aboard!

2 Pretty Sure We've Discovered Dracula's Vacation Home

This is actually considered the 'Vampire Mansion' and for good reason... it's obviously haunted. Haunted by what, we're not sure. It's almost as if Dracula himself came back from the undead in order to claim what was rightfully his, in the form of a 20-room, ivy-covered stone fortress.

The steeple, dark wood theme, and Gothic architecture of this mansion make it a Victorian dream for those who are into that sort of thing. For those who aren't, well... steer clear of these spooks. We'd be willing to bet that a ghost could pop out of one of those windows at any minute.

1 A True Desert Oasis

Not many people would consider living in the desert (then again, tell that to the people who live in Arizona and New Mexico) but under the right housing conditions, there's a chance.

Not only does this house have a pool that's protected on all three sides, but it has plenty of shady overhangs for days when swimming isn't in the agenda for your sims. While they might not necessarily care about the heat or sunburn, they will appreciate the rooftop lounge, 360-degree glass walls, and all the plant life that surrounds them.

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