The Sims 4: 10 Of The Best Mods To Prepare For Realm Of Magic

Prepare for the upcoming Sims 4 Realm of Magic game pack with these magical mods.

Realm of Magic for the PC version of The Sims 4 will be released early September. The trailer dropped yesterday, giving fans a taste of what they can expect and confirmed that witches will be the focus of the pack.

This news brings joys to many in the community as witches have been one of the most wanted things for the game. Realm of Magic will have plenty of cool stuff to enjoy, but there are tons of magical mods and custom content items created by the community to tide Simmers over until Sept. 10th.

Here are The 10 Best Mods To Prepare For Realm of Magic.

10 Drifter's Wonder Set By Jools-Simming

Realm of Magic is sure to include tons of awesome magic-themed items, but The Drifter's Wonder Set by jools-simming is the perfect mystical collection to add even more witchy flair.

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There are 38 different objects that include a chair, two different sets of lights and plants, a table, wall art and much more! Nearly every item comes in multiple swatches, allowing for a variety of different looks to suit your sim's needs. There are even a few items that have special effects to them, like the crystal ball, that shimmers and glows.

9 Crystal Mandala By Teanmoon

The mandala is a spiritual symbol that is an important part of many different religions around the world. It represents many different things, from deities to paradises and even the universe.

This set by Teanmoon comes with a mandala board and 12 separate objects to put on it, including 4 precious stones that come in 20 colors each and 8 crystals that come in 25 colors each.

The mandala board is basically a witchily-decorated table that has a whopping 49 slots that allow for numerous different arrangements. It will add a much-needed witchy flair to any Realm of Magic build.

8 The Wizard's Lair By Zx-Ta

What are some of the things that any wizard would find important? Their spellbooks of course, and the various brews they make. Zx-ta's Wizard's Lair is the perfect piece for any wizard that wants to show off their many books and make their potions, in style!

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It's a crafting station that functions like the chemistry lab that came with Get To Work. While Realm of Magic seems to have an actual cauldron for making potions, any sims that want to be both magical and scientific can be without sacrificing the witchy look.

7 Maxis Match Tarot By Deathpoke1qa

Even non-believers can admit there's something fun about seeing how well they can be read and what the cards have "in-store" for them. There's no word if fortune telling will be a feature in Realm of Magic, but with Deathpoke1qa's Tarot, Simmers can tell their sim's fortunes or pretend to at least.

There's a set of tarot cards that can be used for decoration and seven different versions of the tarot table, though players only need to choose one. The cards are also Maxis Match, so they blend in with the style of the game perfectly.

6 Simlish Ouiji Board By Desertgloom

Another Maxis Match item that's perfect for any witchy sim is the Ouija Board from desertbloom. Now sims can commune with the dead in the afterlife, all in their native language of Simlish!

The Ouija board is only decorative and doesn't come with any special effects, but it will add a nice touch to any witch's or clairvoyant's room. The board also comes with a planchette done in Similish as well, so sims can tell their new ghosts friends "Sul Sul" (Hello) and "Dag Dag" (Goodbye). Or ask them to stop haunting the toilet.

5 "Practical Magic" Set By Magnolian Farewell

Magnolian Farewell's "Practical Magic" Set was a gift for one of her friends on Tumblr, but she was kind enough to share it with the community to be used for any witchy sim's needs.

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The set comes with three different items; one is a decorative tabletop spellbook that's slotted for small decorations and comes with a tiny candle and 10 different swatches. There are test tubes filled with different plants and other potion-making ingredients, and an animated cauldron with different swatches. Simmers can choose between three different steaming pots of potions or one filled with lobster chowder. Yum!

4 Warlock's Wear By Nolan-Sims

In The Sims community on Tumblr, there's a yearly event called Simblreen where simmers create custom content to be given out on and around Halloween. There were tons of amazing "treats" given out last year and Nolan-Sims had a great collection that included Warlock's Wears.

It's a full-body three-piece suit for both male and female sims and comes in 15 different swatches. And from what we've seen CAS wise in the trailer for Realm of Magic, this spiffy suit will make any sim fit right in the hidden magical world.

3 DIY Witch Hats By DivaDoom

Every witch needs a good witchy hat, and DivaDoom's DIY Witch Hats are some of the best looking ones around. Another treat made for the Tumblr Sims community event, Simblreen, there are 7 different hat swatches to fit any witch's style.

They come decorated with flowers, bows and more in both black and white. These DIY hats aren't just for adult witches either, they are also available for kids and toddlers as well. There is even one made for decoration to add an even more witchy flair to any room.

2 Scourge Dress (& Lil' Blob) By Pinkpatchy

One of the amazing things that modders for the Sims community can do is convert things from other games and make them available for different Sims games. The Scourage Dress by Pinkypatchy is one of those items.

Converted from the Scourage Skin in Fortnite the dress comes in 5 different colors and comes in two versions, one with the hood up and one with the hood down. Though the original outfit was inspired by plague doctors, this dress will fit any cute witch's needs. There's even a weird but cute, hat included in the set.

1 Pufferhead Stuff Pack By Mlyssimblr

There are a few in-game jokes that are a nod to things that exist in real life. For example, The Sims 4 has it's own Harry Potter book series called "Henry Puffer", and this fan-made "stuff pack" plays on that.

The Pufferhead Stuff pack by Mlyssimblr is an amazing collection of items based on the extended lore of Henry Puffer, made by Mlyssimbr. Sims of all ages can decorate their rooms in Henry Puffer inspired objects and show their Harnocks house pride in CAS items. This collection is perfect for witch and non-witch sims alike.

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