TS4: 10 Fan-Made Stuff Packs Every Simmer Needs

Over the years The Sims 4 has published some very fun and successful stuff packs to bring some color to its base game. From the community favorite Laundry Day Stuff Pack to Backyard Stuff Pack, the additions have been generally extremely well-received and much needed by Simmers. However, dedicated fans have also stepped up to show their creativity by creating their own custom content stuff packs that most of us didn't even realize we needed in our lives. With that said, we're here to share ten of the best fan-made stuff packs that will give your game an unexpectedly entertaining touch.

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10 Pyjama Party Kids' Clothing Pack

Created by Standardheld, this first stuff pack is a welcome addition to the base game that so often overlooks clothes and objects for kids. With the game's own selection too slim, it's packs like this one that really enrich the family experience for us Simmers. The pack includes a whopping +600 recolors of nine clothes. Even better, all the clothes are available for both genders, so you'll have plenty to choose from when clothing your kids. Keep in mind that this pack is otherwise base game friendly, but will need Spa Day for the bathrobe to function properly.

9 Teen Style Stuff Pack

Teens are another age category that has been slightly overlooked by The Sims 4. Not to worry, though, because Luumiasims comes to the rescue with this simple yet brilliantly executed clothing pack for our teenager sims.

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With three different styles and outfits to choose from, you can either create handsome athlete guy, the popular girl of the school, or the edgy alternative punk kid. The pack rewards you with gorgeous custom content clothing that looks colorful and crisp in-game, making it a great pack for those of us with teen families.

8 Paradise Stuff Pack

If you're looking to give your adult female sims that fashionable Lana Del Rey kind of look, then this Paradise Pack by Simplifiedsimmi is the perfect choice. The pack comes with four different styles of long wavy hairs, glamorous lipstick, and eyeliner, as well as a sweater. You also get a set of eyes to give your sims that additional realistic look without being too much of a burden on your game or computer. Although this pack is simple, the general vibe of it is super elegant.

7 Grilled Cheese Stuff Pack

Every dedicated Simmer knows that grilled cheese is the poster food of The Sims 4. Having been in the game for years now, the franchise just wouldn't be the same without it, and creator grilled-cheese aspiration knows this. This pack comes with outfits and accessories that will let you clothe your sims in everything grilled cheese. Whether it be socks, shirts, pajamas or even necklaces, your sims will have every way possible of showing off their unconditional love for this indulgent comfort food.

6 Spring Fling Stuff Pack

With the addition of seasons into Sims 4, packs like Nolan Sims' Spring Fling truly fit in with the theme of Easter and spring. This colorful collection of clothes, accessories, and build mode objects is all about flowers and bunnies, perfect for a celebration of Easter or the Flower Bunny.

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If you want to organize an egg hunt or a flower party in your household, this pack is simply a must with its cute flower crowns and rabbit ears.

5 Crazy Cat Stuff Pack

Raise your hand if you're a cat lover, because this pack is for you. Even better if you happen to own Cats and Dogs to create your own cat lover or crazy cat lady, this pack by giannisk-13 is loaded with clothing and accessories fit for a sim obsessed with their tiny furry friend. The pack even comes with a tiny potted cat grass plant, cat posters, and cute cat decals you can decorate your sim's room with.

4 Dunkin Brands Stuff Pack

In the past, we've seen amazingly accurate re-creations of real-life food chains by dedicated creators, and this one by Oh My Sims is definitely one of the best ones we've seen.

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Recommended to those who have the Dine Out pack, this fan pack comes with all sorts of decorations and objects that can help you build your very own Dunkin Donuts. The pack is so well executed it even comes with appropriate work uniforms your future coffee shop or ice cream workers will be wearing.

3 Pufferhead Stuff Pack

While Henry Puffer had only been but a mention in The Sims 4 so far, another talented creator MLys decided to turn the reference into something more elaborate. This Pufferhead stuff pack is sure to resonate with every Potterhead who's been dreaming of creating their obsession inside The Sims 4. The pack is loaded with amazing decor items from beds to butterbeer to books and even to wizard hats. Considering this pack is completely free and base game compatible, it easily makes the top three of this list as an amazing passion project.

2 Windenburg University Stuff Pack

If you're among the Simmers still waiting eagerly for a university pack to be released for The Sims 4, this stuff pack by Red might be a great relief during your anxious wait. This highly immersive pack allows your teens to head to university in Windenburg, pick their major, their dorms, and even attend classes. Some of the clothes and objects are converted from the much beloved The Sims 2 University, including the iconic cheerleader costume and the furniture that will help spice up your student's dorm room.

1 Stellar Stuff Pack

Lovers of space and sci-fi unite, for this pack is a must-have for you. With no futuristic expansion to The Sims 4 just yet, this Stellar themed pack collaborated by a number of amazing creators is all about space and the unknown. The collection includes tons of content from CAS pieces to build mode pieces, and even comes with two lots: the moon laboratory and a home lot. If you've always dreamed of sending your sims to the moon or creating realistic aliens, this is the perfect pack for your game.

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