Sims 4 Realm Of Magic Trailer Is Perfectly Enchanting

A trailer has just dropped for The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and it's coming much sooner than expected.

A trailer has just dropped for The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and it's coming much sooner than expected. The much-anticipated game pack was announced in name only at EA Play and was given the release window of Fall 2019. Now we have a trailer and a release date of September 10 for PC and October 15 for console, meaning simmers will be playing with witches before Halloween.

When EA Play took place back at the beginning of June, the team announced that we would see a Moschino themed Stuff Pack released in the summer, followed by a game pack titled Realm of Magic in the fall.

The Moschino Stuff Pack was just released on August 13 for PC and doesn't hit console until Sept 3. This means that the release of a game pack trailer so soon was a surprise to the simming community.

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The trailer reveal was originally teased yesterday by the official Sims 4 Twitter account.

Since then a few more details have been confirmed, including the fact that the pack will bring with it 2 new worlds, one a residential world and the other a magical realm.

The trailer was accompanied by a post on EA's website which gives more information about the pack.

It looks set to allow your sims to venture through the portal and into a mysterious magical realm where you can mix potions, cast spells, and ride a broom. The trailer also shows sims casting spells at each other, in a wizarding duel, as well as learning some new skills from what we assume are the town's resident witches and wizards.

The pack will be focused solely on witches, with the Sims team confirming that there are no werewolves or fairies in the pack.

This fits with the existing pattern of introducing just one occult life state at once. So far, aliens, vampires, and mermaids have all been brought into the game through different packs.

It remains to be seen if witches will work in a similar way to vampires, with skills to build and different paths to take. We'll find out more when the team does a deep dive live stream of the new content, likely just before release.

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic will be released on September 10 on PC and Mac and October 15 on console.

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