Sims 4 Realm of Magic: 10 Things They Should Bring Back From Makin' Magic

As part of the EA Play livestream, The Sims 4 team announced that they will be releasing a game pack titled Realm of Magic in fall 2019. While we currently have no other details about the pack, the announcement has prompted a wave of speculation about what it may contain.

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Magic is a theme which has always been popular in The Sims since back in the very first game. The Sims 1, 2 and 3 all had some kind of supernatural or magical themed content.

Makin’ Magic was the very first expansion to be focused on magic but will Realm of Magic take inspiration from it? We'll have to wait until later this year to find out but until then here are 10 things they should bring back from Makin’ Magic.

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10 Magic Town

Magic Town is an entire sub-neighborhood which is themed around magic. You can access it via cab or by using the "A Hole in the Ground" item. Part of the town is residential and the other district is occupied by a large carnival and community lots. You can buy spell ingredients, dragon eggs, and cast magic without penalty.

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Magic Town gives you a place to surround yourself with magic, meaning you can explore it freely without it interfering with the rest of your game, something which would be welcomed back.

9 Toads and Princes

Every good magic pack needs the ability to turn sims into frogs. It’s fairytale 101. Makin’ Magic does this through the use of the Toadification spell. Casting it will turn your friends and neighbors into a toad for a short amount of time.

Toads can be kissed and very rarely this will turn them into a prince, who will immediately move into your house. Just like a real fairy tale. Just don’t let the toads near your dragons or your neighbor may end up as a snack.

8 Pet Dragons

Who wouldn’t want pet Dragons back? In Makin’ Magic Dragon eggs can be purchased from Magic Town and they hatch into 1 of 3 types of dragon, depending how much you interact with them. Burnie the red dragon sets a lot of fires, pretty much as soon as he hatches, while Pyrite, the gold dragon is a bit more restrained. Finally Torch, the purple dragon, remains under control, unless he is neglected.

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Sims need to interact with and feed their dragons regularly. However, this isn’t too difficult since their diet includes spoiled food and trash piles.

7 Variable Magic

In Makin’ Magic spells are affected by many different factors in the world. Every spell cast has a positive or negative outcome dependant on the target, mood and motives of the caster. It also varies according to the relationship level between the two sims. Casting on magical and non-magical sims also makes a difference.

Unsurprisingly, magical skill level affects success but so does personality, fame level and life state. The magic system in Sims 2 truly looks at a much bigger picture when deciding the outcome of a spell, something it would be amazing to see replicated.

6 The Carnival

Magic Town is home to a huge carnival area and it's so much fun to explore. There are rides, stalls and plenty of themed community lots. Clowntastic land is the main attraction and has a fun-house, mini-golf, arcade games and even a fortune machine. There's also a duelling stage.

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Makin' Magic offered a huge focus on gameplay, something which The Sims 4 could really benefit from.

5 Enchanting

For anyone who wants to live life like Beauty and The Beast then the enchanting spell is for you. You can enchant different objects in your sims house with a range of outcomes. It would be amazing to see this spell brought back and expanded to enchant a wider range of things.

In Makin’ Magic only a few things can be enchanted, from Lawn Gnomes and Pink Flamingos to your refrigerator. Some objects will help around the house, while others will just bring entertainment. Just make sure you don’t let the enchanted gnomes near a nectar maker.

4 The Mystery Man

The Mystery Man is a sims first introduction to magic. He visits new families and brings them a wand, wand charger, spell book and ingredients for their first spell. He also hands them 35 magicoins, the currency used in Magic Town, and "A Hole In The Ground."

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While this welcome is great, the Mystery Man should not be crossed. He also warns sims not to practice magic outside of Magic Town, and will fine anyone spell casting on non-magical sims in the wider world. This Ministry of Magic style man would be welcomed back, although he can ditch his fines.

3 Banishing

The banish spell is very simple. It banishes a sim from your lot. You do need to use some caution however, since it will backfire if you cast it on someone with a wand.

The Sims 4 really needs this spell. Can you imagine being able to banish those pesky vampires? Casting banish on Vlad and his friends would be sweet, sweet revenge. Then there’s the welcome wagon. Fed up of fruitcake? No problem, simply banish your neighbors and the job is done. Much more satisfying than clicking “end event early.”

2 Wally O’Wisp

Wally O’Wisp is the free maid everyone needs. While the dish wash spell takes care of the washing up, Wally takes care of everything. The magical ghost will come and clean your house and put things in order.

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Who wouldn’t want a magical ghost cleaning their sims house? Wally is neat, tidy and thorough and would be welcome back in any house. Just make sure not to summon him in a bad mood or you’ll get his sister Molly, who is far less helpful.

1 Beauty or Beast Spells

The Beauty or Beast spell is fun to cast and just requires 3 beeswax. It changes sims appearance to either a beautiful sim or a random monster. Even if it goes wrong it’s still funny as it gives all sims on the lot donkey heads.

It has no value beyond cosmetics but would make a welcome addition. The appearances include Werewolf, Vampire, Witch, Troll, Crone, Minotaur, Headless Horseman, Nymph and Genie and they last until your sim changes clothes.

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