Latest Sims 4 Patch Makes Coffee No Longer Lethal

In preparation for the release of Island Living later this week The Sims 4 has just had a patch drop. The update includes some changes to fishing, 350 new door swatches, 2 new lot traits, a lounge chair and, most importantly, it makes hot beverages safe to consume once more. Here's what you can expect in the free update:

Create A Sim Changes

There is now a randomize traits button. Clicking this will assign random traits to sims of any age. It can be accessed in create a sim or via the in game age up module.

Toddlers can enjoy both the sea and the seasons paddling pool in style with new colorful diaper options.

Finally, the Pride collaboration, in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, has brought with it rainbow clothing. You can now dress your sims in rainbow leggings and new pride t-shirts.

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Build Buy Mode Updates

As teased by SimGuruLindsay, we've now received 350 new door swatches. This means that doors will now be easier to match, and most importantly, will all come in black and white.

Ceiling fans have also had an update. Not only do they have their own category in build buy mode but they can also be turned on and off. Turning a fan on will cool a room for those with Seasons.

Builders will also have access to stilt foundations, longer eaves and a brand new lounge chair. There are also 2 new lot traits, clothing optional and off-the-grid.

Gameplay Updates

The fishing system has been overhauled. There's a new UI, new bait system, new interactions and new rewards. You can also join someone fishing or even mentor a sim in fishing.

Part-Time jobs have been changed to allow all sims from teen and older to take up the opportunities. Sims will also be able to choose from either morning or evening shifts, enabling them to hold 2 part time jobs at once.

Despite it not being in the patch notes, the update also allows sims to walk into some of the water in existing in-game worlds. Thanks to Jovan over at Sims Community for the heads up.

Bug Fixes

As always the patch also comes with an array of bug fixes. These include yet another attempt to stop needy pets spamming your interactions queue. Pets also now also unable to interrupt your sims baths or showers.

For those who enjoy the quirky fixes, holiday decorations will no longer stay on your neighbor's home indefinitely and ghosts will stop calling you 5 times a day. For those who play celebrity sims, you'll be pleased to know that your famous sim will no longer be falsely accused of stealing.

Finally, coffee and tea are fit for consumption once again. Sims will no longer receive the deadly "Lethal Heat" buff after drinking 3 hot beverages and are now safe to return home without it turning into a fatal incident.

There are also some other bug fixes and minor changes. You can read the full patch notes over on the official Sims forum.

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