Sims 4 Realm of Magic: 6 Things Confirmed in the Trailer (And 4 Things We Hope They Include)

The Sims 4 continues to grow. With the introduction of the Realm of Magic, The Sims branches into the world of... well, magic, of course! It may have taken until 2017 to add toddlers, but we're not even three years out and we're onto magic. That's what you call a glo-up. While previous entries into The Sims did dabble a bit in magic, the new Realm of Magic seems to be bigger than ever before. Today we'll be jumping into six things that were revealed in the trailer, along with four things we hope are included in the new expansion. Without any further ado, let's jump right into it.

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10 Revealed: Spells And Powers

In an expansion focused completely around magic, you might be surprised to learn that there is magic featured prominently! Crazy right? While the extent of the powers featured in the expansion is currently unknown, there seems to be a variety of things that gifted Sims will be able to do that can have a big effect on how you play the game. We'll be jumping into a few of those specifics shortly.

9 Revealed: Dueling

One surprising new feature that was revealed during the reveal trailer for Realm of Magic was what seemed to be a duel between two magic wielders. Unfortunately, we don't have many details on this aspect of the expansion. Is it just a fun friendship building action, or will it be a fleshed-out part of the expansion that will be prominently featured? Who's to say? All we know is that magical dueling will somehow be included with the Realm of Magic expansion.

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8 Hopefully: Transformations

Well, this sure is an unsettling image now isn't it? This happened during the trailer. What is happening? I have no idea! However, how great would it be if this were an animation that occurs when the player character transforms into some sort of new creature? Shapeshifting is certainly magical enough to fit into the Realm of Magic, and would be an amazing new feature that really would liven up The Sims 4. Hopefully, we get to see this mechanic included in the new expansion.

7 Revealed: Flying

What magician would be complete without their broom? Well, probably a bad one. And a messy one. At the very end of the trailer for Realm of Magic, we saw the protagonist fly up into the sky with his broom. Hopefully, this isn't just some sort of animation to start up the loading screen for new areas. Let's hope that you can do something fun and interactive on your broom. If not, make sure there are special places that can only be accessed through flight.

6 Hopefully: Magic Levels

With the introduction of dueling in the Realm of Magic expansion, it brings about a question; will your magical Sim be able to level up? Adding in light RPG elements to the magic system, such as choosing attacks or stats to train your Sim, would be absolutely incredible. As this is just a Sims 4 expansion, this is probably a bit too much to ask, but still, just think of the possibilities. Let's be real, that battle was probably just a canned animation that can be used in social settings.

5 Revealed: New Worlds

The Realm of  Magic trailer also seemed to promise new and interesting worlds for your Sims to visit. The protagonist of the trailer seemed to enter this world through some sort of portal, so whether or not your Sims will actually live in or just visit this new type of area is currently unknown. Whatever purpose it serves for the game, it seems to at the very least be a cool area to explore filled with new Sims to meet.

4 Hopefully: A Wide Array Of Powers

The Realm of Magic expansion surely seems promising. However, let's hope that the developers really deliver here, and give us tons of abilities and powers to mess around with as magic users. Hopefully, there are a ton of new and interesting mechanics to dive into with the Realm of Magic expansion. Basically, just make this expansion a fancy way of turning testing cheats on and let us run absolutely wild with our newfound powers.

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3 Revealed: Potions

Potions and cauldrons were another prominently featured aspect of the Realm of Magic trailer. In it, you can see all sorts of brewing and concocting going on. It's likely that these potions will be brewable by magic users, and can be given to anyone, magical or not, to drink. Whether these potions will give drinkers access magical abilities, some sort of stat buffs, a curse, all of the above, or something entirely different is yet to be seen. Hopefully a curse. We want anarchy.

2 Hopefully: Lots Of New Cosmetics

If you're out here acting like a magical baddie, you have to also look the part. We didn't see a huge amount of different cosmetics in the trailer, but enough to at least assume that we'll be getting quite a bit out of the expansion. We want new hair, outfits, furniture, wallpaper. We want to be able to make an entire haunted, Victorian mansion to trap our maids. While this is almost a shoe-in, the Realm of Magic expansion will surely benefit from giving players lots of magical looking items to work with. You can't play the role of a businesswoman magician in a pantsuit. It just doesn't work.

1 Revealed: New Creatures

While only visible for a brief moment, the trailer for Realm of Magic seemed to include some sort of brand new, birdlike creature in it. What exactly this creature is, and what purpose it serves, is unknown. In The Sims 2, all magicians were given a familiar pet to join them. Maybe this is what this new creature is? However, it could also be something entirely different, such as a native bird species to the new worlds featured in Realm of Magic. Whatever it is, let's hope its role in the new expansion is a fun one that helps the expansion to be more unique and interesting than it already is.

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