Sims 4: 10 Completely Functional Tiny Homes (That Use No Custom Content)

The Sims 4 gave way to many a challenge for players simply due to its sheer size and customizable features. It blew the minds of users who had previously known nothing but Sims 3 or even Sims 2 graphics and features, which didn't hold a candle to the expansive nature of the fourth game. In addition to creating detailed and life-like characters, players will able to create homes that rivaled some real structures.

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Of the challenges that spawned from this idea was the Tiny House Challenge, during which players created the smallest, most liveable homes they could think of. This resulted in some amusing, yet pretty fascinating, in-game architecture.

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10 The House That (Small) Dreams Are Made Of

From the outside, this tiny home doesn't look too bad at all. Inside, we can see a short entryway, a bookshelf in the living room (likely a kitchen/living room combo), and possibly a bedroom on the back end.

The stairs on the outside make this space feel far more open as they lead to a rooftop lounge area, something most normal Sims homes don't even have. We're betting that the elongated windows and glass front door allow plenty of light so that Sims never have an issue with their Comfort or Environment needs.

You can download this house here.

9 A Chic Hangout With A Tiny Creative Space

Have you ever seen homes in Japan that make the most out of a kitchen/office/dining space combo? This is what that reminds us of. The use of space from this player is brilliant and provides everything a Sim (or an actual human) would need in order to be satisfied.

From the space-saving utensil rack to the built-in desk and wall shelving, there's not one inch that's forgotten. Even the dishwasher is being used as a makeshift table for plants, making this home cozy and eco-friendly.

You can download this house here.

8 Metropolitan City Lofts Have Nothing On This Sleek Home

For those who appreciate a more eclectic and city vibe, we present you with the metropolitan loft-style tiny house. By leaving the space completely open and building a glass wall rather than an opaque one, the player has drastically improved the interior design of this in-game home.

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The floating staircase and split use of the kitchen/bathroom is brilliant, and the open concept living room is nothing short of perfection for such a miniature house. We're totally digging the chic vibe of this space and are kind of jealous we didn't think of it first.

You can download this house here.

7 Just The Basics (In A Very Confined Space)

Some homes don't need all the glitz, glam, and luxury. This one looks to be modeled after a college dorm suite and has everything that a beginning Sim could need as an adult. Each room is small but the quad design is very much a space-saver.

The minimalist approach works, as this player went for space over endless appliances and furniture. The bedroom holds two beds, which is more than many other tiny houses, and even the kitchen seems roomy enough for two people. The living room and bathroom are of equal sizes, which is an interesting choice, but one that works.

You can check out this floor plan and many others like it here.

6 Glass Walls Make a Space Appear Larger... Right?

While this could resemble somewhat of a She-Shed rather than a full house, it is, indeed, a tiny home. It's unclear whether the Sim is meant to sleep on a couch or whether there's a bed against the left wall, but either way, this is some gorgeous in-game work.

There doesn't seem to be a kitchen, either, but there is a table with a chair and some things for entertainment, so perhaps they make use of harvesting cacti outside? It's completely unclear, but we do love the style of this dessert architecture.

You can download this house here.

5 Who Needs A Living Room When The Porch Is Bigger Than The Bedroom?

Having a large outdoor space is important, especially when the interior of a house is so cramped. That's not to say that this house is (unless your Sim is claustrophobic, in which case the guest room might not be the best option) because the use of space is actually quite clever.

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Rather than expand on a full living room, this player has opted for a large master bedroom with a lounging space. Additionally, the kitchen, bathroom, and actual living room are squeezed nicely in an L-shaped venter quad. Touché, small housing.

You can download this house here.

4 Dark, Yet Cozy... Ish

It's definitely functional, that's for sure. Not every tiny house will be created in a style that will appease everyone, but this home has a certain charm to it. We'll start with the kitchen which is classic, yet rustic. With full wood cabinets that match the wood flooring, it's a bit of a statement.

The bathroom has a grand window that's perfect for neighbors to wave through when your Sim is on the loo, and the bedroom/dining room/living room combo is truly very college-style. Worst comes to worst, your Sim can watch TV, eat breakfast, and take a nap without ever leaving one corner of the home.

You can check out this and many other tiny houses here.

3 The Rooftop Lounge Makes This House The Real MVP

Similar to another house on this list, this tiny home has taken advantage of the room on the actual house. This is brilliant when it comes to saving space because what a Sim lacks on the inside, they can find on the 'second floor' of their home.

The wall-to-wall glass paneling really makes this home feel like it's far bigger than it really is, and the kitchen/living room combo is typical of an actual tiny home. The roof space has to be our favorite by far, though, as it's decked to the nines with furniture that matches the actual interior of the home.

You can check out how to build this house here.

2 It's No Different Than A Studio Apartment, Really

This home can be summed up in one word: cute! The partial octagon design of the living room/dining area is really what seals the deal for us in this case. It's extremely small but it's also extremely functional, combining smart positioning with counters that wrap around the corner of the house.

The bedroom being off in a side quad helps to save space and creates somewhat of a separating effect, making it seem as though this is more of a house than a small studio. The porch in the front is the key to making this home liveable for a Sim, though. Anything extra is just a mood-booster.

You can check out this house here.

1 Disagree With The Bed Choice But The Rest Is Perfect

This is a perfect example of all that a quad house can be. Many tiny home builders will make use of squares or rectangles in order to separate rooms while still providing enough space, and this is about as perfect as it gets. The bathroom takes up as minimal space as possible (we're just hoping there's a sink in there) while the bedroom is created in conjunction with the kitchen and living room.

It's a typical studio in the true sense of the word, with the extra-added bonus of what appears to be a massive outdoor space. It's liveable in every way... except for the horrendous bed sheets.

You can check this house out in further detail here.

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