20 Awesome Areas In The Sims Series Casuals Had No Idea About

Everyone knows it... As soon as that game starts up and that bouncy, joyous music bursts out of the speakers, every gamer knows they're in for some fun. We're talking about none other than the Sims, specifically the Sims 4, because everyone knows that's where the best-hidden locations are. The Sims 4 rocked the world of simulation games with its improved graphics, extensive customization and, of course, attention to detail when it comes to all the places sims can visit.

It was these three things that help to bring the game to life and transform it into something truly unique but today, we don't really care about that. Today, it's all about the spots we're desperate to get into and the places we're dying to find. Sims 4 is notorious for continuously having new locations whether it be through the original game or extended content and we're going to expose it all. Many of these might be well-known to true Sims fanatics while some might have gamers flying out the door to grab expansion packs just to find them. For all fans, new and old alike, adventure is all part of playing this crazy game and it's about to be a wild ride.

20 Unlocking Sylvan Glades

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Of course, this is usually everyone's first go-to when it comes to discovering secret locations in the Sims 4. I'll be the first to admit that this is the very first place I ran to simply to get ahold of a Cow Plant (for the record, it took three days of fishing to actually get the seed.) Sylvan Glade is simple enough to find by traveling to the Crick Cabana and finding a massive tree in the backyard. By answering a few questions correctly, gamers will find that the tree door has been unlocked and is now a travel destination. Simply ascend through this magical door and you'll find yourself in the 'Glade.

19 Forgotten Grotto Requires Some "Handiness"

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Before thinking about attacking this location, there's one thing gamers need to be aware of: Their "Handiness" skill. Without a solid level 10 in this area, there's no way to take a crack (literally) at this secret location. It's easy enough to find and while it's not exactly hidden, it is considered inaccessible without working your skills (or playing the system a bit to raise them... but that's another article.) In Desert Bloom Park, gamers will want to go transcend the cliff behind the mansion and at the base, you'll find a sealed-up entryway. With the correct skill level, these planks can be taken down.

18 All The Areas For Usable Plants

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In the Sims 4, usable plants are a great way to spice up cooking skills, expand aesthetic appeal, and hone fishing and gathering skills. Many of these can be found in hidden locations, such as Sylvan Glade. Since this is the easiest "hidden" location to find on the map, it makes sense that many gamers would take advantage of what they can get out of this pristine fishing hole. Some of the plants you can find in this area are Snapdragon, Lily, Strawberry, Bluebell, Basil, Cherry Tree, and Pear Tree. These things can then be planted in soil plots which can be bought through the "Buy" option in the menu. Simple!

17 Umbridge Manor Is Great For Stealing Plants On The Go

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While it's not necessarily a "hidden" location, it is one that's worth noting if your goal is to be a master gardener. Growing your own plants and being self-sufficient can be helpful to save some cash but also expand culinary skills, which is obviously useful when achieving event goals, career goals, and hunger satisfaction. If you're not keen on fishing or finding these items in the suggested way, then it is possible to snag them from somewhere else — specifically Umbridge Manor. While it's not like you'll find everything, it is possible to get a great plant base when stealing from this high-end household.

16 Taking A Vacation To Selvadorada

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Expansion packs — gotta love 'em, right? And we certainly do. Along with hidden locations, this is one that's a must-visit for those who like a bit of adventure in their life. Selvadorada is a location accessible via the Jungle Adventure Game expansion and allows gamers to explore at will. Some of the coolest locations include Belomisia Trailhead Park and even a Temple that holds plenty of surprises for those who have never explored it. Gamers can find plenty of archaeological items with some simple exploring if they put the work in, many of which make this expansion pack worth it.

15 Granite Falls Is Also A Vacation Option

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Granite Falls must be accessed via the "Go On Vacation" option in the menu. While it's not a permanent destination, it is possible for sims to hang out for quite some time considering all this vacation world holds in store for them. One of the secret locations within the world is "Hermit's House" which can be accessed via the National Forest. Once you've made it there, you'll need to encourage your sim to "explore" near the bramble patch. Once they've discovered the secret opening, you'll have the option to pass through this cave and voila — you've just found yet another hidden spot.

14 Find The Festivals In San Myshuno

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The great thing about Myshuno is that the festivals are open to all manner of people — including those who aren't actually residents of the city. While most gamers don't think of virtual festivals as something that incites very much fun, you'd be surprised. The festivals of Myshuno offer various items for purchase as well as entertainment unique to the theme — including Romance, Humor, Geek, Spice, and a Flea Market. Each of these festivals is worth attending if only for the items you'll purchase, as they're not available anywhere else or at any point in the game. They're a blast to attend and are sure to boost a sim's mood if nothing else! Find the festival schedule here.

13 San Myshuno Allows Sims To Have A "Political Career"

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As opposed to the typical careers and aspirations in the Sims 4 game, San Myshuno allows sims who reside there to choose a unique career path. "Politics" is not something that's enabled in the original version of the game and if you're really keen on playing your cards at the legislature, this can be of some value to your sim's household. The "Political Career" option is fun and interesting, and definitely worth checking out this dynamic city for. If nothing else, it's a neat segue-way from the traditional career paths that we all know so well from previous versions of the game.

12 The Von Haunt Estate Is Home To A Wild Hedge Maze

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While we're definitely not going to tell you how to make it through or get out of it, this hedge maze is pretty spectacular. For those seeking a challenge or just something fun and silly for their sims, look no further than the Von Haunt Estate. Not only is this Estate a work of creepy art, but it's also home to a spectacular hedge maze that will have your sims lost in thought... Or just lost, period. It's a fun reprieve from serious life and a unique adventure for sims who find themselves with a day off. Not to mention, it's free, so there's no cost to give your sims some fun.

11 Seek Out A Sea Monster At The Bluffs

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In the Get Together expansion pack, players have likely noticed that there's a spot called "The Bluffs". What seems to be a simple drop off that overlooks the sea is actually home to an unusual creature. Normally, this would be a "pictures or it didn't happen" type of situation, but it turns out that there are pictures and it does happen. By positioning your sim in just the right spot overlooking the sea, there's a chance that you, too, might be able to witness this elusive sea monster. It's not exactly a "hidden" spot, but it does have a hidden objective and one that's pretty rewarding to spot.

10 The Ancient Ruins: Daytime Historical Spot, Nighttime Club Lounge

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Yet another expansion pack that's worth looking into, the Ancient Ruins has an interesting layout. What seems to be a strictly historic environment during the day turns into a raging nightlife hot-spot once the sun goes down. This might be unbeknownst to those who have only stuck around for one or the other, as it's rare that any location in the Sims has a day to night atmosphere swap. Whether you're in it for the archaeological goods or down for a good party, this spot is definitely one that's fun to check out if you can catch it right on the cusp of daytime and dusk.

9 Windenburg Recently Gained Traditional Pubs

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Windenburg, in recent years, has been hailed as one of the greatest locations to visit out of all the expansion packs. In Get Together, players have the option to explore this tradition European-style town, with some pretty awesome recent additions. Unless you're on top of the Sims news, it's not likely that players will have known the updates to this town. Just like cities get revamped in real life, the sims 4 experiences the same thing via updates. Windenburg is now home to traditional pubs that players would see in Europe and they're definitely worth checking out... It doesn't take much exploring to find a good one.

8 Explore The Jungle While On Vacation

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Interestingly enough, The Jungle (part of the expansion pack) is full of surprises... Surprises that change with every game, that is. The Jungle is full of fun adventures and items to be found, but be aware that they change during every visit. While there's no way to pin down every single thing players can find, it's a safe bet that no matter which way you venture, you'll run into a "hidden" spot. The Jungle is home to plenty of them, many that are locked with magic and require other tasks in order to unlock. The best way to do this is over a span of multiple visits.

7 There Is An Alien Planet That Players Can Visit

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Ah, the alien World of Sixam. In the Get to Work expansion pack, players have the option to explore outer space. This can be done one of two ways: Through Rocket Science or a career as a Scientist. Both of these options are viable and a certain thing, however finding unique items — such as geodes and new plant life — are not. Sims can also befriend alien life in order to visit outer space and though it's completely random, it's often an easy way to do so. The World of Sixam is fun and exciting and definitely a hidden spot worth scoping out.

6 Get Famous: Exploring Starlight Boulevard

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This location is, of course, available in the Get Famous expansion pack. A fun place to check out is the Orchid A-Go-Go which isn't, by any means, a secret. It's a relatively popular club and has typical club things, but what matters is what lies beyond the velvet rope. Everyone's dream is to someday have enough guts to request to be let inside and in the Sims 4, that might just be possible. By sweet talking the bouncer just a little bit — hone in on those social skills! — you could find yourself on the other side of fame. It's worth the wait.

5 Going Down The "Rabbit Hole" For Events

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This is likely common knowledge for many people, but even buildings that can't be accessed by the camera can, actually, be accessed by your sims. Certain buildings are restrictive with camera access which means you won't be able to control your sim once they're in the building. However, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be taken advantage of. Many of these spaces, even in expansion packs, enable users to send their sims off for various events, work jobs, etc., and will provide a sim with skills or need-filling. They're worth taking a look around the lot — you might be surprised at all the places your sim can go without you.

4 Find The Hermit In Granite Falls

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Remember the "Hermit House" from Granite Falls? Obviously, it's expected that there is an actual hermit somewhere within the vicinity. This is a fun little game as it encourages players to figure things out on their own via the process of elimination. By finding the Hermit hole, players will then be guided on somewhat of a "pick your own adventure" prompt. The hermit will always be different from game to game which means you'll need to pay close attention in order to find him or her. The good news is that he or she will be super easy to befriend, thus accomplishing the quest.

3 Visiting The Graveyard In Forgotten Hallow Gives Players The Creeps

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This lot is only available via the Vampire expansion pack. This creepy, albeit totally cool town, is small yet unique when it comes to exploration. The graveyard is one of its unique features and players will be delighted to know that it is just as eerie as it appears from afar. In addition to — obviously — tons of vampires that creep around (even during the day!) players who love the spooky atmosphere will be delighted to find plenty of it on this lot. Poke around if you dare and see what pops up... Which might not be quite the best expression to use when talking about a virtual graveyard.

2 Apartment 1313 Is An Interesting Find In The City Expansion Pack

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If this doesn't give you a chill and a chuckle, then we're not sure what will. Apartment 1313 is an extremely cheap dwelling available in The City expansion pack and for good reason. Upon first inspection, players will notice a rather attention-grabbing chalk outline on the floor. It's no joke — that's the reason it's so "affordable". Additionally, players will find that the apartment itself is somewhat cursed, featuring giant city-dwelling rats and leaky plumbing. If you can deal with the quirks and creeps then perhaps this apartment is exactly the type of place you need in your sim's life, at least for one just starting out.

1 The Island In Windenburg Has Some History

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Along with The Bluff, this floating island in Windenburg is also home to a fairly rich family. The richest in the town, in fact. The interesting thing about the island is, although it's well-isolated, it provides gamers with access to elite fishing, bonfires and, of course, a sea monster. The family who lives in the mansion at the head of the island is an interesting bunch, one that's fun to learn about if you have some free time. The lighthouse is a unique adventure as well and only part of all this island has to offer. Also, if you're keen, keep an eye out for "Moss".

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