Sims 4: 5 Reasons Arts & Crafts Is The Best Theme Choice (& 5 Why It Should Have Been Happy Haunts)

We explore why Arts & Crafts, was the best Sims 4 stuff pack choice, as well as why Happy Haunts should've won.

The Sims 4 team recently announced the launch of a new community-focused Stuff Pack. This is due to be the second such pack in the franchise. The first was Laundry Day Stuff, which was produced based on the result of votes put together by SimGuruGraham back in 2018.

This time around the voting system has been revamped and the community was asked to cast their votes for their favorite theme. This initial vote has now closed and the winner of this first round was Arts & Crafts, with Happy Haunts coming in second.

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As always, some Simmers are delighted while others are disappointed. Here we explore why Arts & Crafts, and specifically the chosen gameplay theme knitting, was the best choice as well as why Happy Haunts should've been victorious.

10 Arts & Crafts: Knitting Gives Sims A New Hobby

Hobbies are something that many Simmers have been asking for and wanting for a long time. While there are some pastimes slowly entering the franchise, we are still craving more everyday activities, especially ones which offer a tangible product or increase a skill.

Knitting is a hobby that can span all generations and the thought of adults teaching kids to knit is too cute to resist. There is also hope that adding knitting opens the doors to more hobbies in the future.

9 Happy Haunts: We Wanted To Be Ghostbusters

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The idea of a Ghost Hunter freelance career was one we were particularly taken with that appeared in the Happy Haunts line up. Ghosts have been around in The Sims 4 for a long while now and being able to bust them is really appealing.

The main appeal, of course, is that we can live out our fantasies of being Ghostbusters in-game. However, we'd also be able to save our precious sinks from being broken by angry spirits who think landing us with a huge repair bill is such fun.

8 Arts & Crafts: Knitting Makes Sense As We Can Already Yarn Bomb

In Discover University, sims can yarn bomb the statues in the courtyards of the two institutions. Being able to knit first before you take your creations into the world just makes sense.

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The storytelling possibility of having a student who secretly knits at night and then goes out and decorates the campus with their creations is also a great thought, better mirroring real-life yarn bombing and bringing it properly into storylines.

7 Happy Haunts: We Wanted To Become Grim

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The Grim Reaper freelancer career was another gameplay option that held a huge amount of intrigue. Can you imagine yielding that power in your game?

While many players have cheated (and often glitched their game in the process) to try and add Grim to their households, imagine being able to become him and take on his job?

We could stage a Sims based comeback of 2003's short-lived comedy-drama Dead Like Me or play the role of Grim in stories based around Sims completing tasks to save their lives. The possibilities are both endless and amazing. We're sad to give this one up.

6 Arts & Crafts: Knitting Provides Potential For Elder Focused Content

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As well as more hobbies, Simmers have been crying out for more content that focuses on older generations. With the recent shift in branding, aiming it towards a younger demographic, having a pack focused on older sims would be a huge boost to those who felt excluded by the revamp as well as anyone who enjoys generational play.

While knitting is a hobby that all ages enjoy, there is huge scope here to shift the focus of the stuff pack towards furniture and clothing which would best fit elder sims. So far neglected, this older generation needs some love in the game and we're hoping their time has come.

5 Happy Haunts: We Wanted To Be Psychic

The Psychic freelancer career was another intriguing addition to the Happy Haunts potential line up. Being able to predict the future is a pretty cool possibility and one we would have liked to see.

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Psychic abilities would allow us to get our Sybil Trelawney on and move one step closer to our Hogwarts based dreams. Plus we may also at long last find a use for the future cube. Surely that alone was worth a vote?

4 Arts & Crafts: Knitting Is More Every Day

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The Happy Haunts lineup is pretty awesome but it's also not necessarily very flexible in a regular game. Knitting is a timeless and classic activity that can easily slot into gameplay on a regular basis, especially if it's accessible to children and above. Supernatural content, on the other hand, is enjoyed but more niche.

For those who like their life simulation to be grounded in the average, everyday activities many people enjoy, knitting fits in perfectly. In many ways, it's not a surprise this was victorious, as it likely appeals to the many Simmers who wanted so much of the every day that they voted to do laundry.

3 Happy Haunts: We Wanted To Explore The Spirit World

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For those who enjoy supernatural content, the chance to explore more of the spirit world was a huge pull. We have spirits in-game but currently, we cannot engage with a wider spirit world.

Being able to expand this side of the game was an exciting notion. Things like seances or spirit boards would allow spirit communication in-game to better reflect how people interact on this level in real life.

2 Arts & Crafts: Knitting Is Cool

Don't let anyone ever tell you knitting isn't cool. While long associated with the older generation, knitting has made a comeback in recent years and many people of all ages enjoy it and find it relaxing and comforting.

Instagram and Pinterest are crammed with images of crafting corners and yarn stashes. Being able to create this in-game is exciting for many players. Having too many craft supplies is an increasingly common problem and one which sims will likely soon be sharing.

1 Happy Haunts: We Wanted More Supernatural Content

There are some gamers who live their lives with spirit communication and other aspects of the supernatural playing a huge part in their everyday. For them, the pack would have boosted the content that they feel best represents them. Supernatural game content in general, rarely allows you to reflect your truth of the subject in the way The Sims 4 does.

Others who play supernatural content may not have the same beliefs in terms of their everyday lives but they still enjoy this aspect of the game which allows them to explore different aspects of gameplay. Sims 4 supernatural content also often allows for some crazy things to happen, something may of us love.

Here's hoping the team is paying attention to the runners up and we see more supernaturals soon.

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