Sims 4 Player Recreates Iconic World Of Warcraft Locations

SatiSim has combined her love for The Sims 4 with her love for World Of Warcraft and brought the two together to produce some stunning replicas of iconic Warcraft locations in The Sims 4.

She started by faithfully recreating Dalaran, which sparked a building bug that has led to several more creations, including Booty Bay and most recently Thunderbluff. Below are all of her Warcraft creations to date.


via Reddit (SimSativa)

The first build, Dalaran, has undergone several incarnations in its time. This version is reminiscent of the city in and after Legion. On Reddit, SatiSim said the build took over 70 hours to complete.

Not only does it have a stunning exterior, but it's also fully-furnished. Each building in the bustling city is packed with character.

The Darkmoon Faire

via Reddit (SimSativa)

The Darkmoon Faire is a monthly staple for WoW players. This version recreates the Faire during simpler times, before the giant coaster was installed.

You can watch the build take shape or head over to the Reddit thread, which details how SatiSim built it with and without custom content.

Booty Bay

via Reddit (SimSativa)

The large pirate city in Stranglethorn Vale is home to the Steamwheedle Cartel. Here, SatiSim used the Selvadorada jungle to help create the iconic bay.

This creation is made more impressive by the fact that it is completely custom content free. It was made using only items available in The Sims 4.

This build was estimated to have taken around 40 hours and you can see it come together in SatiSim's speed build.

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via Twitter (Satisims)

The night elf capital was rebuilt from the ashes for this creation. If you want to explore the detail, you can find more screenshots here.

Some have suggested adding a custom Sylvannas Sim and calling on the legendary Sims 4 fire, but that feels harsh for such a beautiful creation.


via Reddit (SimSativa)

SatiSim’s most recent creation is the Tauren city of Thunderbluff. While it may be impossible to recreate the cliff it sits atop, this build uses terrain tools in order to replicate the multiple layered capital.

You can check out her thread for more details or head over to Twitter, where SatiSim talks about the other Warcraft based Sims 4 projects she's getting involved in.

All creations were made by SatiSimBuilds and are available on The Sims 4 gallery under Origin ID SatiSim.

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