The Sims: A Complete History Of The Lotharios

The Sims franchise is full of iconic households and characters. From the mysterious Goths to the rich and powerful Landgraabs, every family has a story and a history that spans through the entire game series and shapes the lore of The Sims games. One of the most popular and well-known households is the Lothario family, a seemingly stereotypical bachelor heartbreaker living on his own. However, the truth is more than meets the eye. It's time to take a trip down several The Sims games and find out what the Lothario family is truly all about.

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7 Lothario Family

The Lothario household first appears in the games in The Sims 2 in Pleasantview. Don Lothario is a bachelor living on his own in a condo-style house, with two rooftop balconies. Don's parents are both deceased when the game starts and he is around 28 days from becoming an elder. One look around his house, from a dirty shower to the trash on the floor, reveals that he's quite the typical messy bachelor and doesn't enjoy tidying up, which prompts the game to tell you that Don should hire a maid. Don is also in the medicine career, and has already unlocked the first reward item.

6 Bad Reputation

From his name alone, it becomes immediately obvious that Don is a charmer by nature. All of Pleasantview in The Sims 2 is whispering of his womanizing ways, something which he has inherited from his mother Mama Lothario. Don also has the Romance lifestyle, which means that he wants to flirt and date as many different people as possible and absolutely despises the idea of settling down and committing himself to one person. In fact, if his marriage with Cassandra is completed, he will receive a negative memory due to going against his lifestyle choices and his happiness meter will dip into the red.

5 The Four Women

Don is involved with four different women at the start of the game, all of which have relatively high relationships with him: the Caliente sisters, Kaylynn Langerak, and Cassandra Goth.

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When first entering the household, Don will receive a phone call from one of the Calientes, asking if they can come over and soak in the hot tub on his balcony. Accepting the offer will also prompt them to ask if they can invite their sister over. If the two sisters are made to come to his house at the same time, Don will be exposed for cheating on both of them. Moreover, if Don decides to hire a maid, more likely than not Kaylynn will be sent to the house to clean for him. If any of the other women are around, he will once again be exposed for his actions.

4 The Engagement

On top of the Calientes and Kaylynn, Don is also secretly engaged to Cassandra Goth. Cassandra has no idea of Don's other lovers, although she does seem to recognize that he has a bit of a playboy reputation. As a Sim with the Family lifestyle, she's hoping to marry Don as soon as possible and to start a shared future with him. In fact, when first entering the Goth household in The Sims 2, the gardens are already decorated and furnished with wedding-appropriate objects, and Don is also present. However, if Cassandra attempts to marry Don this early on in the game, Don is likely to leave her at the altar. Later on, if the player levels up their relationship, it is possible for Cassandra to finally tame the town playboy's heart and marry him.

3 Bella Goth

Don also happens to be the one person who last saw Cassandra's mother, Bella Goth, before she mysteriously disappeared and left her family behind. Photos found within the game files illustrate that Bella was using the telescope located on his rooftop balcony.

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If the player examines Don's memories, it also becomes apparent that he tried to flirt with Bella during her visit, but was turned down by her and humiliated. One of the main theories is that Don did not appreciate being rejected by her and with the help of the Caliente sisters (who are according to their extended family tree part alien) had Bella abducted so that the Calientes could marry Mortimer for his money.

2 Lothario In The Sims 3

In The Sims 3, Don's household description suggests that he has traveled from the future into the past. His last memory is a group of women laughing at him by a teleporter, before he appeared in the countryside town of Riverview. Based on the footage found in The Sims 3 trailer, it is believed he teleported from the timeline of The Sims 2 straight into the McDermott family's gardens.

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When Luke McDermott found him, Don received a rundown little farmhouse from his family where he now resides. His description states that he was facing a tough decision about marriage and being a single man around town, before he was brought to Riverview. Further proof that he has time traveled is the fact that he is the exact same age as in The Sims 2.

1 Lothario In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is different from the other games, as it takes place in a different, alternate timeline. While many of the famous households all Sims fans have grown to love appear in the game, many of them are different from their earlier versions. Here, Don is living together with the Caliente sisters and their mother Katrina in Oasis Springs, with no significant romantic attachment to any of them. He also has no relationship with Bella Goth. However, he's still the same womanizer as before, with the Romance aspiration and Non-Committal, Romantic personality traits. He's also unemployed, but is passionate about fitness and can often be seen working out at the gym. In the game it is hinted that he is likely to begin a relationship with one of the Calientes.

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