Sims 4 Officially Confirms University Expansion With Acceptance Letters, Trailer Likely Coming Tomorrow

Update: The new trailer has been revealed. Check it out here.

The Sims 4 team looks set to officially unveil a university-themed expansion tomorrow, after a host of EA Game Changers received personalized letters in the mail, confirming their positions at some unique universities.

After taking to social media with their letters, it seems like the Game Changers aren’t all going to the same place, and there appear to be two different universities to choose from.

The first university is the University of Britechester, which claims to be an old university with a long and prestigious heritage that aims to “mold students into well-rounded upstanding Sims.” The letter is signed by Professor Pearson, a reference to The Sims 4's general manager, Lyndsay Pearson.

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One of its most enthusiastic new students is Mollie, aka The English Simmer, who took to Twitter to open her acceptance letter on camera:

Equally excited but far more NSFW was StephOsims. Both Sims fans have been told to report to The Sims 4 YouTube channel for tomorrow at 8 AM PDT for online orientation.

The channel is currently showing a countdown premier, which will presumably reveal a trailer for the upcoming pack. Meanwhile, other simmers were accepted elsewhere.

Simmer and variety streamer RoryPlays was accepted into the Foxbury Institute, a much newer university founded by a donation from the Landgraabs. Their goal is to teach students to "aim high and dream big." These acceptance letters are signed by Professor Frost, a reference to community manager SimGuruFrost.

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The university has also accepted notable streamer and Fez-wearer Dr. Gluon:

After a series of leaks, The Sims community was expecting news of a university expansion pack. The topic is the last major theme that has frequently been included and asked for in previous versions of the franchise. This time of year has also traditionally seen an expansion pack release, which is just in time for the holidays.

After tomorrow's trailer drops, assuming the process follows a familiar pattern, we can expect to find out more information over the next 2-3 weeks before the content is released.

The December release date leaked by Microsoft seems to be correct for console, as PC players historically receive new packs slightly earlier.

We at TheGamer would like to extend our congratulations to this year's new students at the University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. We'd also like to express our condolences to James Turner, previously known as The Sim Supply, who was rejected:

Better luck next year, James!

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