The Sims 4 Strangerville Story Explained: How To Solve The Mystery

Strangerville is the latest game pack for The Sims 4 and it comes with a story based element, which takes place in the new town of the same name.

While many players are keen to explore the mystery for themselves, others just want to know the secret. If you’re eager to learn about the mystery without buying the pack or playing through the story in game, here’s what to expect in Strangerville.

Embarking On The Quest

Your quest will begin when you first enter the town of Strangerville. At first nothing seems too strange. There’s an odd inhabitant with a goofy expression and a walk that reminds you of amusing glitches, but apart from that and a couple of small purple plants, nothing much is amiss. The mystery really begins when you start to talk to people.


Speaking to the town’s inhabitants will give you more information about the area. You’ll soon discover that there’s a secret lab just outside the town, situated inside a giant crater. Rumors say there was an explosion there a while ago, and ever since the town has been swarming with scientists and military personnel, as well as some locals acting strangely.

Now that your interest is peaked it makes sense that you’ll begin to explore. A visit to this secret lab will surely yield some clues, so you head over there to check it out.

Inside The Secret Lab

The lab is abandoned, with papers scattered all over the place and a great big hole in the fence. It looks like whoever was here left in a hurry.

As you explore, rifling through the piles of files will yield clues as to what happened here. A blurry photo, a packet of mysterious seeds, some microfilm and a hastily scrawled note are among the evidence they left lying around but what does it all mean?

There’s also a huge sealed door which requires a keycard to access. Surely the secrets to the mystery lie behind it?

In order to piece together the puzzle you will need evidence to compile a dossier. You can collect this from the lab, which resets when you leave, by taking photos of the plants and door and by planting bugs on scientists and military personnel and listening to their top secret conversations on the new listening device.


Uncovering more whisperings about spores, explosions and something sinister in the basement, your mind begins to put together the fractured pieces. All this evidence suggests something big happened in the lab, just before the place was abandoned.

Once you have the dossier you can speak to some townspeople, approach the curio shop owner or upload your document to the hacker forums. A keycard will follow, allowing you to return to the lab and open that mysterious door.

The door slides open and a cluster of odd spores comes out, making you sneeze.

As you head downstairs you see a cloud of deep blue dust. Venturing closer, a weird feeling overtakes you. Suddenly your eyes begin to bulge and before you know it you're walking like those strange people you saw earlier. Your mood displays the message “possessed” and while all your needs are filled your mind is also filled of thoughts of “mother,” although you do not know exactly who she is… yet.


When you come round a few minutes later you realize that it’s not safe to venture further without protection. Time to head back into town and inquire about a hazmat suit.

When exiting the lab you notice the small plant by the door is now larger than before and is it just your imagination or are there more of them now? The sky looks a little darker as well, as if you just released something terrible into the atmosphere; but you didn’t, did you?

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Protecting Yourself

Talking to the curio shop owner yields a hazmat suit but sadly it’s incomplete. Apparently it needs a spore filter, something the scientists in town are familiar with.

Heading over to the library you find a group of friendly scientists and begin to talk to them about spores. It turns out that they need some spores analyzed to craft your filter. This requires a quick trip to the bar to use your charm (or simoleons) to acquire an infection scanner from the military personnel who hang out there.

Now where are you most likely to find high volumes of spores?

The obvious place is the lab. so you head back over there with your scanner. A quick scan of the rooms yields all the spores you need. The scientist also mentioned an analyzer but you can’t see one easily.


Suddenly you have a vague recollection of seeing another doorway, just before those spores hit you. Feeling brave you go back downstairs to check.

Turning right, away from the mysterious cloud, you walk down a clear corridor and finally reach a door. Opening it reveals a mysterious lab. Three strange plants are contained in glass cases around the edge of the room, weird displays and odd machines blink and beep and in the centre you find two chemical analyzers.

You quickly get to work, analyzing the spores you collected. This yields a document labelled "Infection Profile Data." Hoping this is enough for the scientist you met earlier to construct your spore filter, you head back into town to find her.

Venturing Deeper Into The Secret Lab

Luckily it is and your filter is delivered in the mail the next day. With the hazmat suit now functional it’s time to suit up and head back over to the lab.

It’s finally time to explore further and find out more about the cause of this mysterious infection. This time the spores don’t overwhelm your senses and you’re able to pass through the mist-tinged corridor and emerge on the other side.


Another door blocks your way but a quick swipe of your keycard is enough to pass through. The corridor leads down further underground and to another lab. This one is even more complex, and is dominated by nine huge tanks containing bizarre plants. Off to the side is a corridor covered in vines.

Meeting Mother

You creep down the eerie passageway until you discover yet another locked door. Feeling apprehensive, you swipe your key card once more. As the door opens you behold the strangest thing you’ve ever seen; a towering plant with tendrils that wave ominously. Surrounded by an electric fence, the plant gives you an uneasy feeling. This must be… Mother.


Attempts to communicate lead to a close encounter that makes you realize that defeating this plant is going to take a team.

Luckily the lab’s equipment is still intact and you're able to produce three experimental vaccines before you leave. Your brief encounter must have awakened the mother, as the town now looks creepier than ever before and once again you swear those plants are multiplying.

Testing The Vaccine

Testing the vaccine on three unsuspecting possessed sims gives you the final pieces of the puzzle. Just in time as well, as those spore clusters are spreading rapidly and vines are rapidly springing up in all the plumbing.


Armed with everything you need, you don your hazmat suit one final time and head back over to the lab. You can now produce a vaccine to combat the effects of the spores. Working quickly, you gather some bizarre fruit from the plants outside before heading down to the lab to collect more spore samples. After the first vaccine is made you quickly drink it to numb the buzzing in your brain. The relief is instant and encouraged by your success you quickly produce three more.

Now it's time to recruit an army to fight the mother.

Your final mission is to seek out three sims in town to help you in the fight. Once you’ve made your choice you quickly vaccinate them and recruit them to your cause. Feeling stronger now your mind is your own and you have company, it’s time to make the final journey back to the depths of the secret lab.

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Defeating Mother

Traveling as a group, you head back down the long winding corridors to face the mother plant. As you spread out she rises up, ready to attack.


Grabbing some goo guns you work as a team, squirting the plant while fighting off the minions she sends your way. Every minute is vital since despite the vaccine your team is still becoming infected. Choose wisely between fighting quickly but risking increasing infection, scaring away minions at the expense of damage or healing your wounds. The right combination will make the mother retreat and your team victorious!

You are now a hero in Strangerville!


When you leave the lab you will see that the sky has returned to normal and those odd plants have mostly disappeared.

You can also expect all residents to be cured and the plumbing to be clear of vines. You’ll also acquire a certain status in the town and occasionally residents will send you thank you gifts in the mail. Just hope you get better gifts than my sim, who has been send several packages of expired food gifts.

Just be warned that the mother will awaken once more if she is fed bizarre fruit. However, unless you do that, your town will be mystery free.

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