Sims 4: The Ultimate List Of All The Hidden Lots You Can Discover

I remember when I first played The Sims back in the summer of February 2000. Sitting and staring, slack-jawed, building and customizing houses and landscapes to perfection (well, perfection to a 13-year-old anyway). The ability to control and mould a virtual character known as a Sim, and crafting their world was a new-found obsession for many people, including myself.

What started off as life simulator game turned into a mega trending platform in which the geniuses at Maxis, which later transitioned to The Sims Studio, proceeded to create not only 2, but 4 additional Sims titles with countless expansions, game packs, and free feature updates to engage their already massive fan base. Their latest instalment, The Sims 4, is their most immersive and customizable title yet, featuring multiple worlds and features that reflect this day and age.

As per every Sims title, and if not every game in existence, there are hidden Easter eggs or features that reward the player something for the efforts. In this list, we will be discussing 4 amazing hidden lots that you, the player, can find with a bit of help from us at The Gamer.

4.1 Sylvan Glade

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Sylvan Glade is one of the secret lots that can be discovered within the breezy and fresh world of Willow Creek, one of the default worlds that come with The Sims 4. Within Willow Creek, there lies a neighborhood named Foundry Cove. Let’s get started on how to access this magical land of wonder.

4.2 Visit the Crick Cabana Lot

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First of all, proceed to visit the Crick Cabana Lot which is located at the end of the street. When you get there, look for an unusual looking tree that the player can interact with. You really can't miss it as it is covered in vines and colourful mushrooms.

4.3 View the Tree Over and Over (Because it’s pretty right?)

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Once you have identified the odd tree, proceed to "View" it a few times until a new interaction appears. You should be able to "Water" this tree now. Water the tree a few times then another interaction should pop up, asking you to chat about roots or leaves. Do that a few times then a magical doorway will appear.

4.4 Answer me these Questions 3 (or maybe 4...)

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When the magic doorway is revealed proceed to Explore the tree. When your Sim delves into the bowels of the tree, they will be met with a series of questions they must answer.

The answers are:- Follow the Sound- Follow Downstream- Enter the Mist- Travel to the Glade

4.5 Bask in the Glade’s Amazingness!

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Congratulations! You have made it to Sylvan Glade! Have fun exploring and seeking out wild and rare collectibles. It features a few special surprises such as rare fish, frogs, and plants within the surrounding area. Keep in mind that the elusive Treefish lives only here in the Glade so collecting it is a must. The glade is kept in perpetual twilight, so if your Sim is a vampire they can safely enter the glade whenever they want without turning into dust

3.1 Forgotten Grotto

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Forgotten Grotto is another secret lot that is located within the dusty hot world of Oasis Springs, another one of The Sims 4 default worlds that is included in the base game. To gain access, there are a few things that you as the Sim Master must perform before attempting to access this magical cave of wonder.

3.2 Get to Handiness Level 10

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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. You are required to get your Sim up to level 10 in the handiness skill. This can be easily achieved by either repairing broken items or, (more easily) by reading a bunch of books. Once you have achieved level 10, let's rock and roll to the Grotto!

3.3 Desert Bloom Park Bound

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Within Oasis Springs, proceed to explore the lot, Desert Bloom Park. Hidden behind the buildings, there should be an abandoned mine entrance, which looks like a boarded-up doorway. With level 10 Handiness, your Sim will make short work of that boarded up entrance.

3.4 Again with the Questions (3 in total)

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After entering the abandoned mine entrance, you will be met with a series of questions.

The answers are as follows:- Take the wide path- Climb the ladder- Step onto the ledge

After answering the series of questions, the player is then allowed to enter the Grotto of Wonder.

3.5 Shiny Forgotten Grove

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Congratulations! You have made it into the Forgotten Grotto; a place of mysterious wonder, filled with unique and rare metals, minable rocks, fish, and plants. The hard to catch Batfish is a resident here (and unique to the Grotto) so, ensure that you catch one before you leave. If you are a vampire, I have good news; the Grotto is within an interior, so it is safe to enter whenever for you undead types. As an added bonus, there is a wooden toilet located here, too, for your Sim's needs.

2.1 Deep Woods

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If you readers out there have The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat expansion pack, I’m happy to inform you that it has a cool secret location that you can discover quite easily! Nestled in the luscious Granite Falls world, Deep Woods is but a short stroll away within the Granite Falls National Park neighbourhood.

2.2 The Journey!

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First of all, proceed to enter the Granite Falls National Park neighbourhood. Zoom all the way out and proceed to position the camera as per the above photo. Next, zoom into the marked circle until you see a small black cave with vines and brambles around it.

2.3 More Questions?!

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Seriously; more questions? Yes, once your Sim has started to explore the cave you will be met with a few questions.

Proceed to answer them as per below- Step Forward- Go through the web- Sally Forth- Travel towards the Sim

2.4 Deep Woods, Here we are!

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Fantastic work! If everything went according to plan, you should be in Deep Woods, where you can go forth and do a wide range of things. In particular, you can meet up with the Hermit (who could be a female or male), collect rare fish, and even plant life for your gardening needs. There are amenities for your Sims too if they need.

1.1 Sixam

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Saving the best till last as usual; the hidden location Sixam (Maxis Backwards – WOKE). Located within the expansion, The Sims 4: Get To Work, the secret lot provides you with an out of world experience--literally! There are a couple of ways that you can blast off to space to visit this hidden world of wonder, which The Gamer will now explain.

1.2 Become a Scientist!

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The more laborious route to shooting off to the stars, this method requires your Sim to reach level 10 in their Scientist career, however, there are a few things you must do beforehand. You will need to have at least 11 breakthroughs in your career to unlock the Electroflux Wormhole Generator Schematic. Next, proceed to create the Wormhole Generator on the Invention Constructor in your Science Lab. Lastly, proceed to upgrade the Wormhole Generator using any 2 uncommon metals, 2 uncommon crystals, and 2 elements. Once upgraded, use your Electroflux Wormhole Generator by selecting Travel, sending off on your way to Sixam!

1.3 It... Actually is Rocket Science!

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The 2nd and most used method is the Rocket Science pathway. What you need to do is reach level 10 in the Rocket Science skill and proceed to install the Wormhole Generator for 1000 Simoleans on a rocket that you either own or have at your workplace. Once the upgrade has been completed on your rocket ship, you will then be able to access a new interactive: Travel Through Wormhole. ZOOM!

1.4 Sixam is Amazing!

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Within this amazing lunar landscape, you can interact and befriend aliens, collect unique kinds of flora which scatter the lands, and even discover new crystals, metals, and geodes to add to your achievements. If you are a vampire, you're again in luck--you can explore Sixam during the day and no, mobile phones do not work. To return home, simply interact with the Wormhole Generator again.

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