Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack Review: Surprisingly Stuffed

The Sims 4’s latest DLC sees the return of the stuff pack, something many thought abandoned after the controversy surrounding the previous stuff pack, My First Pet Stuff, back in March 2018.

This time, the focus is on fashion and photography as the collaboration between The Sims 4 and Italian fashion label Moschino comes to your game with the Moschino Stuff Pack. Bringing with it a range of high-end fashion from Moschino’s collection, as well as a brand new freelance photography career, this stuff pack is full of surprises.

The Moschino Collaboration

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The collaboration between Moschino and The Sims 4 was first announced back in April of this year. It started with a collection of Sims-themed clothing items, which are available to purchase from Moschino. This move brought a backlash from Sims fans, due to the high prices of the luxury fashion label’s pieces.

Since then, the collaboration has moved in-game, with some of the Moschino branded Sims clothing being added to various titles, including The Sims 4 and The Sims Mobile, in free updates. This stuff pack adds more Sims-themed clothing, along with select pieces from Moschino’s other lines.

The Clothing

Unsurprisingly, the pack is focused on clothing, but the choice has been made to include fewer pieces with several swatches, keeping the feel of exclusivity that Moschino cultivates.

There are 20 items of clothing in total, alongside four new hairstyles. The clothing is more varied than I expected, with some items being quite casual.

Female garb includes both a formal and informal dress, alongside a versatile skirt and jacket, shorts, shoes and a couple of more high end and vibrant pieces. Likewise, the male options have some key high fashion items as well as a branded tracksuit, along with more casual trousers and tops and a pair of boots.

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Alongside these items, there are two designs of Sims-themed t-shirts, plus the plumb-bob earrings and swimsuit from Moschino’s Sims-themed collection.

The clothing selection is smaller than expected. However, the majority of it is surprisingly wearable for a high-end runway focused brand. While there are a few pieces many Simmers will rarely (if ever) use, even the most conservative can probably find something to their taste.

The main disappointment in terms of these items is that there aren’t more accessories and there are no new makeup options. I would have loved to see a couple of high-end jewelry pieces and some more versatile makeup choices.

Build A Photography Studio

studio build by @KrystalGamer1

The build and buy items are very much themed towards high-end lofts and photography studios, which Simmers have been enjoying building.

The build mode line up contains some photography-specific items, including lights, a tripod, two different styles of backdrop, and a new camera. You will also get some photo frames, new artwork, and a couple of photography-themed clutter items.

The more versatile pieces include a modern looking sofa and chair, rug, bookcase and the new loft-style windows teased on Twitter.

studio build by @KrystalGamer1

There are also a couple of vibrant wallpapers, a clothing rack, and an amplifier you can finally put next to your ghoulish guitar.

While some of the build mode items are very photography-specific, around three-quarters of them are more flexible. Since there are almost 40 in total, this does give you a reasonable amount to play with in your everyday game.

Work It

The biggest surprise of the pack is the new freelance photography career and the changes brought to the skill in general.

The career works in the same way as the freelance writer and programmer careers we were given in a free update earlier this year. You enter the career, choose a job, fulfill the tasks given, then submit your work for approval.

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Photography fits perfectly with this mode of career and offers a great choice for artistic Sims. However, the new photography update which also comes with the pack is far more in-depth than just adding a new career.

The tripod will allow any sim of any skill level to take perfect photos. No more thumbs and blurriness. Simply use the tripod to get the perfect shot every time. Since the tripod is also portable, you can go out anywhere in the world and capture some beautiful shots of the landscape and the people, then put them on your wall in a range of new frames.

Taking photographs now also feels like a satisfying hobby. The previous system was clunky and dull, but this pack gives you so much more choice. There is a range of new poses for sims and you can now also take photos of your toddlers and pets, with up to three subjects in each shot.

Extra features on the photography interface mean you can choose the mood of the shot and change the poses, all before you take your shot. You can also create great selfies with or without other Sims, using the new tripod item.

My only gripe is that it's difficult to work out where your sims will pose in relation to the camera, unless you use the studio marks. It seems to vary depending on the location and where they are standing when you take a shot.

The Verdict

studio build by @KrystalGamer1

Honestly, I expected to hate this pack. When I saw Moschino, my heart sank. But the team has really surprised me with its versatility. If you have no interest in the photography skill, then this pack is likely to be of limited use to you. However, if you're looking for a new career or hobby, as well as some beautiful loft windows and eclectic fashion, then I’d highly recommend it.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Moschino Stuff Pack. I was envisioning another Luxury Party Stuff, packed full of shiny and bizarre clothing and makeup which I’d never ever use. As someone who has no interest in fashion, I doubted that I would enjoy the content. However, the photography overhaul has changed all that.

At first glance, it feels like the pack is limited, but it actually falls slightly above average in terms of the number of items included (yes, I did do the math. What can I say... I’m a nerd), and the amount of gameplay it offers is staggering. If you've always wanted more from the photography skill, then you won’t be disappointed.

Score 4 out of 5

A review copy for this game was provided to The Gamer by EA for review purposes. The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff Pack is available now on PC and Mac. It will be released on console September 3th.

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