10 Things We Already Know About Sims 4 Discover University

The Sims 4 team has just dropped a new trailer announcing the upcoming expansion pack, Discover University. The much-requested theme was previously tackled by both Sims 2 and Sims 3. Now, after five long years, it's finally coming to The Sims 4 and fans are incredibly excited about it.

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While more details are expected to emerge over the next couple of weeks, as the release date draws closer, there's already a huge amount of information in both the trailer and the limited information released so far. Here we break down both and take a look at what we already know about The Sims 4: Discover University.

10 There Are Two Universities

We have been introduced to two different campuses, The University of Britechester and The Foxbury Institute. Letters sent to EA Game Changers offered more information about the two institutions.

Britechester is an older university with a prestigious heritage. It used to be a private academy and was designed in part by Princess Cordelia. It has a long history and is likely to be traditional and historical as it's said to have period features.

Foxbury is a much more modern institution and was founded with a generous grant from the Landgraabs. It is likely to have more focus on technology and more varied subjects.

9 Both Universities Have Mascots

The trailer shows some friendly (or maybe not so friendly) rivalry between the two institutions, which both appear to have mascots.

Britechester has a voidcritter esq dragon. Since Princess Cordelia adores pirate captains we can only speculate that the dragon is something to do with legends and treasure that surround pirate treasure.

Meanwhile, Foxbury has a lobster. Yes, a lobster, we're not sure why it's not a fox either. We're assuming that the universities may be coastal but as yet we don't know for sure.

We're also hoping that the mascots will lead to some cool events but at this point, we just know that each university is proud of their colors and their mascot and wears their image with pride.

8 You Can Choose Your Major

Information about majors seems to imply that each institution offers a different range of subjects to choose from. We don't know the full selection but choices are said to include biology, computer science, art history, and villainy. It's likely that Britechester will focus on traditional subjects while Foxbury focuses on more unconventional majors.

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According to the EA website, sims will need to manage their time to ensure they attend lectures, complete term papers and study hard. Skipping class will result in decreased grades, while hard work will boost them.

It's also stated that successful completion of university will offer a boost in specific careers including teaching, law, and engineering, all of which are careers we've not seen before.

7 You Can Cycle Around The Campus

If your sim needs to get to class quickly it appears that they can hop on a bike and cycle around the campus. Players have been longing for new modes of transport and while it isn't cars, cycling is pretty exciting.

The trailer shows a few different sims cycling around the campus, although we don't currently know anything else about how cycling will work. It would be great if cycling was available in other worlds as well but we won't know this until more information is released.

6 Sims Can Step Up The Rivalry

Outside of class there appear to be a few different ways to step up the rivalry between the two different universities.

The trailer shows us a debate, with representatives from Britechester and Foxbury going head to head. If you prefer a more mischievous way to get your own back on your rivals, pranks also appear to be making a comeback.

We can see sims throwing toilet paper over a statue, presumably of their rival's mascot, although we don't yet know if any other pranks are set to appear, outside of those under the current mischief skill.

5 You Can Get Into Robotics

We heard that robotics is a society you can join and the trailer shows this in action. A sim is shown fixing a Chappie style robot and letting him walk off.

There are also some other interesting electronics visible in the robotics lab including a drone, which may be similar to the live streaming drone from Get Famous.

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Foxbury is likely the place to go if you wish to indulge your robotics dreams as the students are wearing the university colors, and it looks like they have some high tech equipment to help those goals become reality.

4 There Are New Activities To Enjoy

We can see in the trailer that sims can now kick a football around, although there's no suggestion this goes beyond soccer ball juggling. There is also evidence of both ping pong and juice pong, as seen in what appears to be a student common area and outdoors at graduation.

Alongside these new activities, sims can also chug juice from a keg, to get the full college experience. Socializing looks set to play a large part in the pack so we're hoping there are also new social interactions available.

3 Sims Are Getting Facial Piercings And New Tattoos

Something which many fans have wanted for a while is facial piercings and extra tattoos for sims. Both of these can be seen in the trailer and look likely to appear with the new pack.

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The opening shows a small cat tattoo on the arm of a sim and as we go through we see a few facial piercings including eyebrow rings and bars and nose studs. These will make welcome additions to the create a sim catalog. We're also hoping for more accessories and makeup options.

2 Shower Woohoo Is Back

Whenever a new pack launches the two questions always asked are; can we kill sims in new ways and is there a new woohoo spot? While the trailer doesn't answer the first question (although that juice keg looks pretty brutal) it does answer the second.

The telltale animation in the locker room shows one sim drag another into the shower for some fun. For added authenticity and randomness it happens just as the lobster mascot walks by with his head still on. Classic.

1 Create A Sim And Build Buy Also Get Some Love

Finally, we will also be getting new clothing and furniture items. A few of these are visible in the trailer including new t-shirts, shorts and other university themed clothing such as graduation robes. There are also new hairstyles.

For builders, new furniture is also coming. The description mentions mini-fridges and posters and we also see a variety of items in the trailer including desks, lamps, tables and that sweet ping pong/juice pong table.

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