The Sims 5: 10 Theories Confirmed To Be True (And 15 We Seriously Hope Aren’t)

The Sims series has delighted gamers of all types for decades. The game’s stylish replication of real-life has interested fans for years. Who would have thought that recreating real-life into a game would become so popular?

There’s no doubt that The Sims has evolved over the years. What began as a simple dollhouse soon spiraled into an open world universe. There is always a new way to enjoy the game. Players have brought their custom families from The Sims 1’s Neighborhood 1, the only available neighborhood, into Pleasantview in The Sims 2. Maxis has developed The Mortimer family from a loving family into a tragic tale of a missing wife and mother.

The Sims 4 is the latest addition to the series. It first debuted in 2014 with a rocky launch. The base game lacked content for the inevitable release of expensive Expansion Packs. They’ve slowly been releasing more content that fans believed should have been released with the base game, such as pets, weather, and holiday decorations. The Senior Producer, Grant Rodiek, has already made it clear in 2018 they plan to continue the tradition for the next three years, making fans anxious about the newest release.

The Sims 5 would mark the next installment of the popular series. Fan speculation has begun to spiral on what’s true and what’s a rumor. Though the game hasn’t been formally announced yet, by reviewing EA’s current habits, it’s easy to foresee what’s in store for the future of the series.

In anticipation of the next The Sims sequel, we’ve compiled a list of the most likely theories that will make it into the fifth game. While we’re excited about many of the potential features, there are many more we hope we won’t see introduced, or return, to the game.

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25 Untrue: A Late Start

via: youtube.com

The very first Sims game was released in 2000, with its sequel arriving in 2004. The Sims 3 was released in 2009. The latest game, The Sims 4, was released in 2014. Gamers noticed a pattern.

A new The Sims game was being released every five years.

There were rumors that The Sims 5 would be released sooner if The Sims 4 was financially successful. This year, the developers stated that they still planned on making more content. It's possible that development could overlap for the previous game and a new installment will come in 2020.

24 Untrue: Always Online

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The computer-based Sims games have primarily been a single-player experience. The most interaction a player could have is sharing their content online with others. Many console players have to stay online and pay for a subscription. This isn't likely to change for PC players.

An internet connection is required after installing The Sims 4 to activate the game, but after that, it's not mandatory. If you want to update your game, you'll need to hop online occasionally. It's doubtful The Sims 5 will require the single-player game to remain online.

23 True: More Realism

via: reddit.com

The Sims games have continued to evolve. The first game offered limited options. As the series changed, characters have appeared more realistic while retaining cartoonish qualities. They aren't mean to be a mirror image of reality.

The Sims 5 will continue to move the series forward. The character designs will become more polished, thanks to the advancements of customization from The Sims 4. Small details, such as hair placement, piercings, and life states are sure to become more advanced in future titles.

22 True: Bring Us Closer To Our Characters

via: mashable.com

The Sims games have always offered a 3D experience. They immerse gamers into the animated dollhouses. Players often feel that they are part of their Sims' worlds. The Sims 5 is sure to bring back 3D gameplay, but with many advancements. The animations first shown in The Sims 2, of Sims experiencing major life events, are sure to make a comeback.

We'll see Sims going to work while participating in their work in detail, such as investigating crime scenes in the Detective Career.

Future installments will make us a more significant part of their world.

21 Untrue: Hope You Have A Mobile Device

via: rothy-nordic.gq

When gamers are away from their computers or consoles, they turn to their smartphones for a quick game. Some games that even offer mobile integration by promising unique items by syncing a game with the app.

EA Games has released an online The Sims game. Though there may be exclusive items by syncing your accounts, it's unlikely that gamers can flawlessly play their pc households on their mobile device in The Sims 5. Players will have to make do with playing two separate games on different devices.

20 True: Make Characters Unique

via: msimcitizens.com

The Sims series continues to bring characters to life with new animations and life events. Though players play different characters, they are similar. All Sims in the same age group are the same height. There is no height slider outside of unofficial mods. Fans have speculated that custom heights will come to The Sims 5. It may be unlikely we'll see it in a future Sims 4 update because it may be too complicated to accomplish. Hopefully, this small but essential detail will come in The Sims 5.

19 Untrue: A Purchase Here And There

via: gamingfront.net

The games in The Sims series always comes as a base game. After the initial release, there are small quality-of-life updates and few overhauls. Base games do not contain all of the content possible with a single game. Expansion packs and "stuff" or item packs are gradually released with more actions, characters, and items.

Video games are creating even more microtransactions that only add cosmetics or overpowered items.

These items aren't essential, but fans feel as though they're missing out if they don't buy them. Though paid custom content has been part of the series for years, we hope that EA doesn't release more microtransactions.

18 True: Polished Graphics

via: youtube.com

The Sims series began with pixelated characters. The user interface was bright blue with Comic Sans font. The series has changed significantly since its early days. The series has become a 3D experience with animations and cutscenes.

The UI has become more polished and easy to navigate. With developers experimenting with cel-shaded graphics or low-quality pixels to represent the player, it's unlikely The Sims would return to its roots. Maxis will continue to move the series forward with improved graphics without replicating other developers.

17 Untrue: More Items Over Content

via: simsvip.com

The Sims games don't come with all content. Video game developers continue to create new content, and most important, patches that fix issues. Maxis and EA Games have released Expansion Packs that bring new experiences to the games, but Stuff packs are less important.

Fans like the new items, but others pick and choose what new outfits they want to be a part of their world. It's highly likely we'll continue seeing a base game with future expansion packs. Stuff packs won't become more important than the larger EPs.

16 Untrue: Play With Friends

via: origin.com

The Sims games have primarily been single-player games. Fans create social Sims who hang out with friends or family. They may share their experience online with screenshots or videos.

The Sims 5 will continue social sharing, but it's unlikely we will see an open world environment where we can visit another player.

It's even more unlikely we'll be forced to play on servers with other players at all time, with the possibility of them causing mayhem in our neighborhood. The console versions of the game may have co-op games but it's unlikely the series will become a multiplayer experience.

15 Untrue: Become A Sim

via: modthesims2.com

The Sims is a life simulation game. Many gamers recreate themselves in the game, but others prefer to make new families. Others go a step further and create humorous stories to share online. Overall, the game is meant to simulate the real world.

Gamers have begun to speculate that The Sims 5 will use VR technology. We'll have a first-person perspective on our Sims lives, which may take the game too far. It's doubtful we'll be forced to play the fifth game in VR.

14 True: No Longer Part Of The Scenery

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Before Sims could purchase vehicles, they had to rely on taxis, carpools, or school buses. The option to buy vehicles didn't exist until The Sims 2: Nightlife. Cars were then a part of The Sims 3, where a Sim could drive to visit their friends or community lots.

The Sims 4 again took away the ability for Sims to drive. They have to rely on carpools or call a cab to travel to another neighborhood. The Sims 5 is sure to return cars to the game. Sims may have more options, such as letting the user take the wheel.

13 Untrue: Abandon The Original Platform

via: mweb.co.za

The Sims series originally debuted on computers. The series has remained popular among those who prefer the controls of a keyboard and mouse. EA later published console adaptations of the games with co-op features. Many players prefer the ease of turning on a console instead of building a pc. Console gaming still remains increasingly popular.

It's unlikely that EA Games would choose to continue development on consoles and abandon computer players.

EA Games regularly publishes games on multiple platforms.

12 True: Introducing Ride Sharing

via: mysims3blog.blogspot.com

In The Sims 4, vehicles travel around town. Sims aren't allowed to own or drive a car. They are forced to walk to their next destination. If they call for a ride home, we don't see them get into a vehicle. They magically transport home during the loading screen.

The Sims 5 may bring cars back. We'll watch our Sims get onto a bus, streetcar, or other public transportation option to travel around town. It may not be free to use these services, but at least Sims will have more options.

11 Untrue: Create An Account To Play

via: katalog-new1.blogspot.com

Social media is a place where we can discuss our favorite games, like The Sims, or share screenshots. EA has a social hub just for The Sims players where they can share custom content.

Though sharing content online has become important to The Sims community, it's not likely we'll see mandatory social media requirements. It's not likely we'll have to sign into Facebook or Twitter to play the game. The game may not require an internet connection at all after the initial activation.

10 Untrue: Replicate Every Movement

via: reddit.com

The Sims has been compared as a virtual dollhouse. They have basic needs, similar to humans, but it's not entirely realistic. There's a slim chance the realism will increase in The Sims 5.

Few fans want to see their Sims become an exact replica of what gamers have to do in real life.

They want their Sims to have fun or make an attempt to make their lives terrible. Making The Sims replicate every real-life experience may hurt the series more than help it, which is why we hope this just a rumor.

9 True: Experience Every Moment

via: defkey.com

The Sims 4 was released with cut content from previous games. Fans didn't understand why Maxis would decide to remove content fans were used to instead of adding to the game. One unexpected change was removing Toddlers. These young children were not included in The Sims 4 until three years after the initial release.

EA was likely not expecting the uproar from fans who wanted the life stage back. It's likely we'll see babies and toddlers both return in future The Sims games.

8 Untrue: Manage All Actions

via: dvsgaming.org

The Sims has allowed players to control their Sims' actions, or allow them free-will. Many prefer to control them because their Sims make poor decisions. The amount of micromanagement has been questionable in all Sims games.

Maxis has had to maintain a balance between controlling a Sim or how far they'll go without a command. It's unlikely that Sims will retain all control, such as which career path to go or moving out of their homes. Players will still need to make some decisions in their characters' lives.

7 True: More Freedom

via: forums.thesims.com

The Sims 1 and 2 confined Sims in a single neighborhood. They could travel to different resorts or islands, but they couldn't walk down the street to visit a friend. The Sims 3 expanded the game into an open world, but The Sims 4 once again restricted Sims to what's in their neighborhood. This may have been due to limited resources.

With the advancement of software and hardware, we may see open worlds return in The Sims 5.

Sims can walk to work or a party without calling a cab or driving.

6 Untrue: Play With Friends

via: forums.thesims.com

The console releases of The Sims allowed players to compete in short mini-games. The PC and Mac versions of the game didn't have co-op mini-games, but they do allow players to share screenshots and custom content. Some fans have opened to visit their friends' neighborhoods through multiplayer.

Since many PC and Mac players have custom content, having a Sim travel back and forth between neighborhoods may become too complicated. It would require both parties to have the same content. It would also mean that Maxis has to code in chat interfaces and VOIP.

5 True: Freedom In Fashion

via: youtube.com

The Sims series has always allowed players to customize their characters. What first began with limited faces and outfits has expanded into completely remodeling of a Sims' face.

It's likely we'll see continued advancement in customizing a Sim's style in future installments of the series. Customization may include styling a Sims' hair. Every Sims game would have a unique hairstyle, instead of one from an inventory of existing content. There's also the possibility of creating new clothing or customizing existing outfits.

4 Untrue: A Part Of The Family

via: fanpop.com

The Sims 4 focused on older children and adults. Two significant stages of life were mostly ignored: babies and toddlers. Babies became objects that occasionally cried and needed a diaper change. They didn't have the same interaction available to them as past games.

Some fans were disappointed in the removal of baby-related content.

Future games may see more emphasis on all stages of life. After the complaints related to the removable of toddlers, Maxis understands that there are fans who want to raise their characters from birth to the afterlife.

3 Untrue: Sharing The Same Experience

via: rinconsimmer.extrasims.es

The Sims series was initially released on computers. Console versions of the game were later released, but they added more goals and multiplayer options. It wasn't the same game, but it was a similar experience. Fans realize that not all PC and consoles are the same. They have worried that the PC release of the game would be downgraded to make it easier to port onto consoles.

Maxis and EA have streamed the process more on consoles, making fewer changes between the versions. The Sims 5 players will likely not see much of a difference, no matter what platform they play on.

2 True: Adjust Your Clocks

via: modthesims2.com

Once a Sim sits down with a hot grilled cheese sandwich, it may take them two hours to eat it. That's without the distraction of smartphones, tv, or casual conversation. The Sims was meant to be similar to real life, but a vast majority of people don't take hours to eat an average meal.

In The Sims 5, it's likely we'll see the time to complete actions take much less time. Sims will no longer take hours to complete simple activities. Even better, they will be able to multitask and accomplish multiple goals at once.

1 Untrue: The Last Installment

via: fanpop.com

The developers of The Sims 4 have worked hard over the past few years. They've worked out several bugs, made the game run smoother than The Sims 3, and have continued to release new content. Fans are still expecting at least three more years of material.

Though the news of more The Sims 4 content is exciting, fans wondered if this meant that there would not be new a new sequel anytime soon.

It's unlikely that The Sims 5 isn't already being developed, especially with the new video game development technology now available.

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